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Safety in Swimming Pools A public safety issue Colin McCready.

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1 Safety in Swimming Pools A public safety issue Colin McCready


3 Drowning Statistics RoSPA Public Pools 2001 – 7 2002 – 8 2003 - 11

4 PAS 65 PAS 39

5 What is the industry doing HSG 179 – Management of health and safety in swimming pools BSI PAS 65 – General management, code of practice BSI PAS 39 – Water treatment plant and systems, code of practice Measurement Audit against the specification National Pool Safety Award from the ISRM to inspire public confidence.

6 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 5) Safety Documentation –Policy statements –Risk assessments –Records Safety Systems –PSOP (Pool safe operating procedures) –Normal Operating Procedures and Emergency Action Plans Monitoring Measurement and Review (HSG 65) –Performance evidence should be available

7 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 6) Lifeguarding –Supervision times and zones –Numbers required –Positions –Specialist sessions –Uniform arrangements –Communication arrangements

8 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 7) Physical Environment

9 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 8) Pool Supervision –When a pool requires continuous lifeguarding –Difference between programmed and unprogramed sessions

10 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 9) User groups (customers) –Child admission policy –Swim Teaching arrangements –Child protection arrangements –Special needs, language, disability,

11 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 10) Activities Management –Swimming Lessons –Aqua Aerobics –Inflatables –Sub Aqua –Canoeing

12 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 11) Pool Features –Flumes –Waves –Diving boards –Spas –Rivers and Rapids –Water canons –Bubble jets

13 PAS 65 Key Criteria (section 12) Training –Minimum content of qualifications –Induction and ongoing training –Training records

14 PAS 39 Water Quality and Treatment

15 PAS 39 Key Criteria Biological Content and monitoring Chemical Content and Monitoring Filtration and Disinfection Arrangements Clarity Temperature water & air Water balance Dilution with fresh water Closure Parameters Outlets and grills (hair entrapment test) Chemical storage handling and use

16 CATEGORY ONE (Certification) MINOR AFIs – Only CATEGORY TWO (Pending) Major AFIs - Written action plan required CATEGORY THREE (No Certification) Major AFIs - Reassessment required Audit Findings

17 MINOR - Lack of ongoing training records, e.g. Fire drills MAJOR - NOP lacks significant detail against MHSSP MAJOR - Significant absence of risk assessment SAFETY DOCUMENTATION and SYSTEMS

18 MINOR - Balance tank access cover proud and rusting MAJOR - Pool outlet velocity too high MAJOR - Unsecured access to pool PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT AFIs

19 MINOR - No policy regarding affects of other employment on lifeguard tiredness MAJOR - Mystery visit identified lack of vigilance I.e. lifeguard talking for 20 minutes MAJOR - Mystery visit identified lifeguards standing together for extended period LIFEGUARDING AFIs

20 MINOR - lack of procedure for localised overcrowding (small pool) MINOR - Inflatable dry storage policy inappropriate MAJOR - Under 8s ratio of 5 to 1 for 5-7 year olds exceeds PAS 65 Guidance ACTIVITIES & USER GROUPS AFIs


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