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From Analysis to Strategy

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1 From Analysis to Strategy
EXTERNAL ANALYSIS Customer Analysis Competitor Analysis Market Analysis Environment Analysis INTERNAL ANALYSIS Performance Analysis Determinants of Strategic Options Opportunities Threats Trends Uncertainties Strengths Weaknesses Problems Constraints STRATEGY IDENTIFICATION & SELECTION

2 Evaluating & Selecting the Market Segment

3 For Segment Attractiveness
Size of Segment Rate of Growth Customer Needs & Satisfaction Levels Competition: Size, Positioning Profitability Key Success Factors Environmental Impact

4 For Competitive Position
Market Share R & D Quality of products and services Customer Perception / Associations / Loyalty Customer Loyalty Relative Costing / Margins Distribution Channel Marketing Capability Financial Muscle

5 Target market options

6 Single Segment Concentration
M M M3 P1 P2 P3

7 Selective Specialisation
M M M3 P1 P2 P3

8 Product Specialisation
M M M3 P1 P2 P3

9 Market Specialisation
M M M3 P1 P2 P3

10 Full Market Coverage M M M3 P1 P2 P3

11 Crafting the Value Proposition
MARKET NEEDS / ATTRACTIVENESS Strategic Investment Defining the TG Crafting the Value Proposition Creating the Mix to Deliver the Value Proposition Communicating the Value Proposition COMPETITORS STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES ORGANISATIONAL STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES

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