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Adaptive Case Management

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1 Adaptive Case Management
With Alfresco and Activiti

2 Alfresco Certified Instructor
Short Intro Jörg Sauer Allianz Life Indonesia Head of Application Development Jakarta / Indonesia Community: Alfresco Community Jakarta Blog Posts (none in past 12 month ) Blog: Alfresco Certified Instructor

3 Agenda Introduction into Knowledge Work Challenges with BPM
Adaptive Case Management What Alfresco Provides Out of the Box What Activiti Provides Out of the Box What Needs to be Done / Customized Conclusion

4 Introduction to Knowledge Work
What does a knowledge worker look like?

5 Knowledge Worker? University Professors

6 Knowledge Worker? Librarian? Maybe…

7 People who figure out what they have to do
Knowledge Worker! People who figure out what they have to do Definitely!

8 People who assess a situation and determine the course of action
Knowledge Worker! People who assess a situation and determine the course of action

9 People whose actions are based on many sources of information
Knowledge Worker People whose actions are based on many sources of information

10 People who gather clues, follow up and discover things
Knowledge Worker People who gather clues, follow up and discover things

11 Knowledge Work is Everywhere
Rescue Work Complex Insurance or Bank Tansactions Police & Legal Investigation Financial Audit Coordinating a Meeting Exceptions, e.g. Billing Dispute Medical Treatment Help Desk Hiring Executive Management etc.

12 Quality of Knowledge Work
Non Repeated! Two murder investigations are not the same Complex insurance claims are not the same Endless examples to go

13 Quality of Knowledge Work
Non Repeated! Unpredictable! Legal case may take unexpected course Medical claim might not be valid due to wrong statements made in application Conflicting factors impact decision making

14 Quality of Knowledge Work
Non Repeated! Unpredictable! Emergent! A doctor runs a test on a patient Leading to a treatment plan Which is monitored and additional test Which leads to a modified treatment Which is monitored

15 Quality of Knowledge Work
Non Repeated! Unpredictable! Emergent! Robustness (in face of variable conditions) High velocity and High reliable organizations run on knowledge work.

16 Industrial Development
: Industrialization: Mass Production /Routine Work Define exact process Run 1000’s times Distribute initial cost over many identical copies Research: Frederick Winslow Taylor : Just in Time Kanban Mass customization Excess production is waste Lean & Pull Based Responsive to change Research: Taiichi Ohno (Toyota) : Knowledge Work Knowledge Worker: Someone who knows more about her job than anybody else in the organization Research: Peter F. Drucker

17 Manufacturing Office Work Unpredictable Predictable Just in Time Knowledge Work Mass Production Routine Work

18 Knowledge Work Facts 30%-50% off all Workers = Knowledge Workers
The number is increasing High pay Key area of economical growth in economies Key factor for developed countries to stay compitetive Research: Tom Davenport

19 Cost & Complexity of Implementation
value Less Predictable Knowledge Worker Processes Routine Human Processes System to System Processes €€€ Difficult to Implement Knowledge Work €€ Business Process Spectrum Routine Work Easier to implement More Predictable

20 Business Process Management (BPM)
Mature Good Tools Lots of Experts However: High upfront investment in process analysis ROI = process to be run thousands of times

21 BPM = Mass Production! Works only for routine work!

22 BPM Real Life Issues Business processes not well understood
Users = just see what they do Scope? Management: just cares about results, KPIs, SLAs, head count Internal resources most times not sufficiently skilled to do process analysis External consultants = Project = Solve all problems approach = PROBLEM!

23 BPM Real Life Issues Conflicts among stakeholders how process should look like Scope issues Goals not defined End to end process = multiple department = multiple interests

24 BPM Real Life Issues Misconception that BPM implementation will solve business problems. Business Problem != Human Error != Solvable with BPM Automation = Change = Unknown Results how it will work Try and Error

25 BPM Real Life Issues Focus on end to end processes
End to End is overly complex 3m x 5m process diagrams Not all things can be foreseen Huge effort gather requirements Huge effort to get sign off. Always too many compromises Once implemented will remain as is for ever

26 BPM Real Life Issues Optimistic Flow
Tendency to include the optimistic flows only Error handling on process level missing Exception / alternate flows incomplete

27 New Approach Needed BPM = assumption that BPM = Process is center
Process is predictable Implementable as an automated process ROI comes from scaling up and repeatability BPM = Process is center

28 Adaptive Case Management (ACM)

29 Adaptive Case Management
Enable Knowledge Worker Case Data is Center not Process Process not carved in stone Worker decides on steps SOP as guidance / frame for work Holistic View on Data / Information

30 BPM vs. ACM modelling Routine Work Knowledge Work

31 Knowledge Work Requires Guidance & Rules: SOP & Business Rules
Adaptable approach Templates: Filing structure Check lists Small Workflows Customizable elements Collaboration Holistic Data / Information Visibility of documents structured information communication Historical data Related cases

32 Statement “Knowledge worker productivity is the biggest of the 21st century management challenges. In developed countries it is their first survival requirement” Peter F. Drucker

33 Case Management with Alfresco
Does Alfresco provide case management out of the Box? Not really – at least not as a solution Can Alfresco do case management? Off course if you implement the required things Who is doing case management with Alfresco? Many companies Who is implementing case management in Alfresco? You Partners Community

34 Case Management Support in Alfresco
Case management based on folder (structures) Small Workflows Rules and Actions Simple Workfows Tags

35 Alfresco Functionality for Case Management Implementations
Custom Content Models Document & Folder types Metadata Custom Workflows Web Scripts Integration with 3rd party systems Filing structure initiation – create case structure Metadata synchronization Status updates Extending Alfresco & Share functionality Freemarker Templates Components Reports

36 Alfresco Functionality for Case Management Implementations
Custom Actions: Automation of manual tasks Create case Start workflow Synch information Generate status report Transformations Generate Status Reports Full text index on holistic data Synchronization Share documents with (external) stakeholders

37 Alfresco Functionality for Case Management Implementations
Data Lists Check Lists Todo’s Policies Events in Repository trigger actions Start configured workflow if data list entry is created Update status on workflow completion

38 Activiti Case Management out of the Box
Standard Workflows Ad Hoc Workflow Review Approve Workflow Etc.

39 Adaptive Case Management With Alfresco & Activiti
Basic Repository Customizations Case Metadata Model Foundation Case Group Container Case Folder Case File Aspects Case Check List (Data List) Basic Workflows Activiti Workflow to run on Folder chains User configurable sequential workflow, with full support for task list, escalation, task assignment etc. Basic Case Workflows Main Case Status workflow Identify expert workflow Assessment workflow Request additional document workflow

40 Adaptive Case Management With Alfresco & Activiti
Share Customizations Additional Folder Views Case Status Including workflows running Case Information Aggregation View Template components for extensibility Data lists on case folders List entry can initiate workflow Workflow updates list entry on completion or status updates. Just a foundation!

41 Adaptive Case Management Version Chart
Functionality Extensibility Alfresco 3.4 Core functionality Replication Easy Not existant Alfresco 4.0 Easy Supported Alfresco 4.2 Easy Better as in 4.0? Share 3.4 Components Modules Complicated not existing Share 4.0 Components Modules Markers Basic Not yet Share 4.2 good Yes Activiti 5.7 (Alfresco <4.2) Call Activiti expression Signals Compensation Messages Other cool stuff No No No No No Activiti 5.10 (Alfresco 4.2) yes yes yes yes yes

42 Activiti Adaptive Case Management

43 Implementation Initiated two month ago as Jakarta Alfresco Community project Goal Learn about Alfresco by doing something useful and which is fun Delivery Date 1st release Missed  When to be expected? November 2012 Where to be found

44 Q & A

45 References Presentations: Books: Web:
Keith Swenson: The Nature of Knowledge Work Books: Keith Swenson: Mastering the Unpredictable Keith Swenson: Taming the Unpredictable Jakob Freund, Bernd Ruecker: Real Life BPMN Jakob Freund, Bernd Ruecker: Praxis Handbuch BPMN Web: Activiti User Guide: Alfresco Wiki: Blogs: David Draper: Will Abson:

46 References… Training: Adaptive Case Management Toolkit
Alfresco Share Configuration Alfresco Share Development Alfresco Activiti Workflow Alfresco API Developer Customized Training Alfresco: Averi BPMN and Process Analysis: Camunda Adaptive Case Management Toolkit toolkit/ Stay tuned for the first code to be posted shortly

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