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Computing in the Modern World

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1 Computing in the Modern World
Final Review

2 Choose a number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

3 Machine language Computers process all instructions in: HOME

4 data A set of raw, unorganized facts is called: HOME

5 Apple corporation Macintosh computers are made by: HOME

6 Fourth ____-generation computers are based on microprocessors. HOME

7 Boot process The activities that a computer performs when it is first turned on is called the: HOME

8 Uniform resource locator
The abbreviation URL stands for: HOME

9 False TRUE/FALSE: Instructions placed in ROM are temporary. HOME

10 bits In computer systems, the 0s and 1s of machine states are called:

11 hyperlinks Web pages are connected to each other through: HOME

12 Identity theft Which of the following is a common security concern?
a. user error b. computer viruses c. hardware failure d. identity theft e. boot up HOME

13 E. All of the above are functions of a computer
Which of the following is a function of a computer? a. accept input from some device b. store programs c. perform operations on data d. produce output E. (All of the above are functions of a computer.) HOME

14 mainframe A large organization commonly uses a ____ computer to handle high-volume business transactions that require 24 hour-a-day processing. HOME

15 Programming languages
Visual Basic, COBOL, and Java are examples of: HOME

16 c. Directs the computer The control unit of the CPU:
a. handles arithmetic but not logical operations. b. is not found in microcomputers. c. is the section of the CPU that directs the computer. d. is a staging area for data being fetched from memory. e. is located in the ALU. HOME

17 a. Store data magnetically
Diskettes, hard disks, and cartridge tapes all: a. store data magnetically. b. can be accessed either directly or sequentially. c. divide the recording surface into tracks and sectors. d. have removable media. e. (All of the above are true about all three.) HOME

18 The central processing unit
The part of a computer system in which the program instructions are performed is: HOME

19 icons The small pictures representing programs that are displayed on the desktop are called: HOME

20 Microsoft windows The operating system most commonly used on personal computers today is: HOME

21 E. All of the above are true
Which of the following is true about the Internet? a. It is a network of networks. b. Connection to it is done through an access provider. c. One of the most common activities on it is sending and receiving . d. It provides access to Web pages. e. (All of the above are true.) HOME

22 b. A grocery store clerk…
Which of the following activities is an example of input to a computer? a. An accountant copies a file to the hard drive. b. A grocery store clerk scans the price of a can of peas. c. The monthly payroll checks are printed on the printer. d. The monitor displays the result of a calculation. e. (All of the above are examples of input.) HOME

23 supercomputer To manage a missile defense system a government would most likely use a: HOME

24 toolbar A(n) ____ is a group of icons or buttons that can be used to quickly invoke commands. HOME

25 Network computer A PC that does not have a hard drive and relies on a network for the storage of data and programs is called a: HOME

26 Search engine A(n) ____ is a program designed to find Web sites meeting specified criteria. HOME

27 false TRUE/FALSE A template is an advanced type of wizard. HOME

28 e. All of the above Smart cards can contain: a. a microprocessor.
b. programs. c. data. d. memory. e. (They can contain all of the above.) HOME

29 A. SVGA Which of the following standards provides for the highest video resolution? a. SVGA b. VGA c. MICR d. MIDI e. SCSI HOME

30 Liquid crystals LCD technology uses ____ to display images. HOME

31 mosaic The first graphically-based Web browser available to the public was: HOME

32 e. Windows 3.1 Which of the following is technically not an operating system? a. Windows NT b. NetWare c. Windows ME d. MS-DOS e. Windows 3.1 HOME

33 Graphical user interface
An operating system that allows a user to give commands by clicking on icons, buttons, or other objects is described as having a: HOME

34 Enter user name & password
What is the first thing most users are asked to do when connecting to a network is to? HOME

35 A. Slows down On a disk with lots of fragmented files:
a. data access will slow down. b. disk crashes will occur frequently. c. data files will become unreadable. d. (All of the above will occur.) e. (None of the above will occur.) HOME

36 pixels Monitors display images by lighting up dots called: HOME

37 true TRUE/FALSE Software suites enable you to easily copy and paste objects from one application into another. HOME

38 d. Digital & video camera & Scanner
Which of the following can be used to transmit a photographic image to a computer? a. digital camera b. scanner c. video camera d. (All of the above can be used.) e. (None of the above can send photographic images.) HOME

39 Compressed files What are zipped files? HOME

40 e. None of these A task typically performed by application software is: a. transferring input from a keyboard to the processor. b. enabling programs to communicate with the printer. c. managing program files. d. (Application software performs all of the above.) e. (Application software performs none of the above.) HOME

41 true TRUE/FALSE Application software makes possible the types of work that people have in mind when they buy a computer system. HOME

42 true TRUE/FALSE The string =SUM(B1:B3) is an example of a spreadsheet function. HOME

43 a. spreadsheet Which of the following tasks would be performed by application software? a. creating a spreadsheet b. defragmenting a disk c. finding and diagnosing disk errors d. managing your program files e. translating commands into a form understood by the computer HOME

44 d. All of the above One of the tasks performed by system software is:
a. controlling the computer hardware. b. managing data files. c. translating your commands into a form the computer can understand. d. (System software performs all of the above.) e. (System software performs none of the above.) HOME

45 true TRUE/FALSE Some governments regulate the Internet content that may be accessed from within their borders. HOME

46 d. Convert mac files to windows files
Which of the following is generally not provided by the operating system? a. the ability to move a file from one folder to another b. keeping track of the amount of available memory c. the ability to use passwords to control access to programs d. conversion of Macintosh files into Windows files e. (All of the above are provided by the operating system.) HOME

47 Voice recognition system
A(n) ____ converts spoken words into computer text that can be saved as a document. a. voice recognition system b. voice synthesizer c. audio input system d. Kurzwiler e. vocal digital interface HOME

48 False TRUE/FALSE A database is a collection of programs. HOME

49 true TRUE/FALSE Generally, to connect to the Internet you need to set up an account with an Internet service provider. HOME

50 Optical marks A test answer sheet that requires the darkening of bubbles on a page uses ____ as a form of source data automation. HOME

51 e. All of the above may vary
Which of the following may vary from operating system to operating system? a. the CPU on which it can run b. the type of use for which it is intended c. the graphical user interface d. the processing for which it is designed e. (All of the above may vary.) HOME

52 browser To view Web pages you need to use a special program called a(n): HOME

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