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Welcome Wrestling Parents NFHS Wrestling Rule Changes.

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1 Welcome Wrestling Parents NFHS Wrestling Rule Changes

2 NFHS Wrestling Rule Changes for the 2006-2007 Season All states following NFHS guidelines will need to have a protocol in place that addresses safe weight practices, contains a nutritional component, body fat and hydration assessment methods in place and a minimum allowable percent body fat of 7% for males and 12% for females

3 Step 1 Hydration Test A wrestlers specific gravity of urine must be equal to or less than 1.025, which is a hydrated state, in order to proceed to body fat assessment Specific gravity is measured with a refractometer, digital or optical If they do not fall into the 1.025 or less then you need to wait 24 hours before retesting

4 Tips to pass the Hydration Test Stay away from caffinated beverages Avoid vigorous activity for two days prior to testing Avoid supplements and multi vitamins for two days prior to the testing Drink plenty of water for the two days prior to testing

5 Step 2 Body Fat Assessment Once the wrestler has passed the hydration test, then body fat assessment is completed by using either Lange skin fold calipers, Hydrostatic Weighing or Bod Pod Get an accurate weight of the wrestler Begin taking skin fold measurements at appropriate sites(3 for males, 2 for females)

6 Skinfold Measurement Sites Males –Tricep –Subscapular –Abdominal Females –Tricep –Subscapular

7 Step 3 NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator You will need to enter in the following data –Date –Gender –Urine specific Gravity (pass or fail) –Current Body Weight (Alpha Body Weight) –Skin fold, Hydrostatic weigh or Bod Pod Measurements

8 NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator - cont. It will automatically calculate –Percent Body Fat –Fat Weight –Fat Free Weight –Lowest allowable wrestling weight Based on established guidelines The earliest date that the wrestler can achieve that weight based on a safe weight loss decent program of 1.5% of their alpha weight per day

9 NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator - cont. Provides each wrestler with educational material specific to nutrition, diet plans and weight management Can be viewed in the athletes spare time and with their parents input be able to work on a meal plan, examine their weight loss decent plan and monitor their progress

10 Safe weight loss decent plan Will follow the established 1.5% weight loss per week If they do not follow the plan –The date that they may wrestle at a particular weight could be changed –If they weigh in at a weight before they are allowed it will send a flag to the PIAA District Wrestling Chairperson/Committee

11 Important Dates Assessments can be performed and entered in the NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator six weeks prior to the starting date of wrestling –Appeals should be completed before the first scheduled event such as a scrimmage If an athlete is in a fall season and participating in post season play –They have 14 days from the day that they start wrestling practice to have the initial assessment and appeal completed

12 Assessors Must be a Certified Athletic Trainer, School Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Physician Trained by attending a scheduled course

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