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Finish interior standards Interior Finish Standards Dianne Juba.

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1 finish interior standards Interior Finish Standards Dianne Juba

2 OVERVIEW Rationale Carpet Specification Multi-Attribute Standards background process standards Goals Product Attributes Paints & Coatings Resilient Flooring Suspended Ceiling Systems Wallcovering

3 why make standards? rationale for having standards Supports GSA Moon Shot: Zero Environmental Footprint Green Purchasing Plan Executive Order 13514 Benefits Health of building occupants Quality of our workspaces Durability of finishes

4 first standard developed 2010 carpet specification NSF/ANSI 140 Sustainability Standard Gold level 3 rd -party certification req. Voluntary, and consensus-based ANSI-Approved ASTM D-5252 Hexapod Drum Test Texture Appearance Retention Rating Durability standard

5 Non-profit, non-government Robust sustainability standards focus on total life cycle of product Corporate environmental and social responsibility Decreases need for multiple label certifications what is NSF? multi attribute standards NSF International

6 multi attribute standards life cycle of product

7 THE PROCESS A/E firms and consultants Non-profits, government, and standards Vendors and industry representatives

8 goals when developing Sustainability Durability Cost Availability balance seek avoid NSF Standards whenever available Open, consensus-based, standards Governmental regulations Contradicting LEED Proprietary certification standards Unrealistic requirements

9 product attributes wallcovering take back programs sustainable content performance requirement low emitting materials

10 product attribute matrix paints and coatings resilient flooring ceiling systems wall covering

11 THE STANDARDS wallcovering resilient flooring suspended ceiling systems paints and coatings

12 Paints and Coatings paints and coatings Coating CategoryVOC Limit (g/L) Interior Flat Paints50 Interior Non-flat Paints50 Interior Primers100 Clear Wood Finishes Varnish Sanding Sealers Lacquer 275 Shellac – Clear730 Shellac – Pigmented550 Stains100 SCAQMD Rule 1113 Must meet VOC limits after colorant has been added starting: January 1, 2012 Referenced by ASHRAE 189.1

13 low emitting materials Standard Method V 1.1 California Dept of Public Health Chamber test of VOC emissions 4 samples | 4 days of testing 10 days of conditioning AKA: Section 01350 Referenced by product attributes

14 environ- mentally sustainable content Minimum levels using any combination: Pre-consumer recycled content, Post-consumer recycled content, or Biobased content product attributes Wood products in ceiling systems must be from a FSC-Certified forest Recycled & Biobased Content Interior FinishMinimum Resilient Flooring5% Suspended Ceiling Systems50% Wallcoverings5%

15 Sustainability Assessment for Resilient Flooring Products Must achieve Conformant level 3 rd party certification starting: January 1, 2013 resilient flooring NSF/ANSI 332 Specific per product type: ASTM F1066 VCT ASTM F1303 Sheet Vinyl ASTM F1700 Vinyl Tile ASTM F1859 Rubber Sheet ASTM F1344 Rubber Tile ASTM F2034 Linoleum Sheet ASTM F2195 Linoleum Tile ASTM F1861 Wall Base ASTM F2169 Stair Treads ASTM Standards 5% Resilient Flooring

16 wall covering Sustainability Assessment for Wallcovering Products Must achieve Conformant level 3 rd party certification starting: January 1, 2013 NSF/ANSI 342 Standard for Polymer Coated Fabric Wallcovering Must meet Type II performance W-101 5% Wall Covering

17 suspended ceiling systems 50% Must have a minimum LR of 0.80 IESNA recommends LR of 0.90 for areas near windows or where indirect light is used More natural light Fewer fixtures Greater savings Light Reflectance Suspended Ceiling Systems

18 suspended ceiling systems 50% Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Minimum 0.65 for closed spaces Minimum 0.75 for open-plan spaces Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) Minimum of 35 for closed spaces Acoustics Suspended Ceiling Systems

19 suspended ceiling systems 50% Take-Back Program Whenever replacing a ceiling system, acoustic tiles and grid must be recycled through a take-back program. Suspended Ceiling Systems

20 INTERIOR FINISH STANDARDS paints and coatings resilient flooring ceiling systems wall covering

21 THANK YOU Dianne Juba Interior Design Program Director Office of Design and Construction PBS - Central Office

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