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STERN Aspects of Energy Efficiency Management CSR, Environment, Marketing, CDM potentials, Seed funds.

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1 STERN Aspects of Energy Efficiency Management CSR, Environment, Marketing, CDM potentials, Seed funds

2 STERN Focus Areas STERN is an implementing agent for TÜV Rheinland to ensure the self sustainability of the organization with following aspects: Energy efficiency management setup – Identify leakages – Setup energy efficiency management and their responsibilities – Targets and policies regarding commitments for reducing the carbon footprint – Incorporate an overall monitoring plan Corporate social responsibility within the premises – Improve working environment of employees – Improve relationship with local authorities with continuous improvements – Security intelligence in the premises and implementations of tools Strategic Marketing & PR to use the reduced carbon footprint as a marketing tool – Create seed funds for CSR and Marketing activities and potential CDM projects Identify CDM potentials with Technology solutions Incorporate the financial aspect for a CDM investment Self sustainability for the Corporate company

3 STERN Energy is a valuable raw material resource required to run a business; Energy is not plain overhead and part of business maintenance; Energy has costs and environmental impacts; Energy needs to be managed well in order to increase the business profitability and competitiveness and to mitigate the seriousness of these impacts; All organizations can save energy by applying the same sound management principles and techniques they use elsewhere in the business for key resources such as raw materials and labor; These management practices must include full managerial accountability for energy use. The management of energy consumption and costs eliminates waste and brings in ongoing, cumulative savings; Setting up and running an effective energy management program - Basics

4 STERN convince upper management of the value of systematic energy management in achieving the organizations strategic objectives; In essence, the strategic goal of most corporations is to gain a competitive advantage by seizing external and internal opportunities so as to improve the profitability of their operations, products and sales and their marketplace position; Developing a successful corporate strategy requires taking into account all of the influences on the organizations operation and integrating the various management functions into an efficiently working whole. Energy management should be one of these functions; Strategic consideration

5 STERN The Organization should conduct a review of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) including various legal and environmental considerations (such as emissions, effluent, etc.); This analysis would identify future threats to profitability, and ways to reduce costs should be sought; Energy efficiency improvement programs become an integral part of the Corporate strategy to counter such threats; Those Programs will help to improve profit margins through energy savings; Applying good energy management practices is just as important to achieving these savings as the appropriate process technology. It should be remembered that any operational savings translate directly to bottom-line improvement, dollar for dollar; Strategic consideration

6 STERN Setting up an effective energy management program follows proven principles of establishing any management system. These principles fit any size and type of organization. PlanDoCheckActImprove Energy Management

7 STERN Sign up energy efficiency Pre audit from TÜV Rheinland Management setup & person in charge Energy audit report Energy audit report Action plan and time tables CSR PR & Marketing Environment & Suppliers Environment & Suppliers Policies, Objectives, Swot Assign responsibilities for action plan Action plan developed & identifications List of priorities & Monitoring Energy Engineers Energy Engineers Stern Energy Management Sample the first steps CDM Aspects CDM Aspects Stern

8 STERN Green Marketing & PR Green marketing and public relations becomes a global corporate issue for their image and corporate identity It can positively differentiate companies from their competition It provides an edge that delivers increased sales, visibility, customer loyalty, enhanced company image and positive media coverage There is a need to continue to educate not only clients but the public at large about sustainability and its benefits Sales men, Sales network, Sales promotion girls have to be aware about the Green campaign and its meaning Create a marketing strategy to establish seed funds for a CDM project or CSR aspects

9 STERN Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility & Safety CSR are now deductable from Taxes Improve strategic social relationship with the local government and the people living within the area Create a program for the people from the people Establishment and monitoring of the social activities together with the local government Create awareness within the employees and use it as a public relation tool to strengthen your position within the local Government Programs and Status Reports to be submitted to the Top management for approval and notification Though the marketing we create seed funds for the establishment of a trust fund

10 STERN ENERGY MANAGEMENT MATRIX Where do you stand – mark it

11 STERN POSITIVE COMPANY REFLECTION Finance Controlling Finance Controlling Asset Management Asset Management Maintenance Controlling Maintenance Controlling TAX Benefits TAX Benefits Newest Technology Newest Technology More Cost Efficient More Cost Efficient Environment Maximize Asset Reinvestment Buying or leasing Reinvestment Buying or leasing Management Improvements Management Improvements Transparency Energy efficiency Create a Positive work environment with clear guidelines and new career potentials Quality Oriented Strong Corporate Strategy New Marketing and Public Relation Tools for new Market approach = Repositioning More competitive and transparent a good basic to react fast Measure in PROFIT CSR issues Working environment Cost reduction Energy Efficiency Impact points Energy Efficiency Impact points

12 STERN IT STARTS WITH YOU Are YOU aware ? IT STARTS WITH YOU Are YOU aware ? ECO WORLD Financial/Asset Impact Financial/Asset Impact Marketing Impact Marketing Impact Environmental impact Environmental impact Social Impact Social Impact More Profits Financial support Financial support Development Of Methodologies & PDD Development Of Methodologies & PDD Carbon Buyer Carbon Buyer yes CDM Potential Growth & Conservation Advantages against Competitor Management Impact Management Impact Impacts of Energy Efficiency & reducing carbon footprint

13 STERN Establishment of Energy Management Establishment of Energy Management ECO Certification Program TUV Rheinland ECO Certification Program TUV Rheinland Implementation process Implementation process FIRST STEPS TO ECO World

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