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Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 | Customized Wealth Building Strategies For Investors.

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1 Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 | Customized Wealth Building Strategies For Investors

2 Provides clients with discretionary and non-discretionary financial advisory services Located at 23 Cook Street, in Charlestown, MA Founded as an LLC in June 2009 by Gary Geraci and is recognized by the Mass State Securities Board as a Registered Investment Advisor The company specializes in top-down, tactical asset allocation Scottrade is the primary broker and custodian, providing clients with accounting, tax, and account maintenance services A lesser amount of assets are also managed at secondary broker and custodian locations, including TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab About Geraci Capital Management Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

3 About the Investment Manager Gary Geraci is the President and Investment Manager at Geraci Capital Management His investment management style is best described as value oriented andcontrarian The manager believes that markets are inefficient, often mispricing asset values, providing investors with potentially market beating risk adjusted returns He invests based on the fact that we are in a secular bull market in hard assets and based on the premise that we are in a secular bear market in financial assets Mr. Geraci has nearly 2 decades of financial services experience, most notably holding positions as a founder and CFO of a venture backed Internet company, and as a founder and President of an Investor Relations consultancy Previously licensed Series 7 and 63 at a securities brokerage firm Mr. Geraci received an MBA with a concentration in finance from Bentleys McCallum Graduate School of Business in 1999 Mr. Geraci received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in political science and minor in economics from the University of Rochester in 1994 Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

4 Low Cost Fee Structure: a. Discretionary fees are limited to a percentage of assets under management and/or a pre-negotiated flat fee for non discretionary, advisory services b. No commissions, loads, or distribution fees charged by Advisor c. Discounted transaction costs on trades charged by broker d. Individual security and ETF selection, for low cost, efficient, and tactical investing Peace of Mind – Client assets are held at Scottrade, a SIPC insured, well known financial institution with 3 decades of operating history Tactical Asset Allocation Conflict-free Counsel Unparalleled Client Services Continuous Access to Market Moving Financial Information: a. Market Navigator quarterly investment newsletter b. Periodic Inter-quarterly updates on tactical investment ideas c. Quarterly portfolio tracker updates, including explanations behind additions and deletions to managed portfolios Client Benefits Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

5 An economically efficient and low cost transaction model A unique, macro-oriented, tactical investment strategy A contrarian, value oriented, and opportunistic view point of the investment process Flexibly tailored portfolios to meet client risk profiles: a. Long and short strategies b. Portfolio insurance and alternative investments, including precious metals, foreign currencies, and commodities c. Balanced portfolios d. Concentrated sector focused portfolios e. A rifle as opposed to shotgun approach to investing Company Differentiators Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

6 Sampling of Prior Tactical Calls Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 | Profitably shorted long end of US treasury curve (Q3 2009 and again in Q3 2010, Market Navigator) Inexpensively purchased a basket of dividend paying, US multi-national equities yielding over 5% (Q4 2009, Market Navigator) Introduced a timely palladium long position (Q4 2009, Market Navigator) Increased positions in the then under-owned agriculture commodities sector (March 5, 2010, Inter-Quarterly Update) Identified a buying opportunity in NYMEX crude and increased positions in undervalued foreign oil stocks (May 18, 2010, Inter-Quarterly Update) Maintained position in the Frontier (NYSE:FTR) shares received from the Verizon (NYSE:VZ) spin-off for several months prior to selling shares at significant profit (July 7, 2010, Inter-Quarterly Update) Increased holdings of gold and gold stocks, platinum and silver (February 17, 2011, Inter-Quarterly Update) Increased silver exposure, after 35% correction, May 6, 2011, Inter- Quarterly Update Significantly reduced equity positions while increasing short exposure, May 16, 2011, Inter-Quarterly Update

7 Holders Age: a. 14% are < 35 years of age b. 68% are between 35 to 45 years of age c. 9% are between 46 to 55 years of age d. 9% are > 56 years of age Aggregate Family Account Size – 3 Largest: $1.15M, $1.12M, and $750K Individual Account Size – 3 Largest: $890K, $650K, and $358 Demographic Breakdown of Client Accounts Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 | Account Type: a. 14% are Custodial (UTMA) Accounts b. 7% are Roth Accounts c. 12% are SEP Accounts d. 38% are IRA Accounts e. 7% are Trust Accounts f. 22% are Brokerage Accounts

8 The gradual disintegration of the US Dollars reserve currency status and central role in the international monetary system The impact of currency debasement on exchange rate volatility and capital flows The impact of worldwide demographic shifts, climate change, depletion, and supply shortages on commodity and equity valuations The unintended consequences of misguided government fiscal and monetary policies, including potential funding and currency crises The destabilizing impact of escalating inflation on trade patterns, civil obedience, and political stability Targeting Investable Trends Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

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