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Weight Management Presentation – Changes for 2007-08 Season NF Guidelines 2006-07 Recap Process to Change 2007-08 Plan Assessment Protocol Questions.

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1 Weight Management Presentation – Changes for 2007-08 Season NF Guidelines 2006-07 Recap Process to Change 2007-08 Plan Assessment Protocol Questions

2 National Federation Weight Management Guidelines Hydration Testing with a specific gravity not greater than 1.025 Body Fat Assessement – Males not lower than 7% – Females not lower than 12% – May allow medical release below the body fat minimum % No weight loss greater than 1.5% per week Local Nutritional Educational Component

3 NSAA Weight Management Data Review - Athletes 4,695 athletes were assessed 4,811 total assessment (including appeals) 441 Males Tested Below 7% 0 Females Tested Below 12% 116 Total Appeals (2.5% appealed) 16 Athletes Failed the Appeal 76 Medical Clearances

4 NSAA Weight Management Data Review - Assessors 15 NSAA Trained Master Assessors 158 Assessors were trained at 23 sites 33 Regional Test Sites were established Two modes of measurements were used: – Skin Fold (50.7% of Assessments) – Tanita Scale (49.3% of Assessments) (TBF-300WA - Athletic Mode)

5 Review of 2006-2007 NFHS Weight Management Survey 44 of 48 States Participated in Survery 34 of 44 States Survey followed the NFHS Wrestling Rule 1-3 (Weight Control) – Note Kansas & South Dakota are not in compliance Hydration Testing – Nebraska used Refractometer & HydraTrend Test Strips Hydration Testing Issues – Non-laboratory setting – Who is conducting the hydration testing Body Fat Testing – Nebraska used Tanita Scale & Skin Fold Calipers – No athletes used Hydrostatic or the BodPod

6 Review of 2006-2007 First Year of Weight Management Costs: – $30 NWCA fee for access to online program (Annual Fee) – $15 plus shipping for Hydration test – $25 Assessor Registration (Annual Fee) Weight Variances –.5 pound reduced from Alpha Test – If the athlete was within.5499 of a weight class he/she became eligible Growth Allowance – Two Pounds – After December 25 th or – Anytime after Dec. 25 th - the week of January 20 th (Monday)

7 Review of 2006-2007 First Year of Weight Management Final Date to Establish Minimum Weight – Week of January 20 th (Monday, January 15 th ) – If injured, must have weighed in prior to the District Creating New Weight Loss Plans – A new plan weight loss plan was created if athlete weighed in above the minimum weight class during the week (Created a hardship for coaches)

8 Review of 2006-2007 First Year of Weight Management NWCA Server Failure – Late November: Multiple days in which assessors could not enter data and coaches could not obtain data – Caused Hardship for Coaches and Assessors No Weight Loss After January 20 th – NSAA Language – Some athletes could no longer compete

9 NSAA Communication to Schools – First Year of Weight Management School Payment for NWCA Membership & Hydration Test Strips was required before the school could receive login codes NSAA Communication – FAX – Email As problems occurred the NSAA staff made efforts to communicate to Athletic Directors and Coaches

10 NSAA Suspensions – First Year of Weight Management Nine programs were issued suspensions – 9 Head Coaches – 13 Athletes Reasons for suspensions: – Wrestling Below Minimum Weight Class: 11 – Using failed appeal results: 2 Penalty: – One meet suspension: Head Coach and Athlete

11 March 2007 Meeting With the NWCA Notes were kept throughout 2006-07 season Discussed the previous successes and failures of the 2006-07 plan Developed an Action Plan to correct failures – Data Entry by Coaches (Pre & Post Weigh-In ) – Weight Variance needs simplification – Appeals & Medical Clearances need review and clarification – Address matches that are wrestled by an athlete at an ineligible weight class

12 NSAA Weight Management Committee Mtg. – April 27, 2007 Committee is made up of: – Two Master Assessors – Two Physicians – Two Athletic Directors – Two School Administrators – Four Wrestling Coaches (one from each class) – One NSAA Board of Control Member – NSAA Staff

13 NSAA Board of Control Meeting May 25, 2007 NSAA Board of Control Approved: – Data Entry by Coaches – A Single Weight Variance at the Time of the Assessment – Medical Clearance for any Athlete of 2% Body Weight – Additional Penalty for an Athlete Wrestling at an Ineligible Weight Class – Use of Out-of-State Growth Allowance in Iowa prior to Dec. 25 – Use of Home Weigh-Ins when Schools compete in Kansas – Guidelines for Junior Varsity Home Weigh-Ins – Creation of NSAA Assessor Protocol

14 Change: Weigh-in Data Entry by Coaches Coaches create a Pre-Meet Weigh-In Form – Coach takes form to weigh-in – Weigh-ins are manually recorded on form by an official, weigh-in supervisor, or opposing coach – All parties sign Weigh-In Form – Copies given to opposing coach – One form for entire team









23 Advantages of Coaches Entering Weigh-in Data Creates a true 1.5% weight loss per week Calculates the weight loss daily – not weekly Coaches instantly see change in the Individual Weight Loss Plans Coaches can create one form for the entire team for a weigh-in – much less paperwork! Allows a wrestler to move up a weight class & return within the 1.5% weight loss guidelines District Hosts can easily check each wrestlers weight eligibility

24 Change: Simplify Weight Variance Creates one simple weight variance at the time of the Alpha or Appeal Tests only Minimum Wrestling Weight would be rounded down to the nearest whole pound (any weight +.9999 = down) Creates the Minimum Wrestling Weight with Variance (MWWV) – NWCA uses the term truncation – NWCA highly recommended this change No variance within the Individual Weight Loss Plans

25 Change: Appeal & Medical Clearance Procedures & Guidelines MAJOR CHANGES No appeal paper work to be faxed to NSAA Medical Clearances applies to: – Athletes at or below 7/12% Body Fat AND – Athletes above 7/12% Body Fat – Athletes must still follow a 1.5% descent plan

26 Change: Appeal & Medical Clearance Procedures & Guidelines (Continued) Fair System to the male athletes in the 7-9% Body Fat Range (323 athletes - 6.9 % of males tested during the 2006-07 season) Allows for a range of error in assessment by Skin Fold and Tanita Scale ONLY an Additional 2% Percent Body Weight Loss Allowed

27 Change: Additional Penalty for Athlete Keep all current penalties for coaches and athletes Address Matches where athlete has competed below his/her Minimum Weight Class – Each match results in an individual forfeit – Opponent receives a win/Ineligible athlete does not receive a win or loss – No change in individual, or team placement in a tournament – No change in dual team results – No influence on district seeding other than win/loss record percentages for all athletes involved – Can not be used for head-to-head or common opponent

28 Change: Out-of-State Home Weigh-Ins (Kansas) In 2006-07 Nebraska schools competing at a Kansas school were not allowed to use home weigh-ins Previous seasons the NSAA allowed the practice Nebraska school at Kansas school: – Use Home Weigh-Ins – Must use one of the following: AD, Assistant AD, or Registered NSAA Official to record official weights Kansas school at Nebraska school: – No Home Weigh-Ins will be allowed – Must Weigh-In one site – NE host school is responsible for communicating this rule to the KS school(s) in advance

29 Change: Growth Allowance (Iowa) NEW INFORMATION!!! Iowa growth allowance will NOT be granted until January 1, 2008. Growth Allowance will no longer be an issue for Nebraska Schools. Make sure if you are traveling to Iowa before December 25 that you are not planning on receiving a two pound allowance if the wrestler has met his/her minimum weight class.

30 Change: Junior Varsity Home Weigh-Ins Allow Home Weigh-Ins for Junior Varsity Coaches must use a Pre-Meet Weigh-In Form Must FAX or Present Form on site Weigh-In must take place on the day of competition Weigh-In may NOT be used to create the wrestlers minimum weight

31 NSAA Assessors Guidelines and Protocol Development Guidelines and Protocol for Assessors – Protocol for Hydration Testing – Guidelines for Assessors using Skinfold – Guidelines for Assessors using Tanita Scale – Male/Female Issues – Retesting on False Data


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