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Organelles Parts of a Cell

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1 Organelles Parts of a Cell

2 Plant Cell vs. Animal Cell
Plant cells have a cell wall, but animal cells do not. Plant cells have chloroplasts, but animal cells do not. Plant cells generally have a more rectangular shape because the cell wall is more rigid. Animal cells have a round or irregular shape because they do not have a cell wall. Plants cells usually have one or more large vacuole(s), while animal cells have smaller vacuoles, if any are present.

3 Organelles Parts of a cell Enables cells to live

4 Cell Membrane Thin layer that surrounds the cell.
Controls what comes in and what goes out “Gateway” of the cell

5 Nucleus Dark center of cell contains DNA
Controls the cell's growth and reproduction “Brain” of the cell.

6 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Zig- Zag Shape ER is either smooth or rough. The ER carries materials through the cell. “Post Office” of the cell

7 Ribosome They are the smallest organelle.
Float in cytoplasm or stick to ER Produce protein (food) “Kitchen” of the cell

8 Mitochondria Bean-shape Burn sugar for fuel. “Powerhouse” of the cell.

9 Golgi Complex Looks like ER. aka Golgi Body/Apparatus
Ships protein out of the cell. “Fed X” of the cell

10 Lysosomes Destroy damaged organelles.
Transport waste to cell membrane for removal. Protects cell from invaders. “Trash man”

11 DNA Double Helix (spiral) inside the nucleus
Holds genetic material; passed from parent to child Plants and Animal Cells “Blueprints” for cell

12 Cytoplasm Clear, thick fluid Like jelly Supports and protects

13 Vacuole Fluid Filled bags Plant Cells only
Stores water, food, and waste

14 Vesicle Membrane-covered compartments Storage
Form from ER and Golgi bodies

15 Cytoskeleton Hollow tubes and long strings of fibers Inside cytoplasm
Helps a cell keep its shape “Skeleton” of the cell

16 Chloroplast Green, oval shaped Contains chlorophyll PLANTS ONLY
Takes energy from sun and makes food for plants

17 Cell Wall Outer layer of plant cell only! Strong and stiff
Supports and protects “Support system”

18 Multicellular Organisms Working Together
Cells Tissues Organs Organ System

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