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Welcome to Year 2 parents meeting Thursday 22nd September 2011.

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1 Welcome to Year 2 parents meeting Thursday 22nd September 2011

2 A typical day in year 2 Guided reading Phonics Assembly Maths Literacy ICT Independent learning allowing more opportunities for outside learning Special Time Lunch Science/Geography/History One afternoon a week Forest school Story time Not forgetting PE, Music, opportunities to practise Speaking and Listening through mini presentations, library, Art, DT. No traditional morning break time.

3 Practical Bits! Reading books changed Mon, Wed, Fri. Coats/raincoats PE kit in school Monday to Friday Trainers/plimsolls Tracksuit Named items As we develop Forest school children will need a change of old clothes and wellies.

4 Themes Autumn Me and My world Spring Explorers Summer The Great Outdoors Curriculum overviews will be sent at end of each term for following terms theme. Skills based, creative curriculum Cross curricular links

5 Autumn Overview

6 Visits and Workshops Autumn Sculpture workshop with Darcy Turner Local Park Local shops for traffic/shop survey 8/9.9.11 10.9.11 TBC 7.11.11 TBC Spring Museum of London Bus trip to town Roald Dahl childrens gallery 13.1.12 & 3.2.12 TBC 20.3.12 Summer Bee Keeper Visit (in Bug Month) Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Felt making and textiles workshop TBC 11.6.12- 15.6.12

7 MATHS Counting, partitioning and calculating Securing number facts, understanding shape Handling data and measures Measuring and understanding shape Securing number facts, relationships and calculating Practical and related to real life Variety of recording and evidence gathering Knowing what equipment to use Counting forwards and backwards, varying jumps and sequences Knowing number bonds by heart Understanding place value-making 2 and 3 digit numbers by a variety of means Knowing doubles and halves Solving problems, checking and explaining answers, finding alternative methods

8 LITERACY Speaking and Listening- Asking and answering questions Explaining an idea to group/class Expressing opinions and giving reasons Group working, spokesperson Talking about home research/learning to class Phonics Will be taught across year group Reading Guided reading with a group Making predictions about possible outcomes Comprehension Expressing opinions and making links to own experiences Reinforcing phonic skills Writing Individual and Guided writing Opportunities to experience different genres and to experiment, review edit and improve writing before producing a final draft. Opportunities to share final drafts with peers and others in school.

9 And finally……. HOME LEARNING Reading with and to your child Focus on enjoyment of reading and comprehension Home research /project related to particular area of curriculum Practical Maths and counting Board games Word games based on phonics/spelling patterns that we will be sending home When we feel it will it is helpful to childrens learning No spelling specifically for tests SATS Teacher assessment throughout year Experience of a KS1 task/test Parent consultations End of year report

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