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Water Market USA Published by Global Water Intelligence.

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1 Water Market USA Published by Global Water Intelligence

2 Water Market USA Water Market USA is the result of the most extensive independent research on the water sector undertaken in the past decade. It will provide invaluable data for: Investors Engineering firms Equipment suppliers Consultants Anyone involved in the water industry In times of economic uncertainty, Water Market USA helps you plan for the future and make sound business decisions - based on insightful analysis of thoroughly researched primary information - : A well-founded forecast of future expenditure with sound and documented assumptions Sales leads that will secure your future business

3 Easily digestible guide to the trends, risks and opportunities in the American water industry

4 Contract Operations Revenues

5 Water Market USA – Datasheets included are: Project list - a listing of current and future capital projects being contemplated by water utilities Major utilities - a directory of major US water utilities Utilities financials - a financial analysis of major US water utilities Municipal operations - a forecast of operating expenditure by utilities Infrastructure forecast - a forecast of capital expenditure by water utilities Water Scarcity Solutions - detailed information about the outlook for desalination and water reuse Technologies forecast - a forecast of expenditure on certain water and wastewater technologies and water treatment chemicals Industrial water overview - a forecast of capital expenditure by industrial water users over the next decade Corporate finance - a listing of mergers and acquisitions in the water sector since 2000 plus a listing of water-related stocks Water company profiles - short profiles of businesses active in the water space.

6 Project List Over 1,500 current and future projects valued at over £5 million with a combined value of $75 billion It is the biggest collection of sales leads you will find Data on each project is searchable by state, value of project, type of project, route to funding etc Shows you what kind of projects there are in the industry and who to sell your products to

7 US Utilities Directory Puts you in contact with the people managing the projects seen on the Project List Provides you with telephone numbers and emails, websites and names of CEOs and Public Works directors, the number of people the utility serves and the scale of their distribution network

8 US Utilities Financial Summary Reveals the capital utilities spend throughout the US, identifying the current means of financing municipal water projects and giving you their performance indicators Analyses how expenditure levels might respond to the credit crunch in the future See how utilities compare to one another and how likely their projects are to be completed

9 US Municipal Operations forecast Shows the evolution of operating expenditures by water utilities over the next decade Identifies the cost structure of municipals today and in the future Allows you to see where YOU fit in Shows you how utilities will be affected by the credit crunch

10 Drills down beneath headline expenditure to get line by line expenditure in the main areas of investment Identifies Where the main challenges in the industry are Where the most investment is needed Where are best opportunities are now and in the future Infrastructure Forecast More in-depth data to support the forecast video on the DVD

11 Water Scarcity Solutions Looks at the fastest growing areas of investment compared to the growth of the water market in general Desalination (includes project list) Water Reuse Forecasts how water reuse developments will be affected as global warming becomes more directly felt Highlights where YOU should get involved and where the greatest opportunities lie

12 Technology Forecast Lists the different types of water treatment technologies and how they will grow over the next decade Forecasts what chemicals are used for water treatment and how they will grow over the next decade Your guide to which technologies are worth investing in

13 Industrial Water Forecasts expenditure of water related equipment by industrial water users Identifies your opportunities in varied industrial markets

14 Profiles all the main players, which industry they serve, how financially strong they are and gives you their contact details Enables you to identify your competitors and understand how they operate Allows you to see how your business fits into the market as a whole Company Profiles

15 All M&As in the US water market from 2000 onwards Identifies the major players in the industry and their competitive capability Corporate Finance Ideal for investors, giving you an instant guide to how much water companies are worth Shows you companies in relation to each other helping you to identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to spot investment opportunities quickly

16 Water Market USA Allows you to plan with confidence at a time of great economic uncertainty Identifies new sales leads for you and your company Helps you to make sound investment decisions, enabling you to customise your strategy to create a sustainable business for the future Allows you to analyse the performance of utilities and judge how likely their projects are to complete Shows you who your competitors are and how your company fits into the market

17 Water Market USA Profiting from Americas water challenge in times of uncertainty

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