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Exam Technique Intermediate 2 / Higher Computing.

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1 Exam Technique Intermediate 2 / Higher Computing

2 Contents Command Words In the Exam

3 Command Words Name, State, Identify, List Suggest Outline Describe Explain Justify Define Compare

4 Name, State, Identify, List Giving a list is acceptable here General Rule – 1mark per point you give State 2 features of a sound card (2) 1. DSP – Digital Signal Processor 2. ADC – Analogue to Digital Converter BULLET POINTS!!!

5 Suggest More than a list – proposal or an idea Suggest a reason why John upgrades his Graphics Card in his computer system (1) John is a high-end gamer and requires high- quality/resolution output to play his games. SHORT SENTENCE WILL SUFFICE

6 Outline Give a brief description or example of what you are talking about Outline the features of the Central Processing Unit: (3) - RAM: temporary memory used to store data and program files - PROCESSOR: used to process instructions and data - …….. BULLETS & SHORT SENTENCES

7 Describe Give more detail than you would in an outline Use examples where you can Describe two common uses of Bluetooth Technology (2) Used to communicate between devices located with approx. 10 metres for example: A smartphone and GPS receiver (1) A PDA and a Laptop (1)

8 Explain Discuss why an action has been taken or an outcome reached – what are the reasons and processes behind it Explain why it is useful to have 2 different translation tools (1) Interpreters are useful during development as they enable the program to be run again quickly OR Compilers are much more useful for production programs where the translation process only has to be carried out once

9 Justify Give reasons for your answer, stating why you have taken a particular action or reached a particular conclusion Usually relates closely to the scenario of the question

10 Define Give the meaning of a term

11 Compare Give the key features of 2 different terms or ideas and discuss their similarities and/or differences. LIST AND SUMMARY

12 In The Exam Watch your time and pace yourself Read over the exam instructions before your start Plan your answers – jot down keywords etc Dont repeat yourself – proof read all your answers! Give proper explanations – look for command words Read the question scenarios closely as the following questions will probably require you to answer in context

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