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Digimap Collections Institution/course name Date Trainers.

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1 Digimap Collections Institution/course name Date Trainers

2 Content Ordnance Survey Roam Ancient Roam Geology Roam Data Download Copyright Resources Learning outcomes By the end of today you will be able to: View, annotate, print and save maps from Digimap Collections Download map data to use in GIS View map data in ArcGIS Advise users: On copyright On available map data in Digimap Collections Aims

3 Important stuff Housekeeping Materials Logging in Saving and downloading

4 Large range of Ordnance Survey maps, frequently updated Roam: view, annotate, print, save maps Data Download: download map data and use in GIS/CAD

5 Roam exercise 1 – search, map content, basemaps Recreate the paper map Get the info. requested Read the TIPS on your instructions! Check Quick Guide in red section of booklet

6 Roam exercise 2 – annotate, save, print Recreate the paper map – Add annotations Save your map Create a print file Need to open a file? Go to the Roam folder on your memory stick

7 Historic OS maps from 1830s to 1990s. Digitised by Landmark. Range of scales, from county to very detailed town plans. Ancient Roam: view by decade. Historic Download: download original map sheets or tiles referenced to National Grid.

8 Ancient Roam exercise 1.Spot the difference – find at least 3 functions unique to Ancient Roam 2.Make some maps (see reverse of sheet) If you have time…try and open some maps that you saved in Roam. You can view annotations in every Roam service.

9 British Geological Survey digital maps Geology Roam - 3 DigMapGB maps, 1:625000, 1:250000, 1:50000. Geology Download – DigMapGB maps, plus Offshore map data, Borehole index and Rock Lexicon.

10 Geology Roam exercise 1.Spot the difference – find at least 3 functions unique to Geology Roam 2.Make some maps (see reverse of sheet)

11 2 types of Marine maps: 1.Scanned admiralty charts (not for navigation!) Marine Maps (pictured) Charted Raster download

12 2 types of Marine maps: 2.Hydrospatial Vector map data Marine Roam (pictured) Hydrospatial Download

13 Download map data to your computer, for your area of interest 5 categories of map data Use map data in GIS/CAD software to create maps

14 What is map data? Any data with geographic coordinates – 2 main types: Raster maps – scanned maps, satellite images, digital aerial photographs Vector data: – Annotations that you add to Roam – Points, such as a Spreadsheet of local colleges with their locations – Lines, such as contour lines, county boundary lines, roads, train lines – Polygons, such as buildings or fields

15 Colleges example

16 Raster v Vector map data Raster map data is a matrix of cells (or pixels) in a grid: – scanned maps, digital aerial photographs, satellite images, digital pictures. – geo-referenced, geographic coordinates of the location added. – useful as background for displaying other data Vector map data stores data on individual map features e.g. – Points such as train stations – Lines such as railway tracks and rivers – Polygons such as buildings or fields We can view, query and analyse vector map data.

17 Vector map data

18 Vector geometry types - points

19 Vector geometry types - lines

20 Vector geometry types - polygons

21 Vector data attribute table A raster dataset will typically store only 1 piece of information per pixel such as colour or height A vector dataset will typically store many different types of information in something known as an attribute table.

22 Why download map data? More powerful and flexible than Roam – just a few possibilities from many: Combine Digimap map data with data collected in field, or other geospatial datasets e.g. from Met Office, environment agencies etc. Create buffers Use raster map as background for other data View and query attribute data from vector maps Create a thematic map

23 The Economic and Social Status of Romano- British Rural Villas in Southern England Combine Digimap data with your own data. Here, the author has added the location of Roman Villas to a contour map of the project area. J Dicks, PhD Archaeology, 2011, Southampton University.

24 Anthropogenic influences on the water vole Arvicola terrestris – do proximity to urban settlements or naturalness of water bodies influence habitat preference? Create buffer zones This author has created buffers outside urban settlements, to analyse whether proximity to urban areas affected the habitat preference of water voles. T Hayer, undergraduate research project, 2007, Hull University.

25 Green Infrastructure Study of Cheltenham and Gloucester Analyse land use from vector data This author used vector data, height data and historic data to analyse land use and produce a landscape strategy. David Green, Postgraduate research, Landscape Architecture, 2011, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

26 East is East and West is West, Class Division in the Sheffield Landscape Use raster map to display your data This author has used his colour coding system for housing types on a raster Historic Map, to try and identify reasons for ongoing social divide between east and west areas of the city. Peter Brown, Sheffield Univ, Undergraduate dissertation, 2011.

27 Create a thematic map Shaded Glasgow postcode sectors (2001) according to their level of deprivation (2001 census data). Digimap training exercise

28 Query attribute data We can query the attribute tables provided with vector map data. Here, we have queried some Newcastle postcode data to identify all postcodes beginning with NE1.

29 Query attribute data This is an attribute table from Vector Map District data…the roads layer. We have queried what roads lie within a postcode sector, NE1. 693 roads are identified. Next, we could query how many private roads lie within the postcodes beginning with NE1.

30 Download map data to your computer, for your area of interest 5 categories of map data Use map data in GIS/CAD software to create maps

31 1. OS MasterMap (vector data) Most detailed topographic mapping available of GB. ITN data used to analyse transport networks. Pictured: OS MasterMap Topography.

32 2. Backdrop Mapping 9 raster maps available, from largest (MasterMap) to smallest scale. Pictured: OS Street View.

33 3. Land and Height data Maps of contours, spot heights and Digital Terrain Models. Pictured: Profile DTM, London. Place names to illustrate higher areas are lighter colours.

34 4. Vector data 5 vector maps available. Formats vary – check options in Basket. Pictured: Vector Map Local, Royal Albert Hall.

35 5. Boundary and Location data Administrative boundaries, postcode listings and boundaries, place name and street name databases. Formats vary, check options in Basket. Pictured: Code Point Polygons on raster backdrop.

36 Finding out about maps Click icons to get info. about each map You can also look on the OS website: http://www.ordnanc site/products/index.h tml

37 Using Data Download 3 step process: 1.Select area 2.Choose maps 3.Add to basket – Options to change format, date and layers

38 Case study exercise Work in pairs/groups 4 case studies Start Ordnance Survey > Data Download Start with Amy Order the map data products for each case study. Click on the information icons for more details of each map data product.

39 1.Select from 3 categories: Town Plans, County maps or National Grid maps 2.Select map edition e.g. 1 st edition of County maps 1849-1899 3.Search for area 4.Select tiles on the map 5.Name your order 6.Order 7.Download from link in email

40 Order process same as Data Download Onshore Geology - 3 geological map data products Offshore Geology – 1:250000 map data Rock Information: – Onshore borehole index – Rock Lexicon

41 Select from 8 different layers of Hydrospatial data Search Select area from map Download

42 Search Select scale band e.g. coastal maps, harbour maps Select maps from a map Download

43 GIS Issues - vector data formats FormatDetails SHPShape file, ArcGIS format MIF/MIDMapInfo format NTFNational Transfer format, non-proprietary GMLGeography Markup Language DXF/DWGDrawing Exchange or Drawing format, AutoCAD

44 GIS issues – OS MasterMap data Provided as GML (exploring provision of alternatives) – need to convert to use in GIS or CAD: Free tool to convert from GML to SHP or DXF: – for-digimap/ for-digimap/ Productivity Suite (free with ArcGIS licence) will put your GML data in an Arc Geodatabase: – /productivitysuite/download# /productivitysuite/download# Guides available in the Learning Zone. Help pages have lots of information.

45 GIS issues - symbology Add vector map data to GIS – lacks cartography you see in Digimap. EDINA supplies some files in Help pages – Strategi, Meridian OS MasterMap: Interpose supplies a style file, Productivity Suite supply style file. Guides available in the Learning Zone. Help pages have lots of information. Pictured: OS MasterMap with and without OS cartographic style

46 Permitted Uses Summarised as for Educational Purposes: Teaching, academic research, limited internal business use – Includes institutional publicity – Public lectures – Conference demonstrations – Private study/personal development including student societies work – Teaching practice (B.Ed. PGCE etc) Excludes: – Institutional estate management – Running the institution as a business – Courses for commercial gain

47 Publication You can publish Licensed Data and materials which contain Licensed Data Subject to some restrictions which are detailed in the Licence Includes various publications Copyright acknowledgement required: © Crown Copyright and Database Right [Year of supply or date of publication].Ordnance Survey (Digimap Licence) – Copyright acknowledgement is included on all maps printed from Digimap Collections. – Remember to include copyright acknowledgement if you download data from Digimap and create maps!

48 Principles of Licensing The Licensed Data is leased to you You do not own it You may not use the data if: – your institution ceases to subscribe – you cease to be an Authorised User You have responsibilities to care for the data There are limitations on what you are permitted to do with the data

49 Sharing Licensed Data You may only share Licensed Data with: – other Authorised Users – Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) members – One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) members – Sponsors who have their own licence for the same data (type and coverage) Sponsored research: – Results must be published widely and immediately – Hard copy plots can be supplied to sponsors – DATA cannot be supplied to sponsors – Excludes Research Council funded research centres with their own Ordnance Survey licence e.g.: Institute of Hydrology British Geological Survey

50 Support with copyright Lists of Frequently Asked Questions: reements.htm Your site representative: ep_list.htm EDINA Help Desk: 0131 650 3302

51 Resources Digimap Resource centre – access help pages, guides, FAQs, videos, case studies and more. Resources list in blue section of your booklet

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