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D-Cal production preparations in Japan Dec. 16, 2009, D-Cal meeting at CERN Tatsuya Chujo (Univ. of Tsukuba) for the D-Cal Project 1.

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1 D-Cal production preparations in Japan Dec. 16, 2009, D-Cal meeting at CERN Tatsuya Chujo (Univ. of Tsukuba) for the D-Cal Project 1

2 Overview: We have finished the order for all major parts to build 288 EMCal modules. Some of the smaller parts have been already delivered. Bigger ones, like lead tiles, scintillator, aluminum parts, will be delivered by the end of March 2010 in Japan. Our Plan: Setting up the module assembly station in Tsukuba, on March or April. 2010 with a help from WSU tech. At the same time, we are preparing the load cells (3 sets) in order to have the own pressure control & monitoring system in Tsukuba. They will be ready by March (by M. Inaba). Start the mass production in Apr. 2010, and continue until July-Aug. 2010 (to be discussed at this meeting). Ship the modules to Nantes or Grenoble, for the strip, SM assembly and calibration around Aug-Sep. 2010, depending on the installation schedule. 2

3 Parts status (1) Lead tiles [order completed] Source: Vulcan (import agent: Yatoro Elec. co.) Status: Order has been completed for 288 modules (= 21,888 tiles) (Sep. 4, 2009) Time estimate: Production line in November. 9 weeks after the production start, delivery in Feb. 2010 (TBC) Notes: perform own cleaning. Unit price: 3.19 USD. Scintillator tiles [order completed] Source: UNIPLAST (Russia) Status: Order completed for 95,000 tiles and made a contract (Dec. 2009) Time estimate: (1) 50,000 tiles in Feb., (2) 45,000 tiles in Apr. & May. Notes: perform own cutting (by Japanese workshop) and painting (by students) after delivery. 3

4 Parts status (2) Aluminum parts (front, back, compression plates). [order completed] Source: Meccanotecnica RIESI S.R.I. (Italy) (import agent: Yatoro Elec. co.) Status: order completed, Quantity: 300 each. Time estimate: Mar. 2010 (TBC) Notes: Machining components immediately after the last slot for WSU. Eng. Francesco Noto (INFN) will perform dimensional control (Nov.19, Rosy Trovato). Plunger pins will be ordered (Japanese workshop or MECCANOTECNICA) 4

5 Parts status (3) Inter-layer paper sheets [order completed] Source: KRICK Kunststoff (Germany) Status: 55,000 in total (4 different kinds of sheets) Time: delivered by Jan. 2010. Fabrication of sheets ready (Dec. 11, 2009). Stainless Steel Straps [order completed] Source: IPSC, Grenoble (France) Status: 1,200 straps ordered. Raw materials have been purchased, and start cutting. Time: 400 foils will be ready (wire cut) by end of Dec. 2009. Producing the 1,200 straps by end of Jan. 2010. Need to discuss the payment method, and cost shearing. 5

6 Parts status (4) WLS Fibers [order completed] Source: Kuraray trading Status: Ordered 43,200 (40 cm length, pre cut). Time: will be delivered on Jan. 25, 2010 Note: Aluminized & polishing by Japanese workshop. Will perform the test for aluminized and polishing in Feb. Unit price: 119 JPY Bellvilles washers [delivered] Source: Schnorr Corp, via Hohsen Corporation (Japanese representative) Status: 23,000 washers delivered. Time: - Light Guide [delivered] Source: I & G tool (USA). Status: 1,200 pc delivered. Time: - 6

7 Parts status (5) Black tape [delivered] Source: Sony Chemical & Information Device Co. (bender: Yasuda sangyo KK). Status: 1 roll (500 x 200 M), Delivered. Time: - Note: will be cut by Japanese workshop (already ordered). Optical cement [delivered] Source: Saint Gobain. Status: BC-600 (2 sets, 250 ml) delivered. Time: - Reflector paint [delivered] Source: Saint Gobain. Status: BC-620, 2 PC (1L each) delivered. Time: - 7

8 Module Assembly Station Source: from WSU Status: Completed the shipping arrangement for first station. Time: One station will be delivered in Dec. 2009, another station in Mar. 2010. Note: 192 modules x 2 SM = 384 modules 6 months for 2 stations 4 months for 3 stations 8

9 Items to be done in Japan 1. Black tape cutting 2. Scintillator cutting & polishing & painting 3. WLS fiber aluminized & polishing 4. WLS bundle assembly 5. WLS fiber holder & receiver 6. Load cell aluminum frame 9

10 Open issue (1) Module production schedule in Tsukuba. - 2 stations enough? - Need a detail schedule for assemble of module, strip, SM, & shipping, work sharing. - 288 modules --> 384 modules?? ~100 additional. - If there is a delay of scintillator delivery, can expect the contributions from WSU?. (2) Integration issue. - strong back & strip, SM integration, which are not included in the current budget projection in Tsukuba. (3) APD, preamp, FEM (purchase plan, work share?). FEE: components have been purchased for 50 FEE boards. (4) Jig for fiber bundle (can be borrowed from Wayne State?). (6) Aluminized Y11 fiber check by experts needed (thickness)? (7) Y11 fiber bundle, holder, O-ring. check the drawings. (8) How to perform the cosmic ray test for EMCal SM @ Grenoble. (9) Payment for straps (via CERN account?), and share of strap cost. (10) Check plunger pin drawings (new version). (11) Clack on Light Guide OK? (12) Plan to visit WSU in Feb. or Mar. to learn the module production. 10

11 Summary: Ordering the parts and tools for 288 modules have been completed. Need to discuss the schedule, work sharing, coordination etc. at this meeting (e.g. making additional ~100 modules in Tsukuba). 11

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