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Instructions for using this template. Remember this is Jeopardy, so where I have written Answer this is the prompt the students will see, and where I.

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2 Instructions for using this template. Remember this is Jeopardy, so where I have written Answer this is the prompt the students will see, and where I have Question should be the students response. To enter your questions and answers, click once on the text on the slide, then highlight and just type over whats there to replace it. If you hit Delete or Backspace, it sometimes makes the text box disappear. When clicking on the slide to move to the next appropriate slide, be sure you see the hand, not the arrow. (If you put your cursor over a text box, it will be an arrow and WILL NOT take you to the right location.)

3 Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin.

4 Click here for Final Jeopardy

5 Category A Category B Category DCategory ECategory F 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points Category C

6 Carya glabra has what growth form and what drought tolerance?

7 Oval Growth Form and high Drought Tolerance

8 The salt tolerancy for Eriobotrya japonica is?

9 Moderate

10 When selecting a groundcover for a sandy location in North FL, which plant would you use if you wanted one that had lilac-colored flowers in the spring?

11 Tulbaghia violacea (Society Garlic)

12 What are the 5 growth habits of shrubs?

13 Broad spreading Spreading Globose Upright Columnar

14 Name two palms that grow to be 30- 40 ft.

15 Phoneix dactylifera (Date palm) Sabal causiarum (Puerto Rico Hat palm)

16 Describe the toxicity of Pokeweed

17 Contains toxins: alkaloid & phytoaccotoxin All of the plant is poisonous Symptoms occur about 2 hours after consumption Severe gastric-intestinal irritation; nausea; vomiting; purging; retching; spasms; and severe convulsions; death results from the paralysis of the respiratory organs

18 A grapefruit with many seeds

19 Duncan

20 Which part of the state according to the FCHP manual will raspberries grow?

21 North & South

22 What are the three soils generally recommended for citrus?

23 Deep, well-drained sand Poorly-drained flatwoods Alkaline marl or milestone

24 Robert Black cited this document by Dunn?

25 Nematode Management in Landscape Ornamentals

26 What are the three categories that vines can be separated into and describe them.

27 Clingers: grasp rough surfaces by means of rootlets or adhesive disks Twiners: climb by encircling upright vertical support Winders: Climb using tendrils

28 What are the titles of Tables 2 and 4 in the article: Drought Tolerant Plants for North and Central Florida?

29 Table 2: Drought tolerant palms for North and Central Florida Table 4: Drought tolerant groundcovers for North and Central Florida

30 If you wanted to know more about weeds and wanted to use the same references as the FCHP manual, what publication would you use?

31 General Principles of Weed Management, Vernon V. Vandiver and David Teem

32 You have a holding area with plants where there is a constant wind of 8 mph. You want to make sure you have the most irrigation coverage possible. What kind of spacing would you use and what is the percentage of coverage you would expect?

33 Triangular spacing Wind 5-10 mph 55% expected coverage

34 What is the potential evapotransporation (ETp) level for the Southern region of Florida in the month of June?

35 0.19 inches/ day

36 You just bought a new home and need to install turf. Through careful testing, you have determined that you do not have nematodes and salt will not be a problem. You want a drought tolerant plant and your yard is in full sun. What turf would you use?

37 Bermudagrass

38 You think your turf is sick. There are no distinct patches present nor orange spots on the leaves. There are leaf spots present and are primarily on centipedegrass. There are reddish-brown to brown spots surrounded by a yellow halo. What is the diagnosis of your turf?

39 Anthracnose

40 To monitor your lawn of this insect pest, you should cut the grass 2 inches deep in a 1 foot square area of damaged grass and look for the insects and also check the quality of the roots. You should also monitor the sky during the night.

41 White grubs

42 Turf with excellent shade rating, excellent salt tolerance, fair rating for low maintenance and considered second best turf in FL for drought tolerance

43 St. Augustine Grass

44 What are the Florida Yards and neighborhoods nine Florida Friendly Principles?

45 Right plant, right place Water efficiently Fertilizer appropriately Mulch Attract wildlife Manage yard pests responsibly Recycle yard waste Reduce stormwater runoff Protect the waterfront

46 You have spittlebugs on your turf, what should you do?

47 Follow approved practices Dethatch Avoid over-irrigation Plant a more resistant turf Avoid centipedegrass

48 You are identifying palms and you have a frond where the leaflet is turned downward on the rachis. What is this called?

49 Reduplicate

50 The racemose inflorescence of a crinum lily is classified as what shape?

51 Umbel

52 A regular flower is also known as this?

53 Actinomorphic

54 What are the three dry fruits that are indehiscent?

55 Achene Samara Nut

56 At a pH level of 4.5, what is the most available nutrient?

57 Iron

58 If you need 4.7 pounds of dolomite to increase the pH of your soil one unit, then what kind of soil do you have and what size area are you covering?

59 Loamy sands with low organic matter content, applied to 100 sq ft

60 If you have a potting mixture that is 100% peat and you want to lower the pH from 7.0 to 5.7, what would you use and how much?

61 2.5 pounds of sulfur is needed to lower the pH from 7.0 to 5.7

62 What nitrogenous fertilizer material has the highest rate of percent nitrogen available and what is the level?

63 Anhydrous ammonia at 82% nitrogen

64 You have to fertilize 1000 sq ft of landscape and you want to apply one pound of nitrogen to the area. Determine how many pounds of fertilizer you will need if you have purchased a 10-8-10 fertilizer?

65 10-8-10 fertilizer over 1000 sq ft and you only want to apply 1 pound of nitrogen per foot. 100/10 = 10 pounds of fertilizer is needed

66 Make your wager

67 You have a hibiscus in the landscape and you need to fertilize it. You have tested the soil and discover you have low phosphorous and very low potassium. How much phosphorous pentoxide and potassium oxide should your plant receive? Bonus: Potassium should be divided into how many applications?

68 You should apply 0.3 pounds of phosphorous pentoxide and 0.7 pounds of potassium oxide to 1000 sq ft per year. Bonus: Potassium oxide application should be spread out over 3 separate applications during the year.

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