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German Technical Cooperation 1 Stimulating Local and Regional Economic Development Status of LOCA in Sri Lanka 16 January 2004.

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1 German Technical Cooperation 1 Stimulating Local and Regional Economic Development Status of LOCA in Sri Lanka 16 January 2004

2 German Technical Cooperation 2 Reflection of LOCA Process So far… LOCA exercise in Kundasale November 2002 Training of LOCA consultants in Dambulla June 2003 LOCA exercise in Hasalaka November 2003

3 German Technical Cooperation 3 LOCA Kundasale Kundasale (November 2002) Pilot LOCA Exercise - Pilot LOCA Exercise Ongoing Activities: Lime Sector: Evolution of kilns to increase efficiency of fuel consumption in order to improve productivity and decrease pollution. Implemented by the ESSP in close cooperation with the EDC. Wood Sector: Carpenter and Saw miller Nuclei established

4 German Technical Cooperation 4 Training of LOCA Consultants Dambulla (June 2003) Training of 15 LOCA Consultants – Training of 15 LOCA Consultants Ongoing activities: Elephant Safari Map (ESSP): In cooperation with the Provincial Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Tourism, an Elephant Safari Map for the Habarana area has been established and will be installed in February 2004. Linkage to the MCRD 5 year tourism plan: The ESSP has taken an active role as facilitator and provides technical support.

5 German Technical Cooperation 5 LOCA Hasalaka Hasalaka is in the Minipe D S Division, which belongs to the Kandy District, Central Province. No of Registered Enterprises: 309 Main sectors: brick production grinding and rice mills vegetable production paddy Date of LOCA Exercise: 3 – 11 Nov 2003 No of Interviews: 25 No of Mini Workshops: 5 No of Contacts: ~ 100 persons

6 German Technical Cooperation 6 Hasalaka LOCA Hasalaka (November 03) – First own LOCA exercise Lessons learnt: Working with a team of stakeholders (MCRD, D S Minipe, Pradeshiya Sabha, SEEDS) proved to be promising for the exercise Time requirement was overestimated Marketing material to create publicity needs to be developed Implementation started off slowly, some reasons might be: Follow up by the DS Project officer, difficult to set up an association due to his function Motivation of entrepreneurs decreasing Entrepreneurs wanted to start by establishing associations. This has proved to them more challenging than expected

7 German Technical Cooperation 7 Hasalaka LOCA Proposals & Status Proposals from the Final Event & Implementation Status (December 03) Proposal 1: Commercial Vegetable Sector Establishment of Association Entrepreneurial Skills Training Technical Training Establishment of Wholesale Outlet Development of Bitter and Rib Gourd seed production Status: Association was established, office bearers were elected, but social interference seems to hamper progress. Associations have been split into 6 clusters. Cluster facilitators have been identified. Entrepreneurial and technical skills training was demanded and will be conducted by SEEDS and the Inter-provincial Department of Agriculture respectively. Premises has been requested for producers to sell their products. The chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabah promised to allocate a suitable place. Possibility to use a sales room in a stopover shop? Bitter and Rib Gourd seed production activities not yet started.

8 German Technical Cooperation 8 Proposal 2: Brick Sector Establishment of an Association with 2 branches Development of trade mark Link to construction firms Brick bank Diversification (e g terracotta tiles) Status: Trade mark / quality indicator: Meeting held on 9 January 2004 to discuss possibility to imprint a logo on the bricks. Other activities to follow after successful completion of primary proposals. Hasalaka LOCA Proposals & Status

9 German Technical Cooperation 9 Hasalaka LOCA Proposals & Status Paddy Seed Sector Proposal 3: Paddy Seed Sector Unification of 2 organizations dealing with seed production Capacity improvement Purification of seeds to improve quality Status: Discussions with cooperative, DoA and association were held LOCA consultants invited to participate at general meeting Proposals to purchase seed purification machine is being discussed

10 German Technical Cooperation 10 Hasalaka LOCA Proposals & Status Proposal 4: Pottery Sector Association of Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial Skills Training Training Visit to Kegalle or Kurunegala Support to MCRD to come up with proposals for 81 Villages Program Status: Association has been awakened Proposals for entrepreneurial skills training awaited, to be implemented by SEEDS Training visit planned, to be organised by ESSP, entrepreneurs cover 1/3 of cost

11 German Technical Cooperation 11 Hasalaka LOCA Proposals & Status Further Activity, proposed by the MCRD: Kitul Producers Establishment of business linkage Adjusting produce to market (technical training) Support to obtain permits Support from the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabah Water supply to Ambagolla Feeder roads for brick and sand producers

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