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LHCb VELO Production Visit November 9 th 2005 Introduction to staff Status Schedule.

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1 LHCb VELO Production Visit November 9 th 2005 Introduction to staff Status Schedule

2 Production Phase Staff

3 Status EDR in April 05 Target Production Readiness Dec 05 –Green light for the release of physics grade components by the collaboration Delivery of 42 modules (84 sensors) –20 for system test April 05 –42 by June 05 (or earlier) –Rates of delivery to be discussed later

4 Status Preparing for production of (PRR) –3 mechanicals (fully functional barring sensors) –3 electrical (fully functional but with poorest sensors)

5 Major issues at EDR Pitch adaptors Twisted hybrids at pre-production phase –These two problems alone have cost ~ 6 months Jigs and tooling –Majority complete/modified Vacuum Performance of Sensors –OK

6 Major post EDR issues High current mode of sensor during testing Reliability of K&S 8090 –Front end bonding machine –New contract gives us confidence Pitch Adaptors Hybrid circuit testing –Commericial and in house Stress relief of cables –Clamp production proving difficult Cable quality not good enough for production –Tied to one company at the moment

7 In preparation for PRR Assembly robot deployment Paddle-hybrid gluing jig completion Programming of glue robot

8 PRR will require Non-artisinale production of modules Adherance to tight mechanical tolerances Electrical integrity Proof that yield is adequate

9 Visit Schedule 9 th November 9:30 -11:00 Tour of assembly area –Parts and metrology: Phil Turner –Gluing and bonding: Mark Whitley –Assembly and testing: John Carroll 11:00-11:30 Tea (3 rd floor) 11:30-12:30 Tour of workshop –Carbon Fibre and Mechanics: Peter Cooke 12:30-13:30 Lunch (3 rd floor) all invited 13:30-14:00 QA and software (VC rm) 14:00-15:00 Project Review 15:00-15:30 Resource Meeting 15:30-16:00 Tea/Coffee 16:00-16:15 Feedback (rm 337)

10 Project Review 9 November

11 Project Review

12 Project Plan PRR plan

13 Logistics Components –Feet –Bases –Paddles –TPG(100%) –CF(100% Substrates –75% yield Hybrids –Yield unknown –Should have 50-60 physics grade Sensors –95% yield -> replacement Pitch Adaptors –60% received –80% yeild Handling Frames –20 off –6 available Cables –Major problem Clamps –Manufacturing problem Transport boxes –Syracuse

14 Sensor Status Received 42/142 ~ 30% –Contracted delivery at 15/month= 7 months to completion (June 06) –Sufficient for VELO completion in 4 months (March 06) –Laser cutting will now be the bottleneck Have 18 sensors for physics –4 under test –6 high current behaviour but possibly usable –14 used/irradiated/rejected/damaged/(mia) Our QA deselects ~5% of delivery. These are replaced.

15 Sensor Production

16 Risks Sensor manufacturer deliver Cables Clamps Hybrids Assembly/twist methodology failure

17 Realism Do we think the plan is realistic Yes –Depends on delivery not slipping and no unforeseen disasters

18 Summary All components and methodologies have been designed Delivery of sensors still of concern

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