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Project Management Basics1 LawNet Presentation Project Management Basics Joe Buser Traveling Coaches, Inc.

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1 Project Management Basics1 LawNet Presentation Project Management Basics Joe Buser Traveling Coaches, Inc.

2 Project Management Basics2 Project Management Challenges Unclear objectives Unrealistic schedules Over-committed resources Unclear or changing priorities Poor communication

3 Project Management Basics3 What is a project? A project is a unique effort with a defined beginning, a defined end, specific deliverables, and defined resources. ResourcesSchedule Scope

4 Project Management Basics4 Why do we need a project management model? To define & organize the project To plan the project To track & manage the project

5 Project Management Basics5 Define & Organize the Project

6 Project Management Basics6 Benefits of Organizing Everyone knows their role and their responsibilities A better understanding of the project goals Structured team communication

7 Project Management Basics7 Project Roles Sponsor Project Manager Project Team Project Management Office (PMO)

8 Project Management Basics8 Benefits of a PMO Manage scarce technical and project management resources Standardize data collection and status reporting Historical analysis Develop and maintain best practices

9 Project Management Basics9 Project Definition Document (PDD) Establishes in writing what the project includes and does not include Defines scope, schedule and resources Sign-off is required

10 Project Management Basics10 Project Procedures Document Foundation for all processes Review the document with project teams Reach agreement on each item Sign-off is required

11 Project Management Basics11 PM Procedures Categories PlanningTrackingPractices Relationships Development Deliverables Tools Tracking Reporting Meetings Project File Managing Issues Managing Change Ownership Communication Escalation

12 Project Management Basics12 Other PM Documents Requirements Issue Management Process Change Management Process

13 Project Management Basics13 Plan the Project

14 Project Management Basics14 Benefits of Planning Lays foundation for: Improved communication Minimized re-work Improved schedule predictability Quality products on time Visualizing the project

15 Project Management Basics15 Work Breakdown Structure Tasks with clearly defined: –Activity and deliverable –Work estimate –Resources

16 Project Management Basics16 Often Forgotten Tasks Project planning Approval cycles Key project meetings and client interfaces Quality control Testing Closeout activities

17 Project Management Basics17 Scheduling Enter WBS data into Microsoft Project Organize into master tasks and phases Add milestones Add lead and lag time

18 Project Management Basics18 Optimize the Plan Adjust calendars Adjust resources Critical path analysis Evaluate slack

19 Project Management Basics19 Project Risks Tasks on the critical path Tasks with several predecessors Tasks reliant on external groups Tasks using scarce resources Uncertainty of new technologies Extremely aggressive performance requirements

20 Project Management Basics20 Risk Management Plan Preventative actions Contingent actions Triggers Owner Risk Form Sign-off is required

21 Project Management Basics21 Track & Manage the Project

22 Project Management Basics22 Benefits of Tracking Provides clear indication of progress Keeps everyone informed Encourages the addressing of problems Provides credible completion estimates

23 Project Management Basics23 Collect Status Data Reports Email Project team meetings

24 Project Management Basics24 Where is the Variance Evaluate key milestones and the project finish date Do not assume that more time and resources will always fix the problem Resource problems are often overlooked because of stackup caused by working on multiple projects

25 Project Management Basics25 Take Adaptive Action Follow PM management procedures Follow Issue & Change Management procedures Review Risk Management plans Be creative and adaptive

26 Project Management Basics26 What to Report Schedule status Open Issues Change Requests

27 Project Management Basics27 Project Completion Capture lessons learned and formally end the project Follow up and ensure that all closing activities have been completed Include each closing activity in the WBS and the project plan

28 Project Management Basics28 Closing Activities Assess actual project cost Conduct project close out/review meeting Identify persons responsible for post project tasks Reward and recognize team members

29 Project Management Basics29 Questions & Answers

30 Project Management Basics30 Thank you! Joe Buser Traveling Coaches, Inc.

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