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NXtension-ES4 Expander Board For NX242 Digital TDcontroller 05apr05

2 NEXO & Digital Networks
Network analysis June 2001 mLAN Licensee May 2002 EtherSound Licensee Frankfurt 2004 First EtherSound product.

3 Summary EtherSound Networks EtherSound Implementation NEXO Hardware
EtherSound Hardware ESmonitor Software

4 EtherSound Network Overview

5 EtherSound High quality bi-directional audio Network.
2 x 64 channels 24bit/48kHz. Very low latency transmission. Standard Ethernet Hardware. Up to connected devices. Bi-directional status & Control data.

6 EtherSound Technology
Compliant to Ethernet IEEE frame format. It is full-duplex LANs with a bandwidth of 100Mbps. Audio channel synchronization is based on valid EtherSound frame arrival. Each frame is transmitted at a defined sampling frequency (48kHz).

7 EtherSound Networks For Fixed Installations
Background/foreground music and live announcements; multi-zone audio distribution. Point-to-point signal transfer over long distances. Lower installation costs than analog systems,standard Ethernet cabling, daisy-chain architecture, competitive cost per network node. Increased flexibility for system re-configuration.

8 EtherSound Networks for Live Sound
Audio distribution for mobile installations. Latency issues. Low cost cabling. Quick and easy system set up using shielded CAT5e Ethernet cables. High-quality audio (24bit/48kHz).

9 EtherSound Implementation

10 Cabling Cat5e, 6, 7 cabling, Shielded or Foil (FTP, ScTP). Stranded or Solid. No UTP (unshielded) cabling Crossover cable for linking Laptop to primary master.

11 Cabling Cable length ranging from 90m(295ft) to 110m lengths (according to cable quality, number of passive connection…) Fiber optic cables and Ethernet standard allow for segments up to 2 km(1.24mi)

12 Connectors Profesionnal Neutrik EtherCon Connectors

13 EtherNet Standard Hardware
Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) switches

14 Network Architectures

15 System 1 : Small Venue Small analogue system, EtherSound out patches, budget sensitive desk

16 System 2 : Small Installations Additionnal Signal Processing, PA remote control through NX242

17 System 3: Large Installations One network for remote inputs, One network for diffusion

18 System 4: Live Multi console application, remote inputs on High quality AD, remote of the PA through NX242

19 System 5: Conference hall Single network, several rooms

20 Latency & Live Sound Lowest Lantency possible needed for monitor application (ear monitors on vocals, drum fill, wedge monitor). <5ms Max. DA PROCESSING 0.5ms AD NETWORK (0.125ms)

21 Latency & Live Sound Directivity control implies complete synchronisation –few microsec. Max.- 2us between the boxes

22 Latency times Base Latency 125usec (6 samples)
Daisy chain Latency per module 1.4usec Switch latency : 21usec (1 sample) NX242 use in Master/Slave (4 samples) Re-synchronisation up to 1/256 sample in the NX242.(prevision 1Q-2005)

23 Analogue Link Microphone to cabinet ~4ms 2ms 2ms

24 EtherSound Link Microphone to Cabinet : ~2.4ms AD8HR with AVDKit ~1ms
ES base time = 125us Daisy chain (4us) + NX242 IN/OUT (84us) Daisy chain (4us) + Desk IN/OUT (168us) Amplifier IN (21us + DA ~1ms)

25 NX242 Digital TDcontroller NXtension ES-4 Expander Board
NEXO HARDWARE NX242 Digital TDcontroller NXtension ES-4 Expander Board

26 4 2 High Quality Analogue 2 IN / 4 OUT 110dB dynamic Range
True Floating Input 28dBu 4 2

27 NX242 unique functions Factory System EQ & Crossover settings for every NEXO systems

28 NX242 unique functions Directivity control…

29 NX242 unique functions Loudspeakers modeling & Protection

30 NXtension-ES4 Expander Board
EtherSound Interface (Digital Audio & Control Data)

31 NXtension-ES4 Expander Board
Doubling DSP & Memory resources

32 Slave mode 4 ES IN / 4 analogue OUT 4 64 4

33 2 ES IN + 2 analogue IN 4 Analogue OUT 64 4 2 2

34 * enabled for NEXO compliant EtherSound amplifiers
MASTER SLAVE EtherSound Network 4 IN / 4 OUT* * enabled for NEXO compliant EtherSound amplifiers 64 4 4

35 MASTER SLAVE EtherSound Network 4 IN / 4 OUT* Remote Control 64 4 4

36 Bidirectionnal Firmware for NX242
MASTER SLAVE EtherSound Network 4 IN / 4 OUT* Bidirectionnal Firmware for NX242 Downstream from stage (to Desk) Upstream from desk (to NX242)

37 EtherSound Sense Lines
Bi Directionnal EtherSound Audio allows the EtherSound link up to the amplifier with Sense return in real time.


39 AVY16-ES Yamaha YGDAI Format

40 Yamaha Digital Mixers From 01V to PM1D 01V96 DM1000 DM2000 02R96 01V

41 Auvitran AVY16-ES 16 YGDAI input / 16 YGDAI out channels per card
Up to 6 cards per Yamaha console Network remote control via midi tunneling 2 EtherSound connectors allow the daisy-chaining of multiple AVY-ES cards or other 3rd-party EtherSound™ devices. RS232 remote port also provides “tunnelling” of 3rd-party data through the EtherSound™ network.

42 AuviTran AVRed-ES EtherSound Redundant Links Management

43 AuviTran AVRed-ES Could be used in 2 modes:
Dual AVDRed-ES Fixed latency of 4 µs + cable latency Switch + AVRed-ES Latency ~ 22 µs + 2 µs + cable latency Auto Selection of better link A or B Alert Status relay for direct light monitoring Fully manageable via EtherSound

44 INNOVASON Consoles

45 NetCira


47 SOFTWARE ESmonitor

48 ESMonitor control Software
Automatic Architecture discovery Real time connexions monitoring Network Quality monitoring Parameters property page of all equipment Routing page Monitoring & Control page Equipment renaming Save & Recall all name & routing parameters Midi «Tunneling» for Yamaha Studio Manager

49 ESMonitor: EtherSound equipment managment
List & discovery of connected EtherSound equipment (AuviTran, Nexo, Yamaha, Fostex, Digigram…) Automatic discovery of network architecture ( Daisy Chain and/or star) User-Friendly name Real time connection tracking, alarms kept in a logbook for further analysis. Dynamic control of network integrity

50 ESMonitor: Monitoring & control of EtherSound equipment
Supported equipment: AuviTran: AVY16-ES, AVRed-ES Nexo: Nx242 Yamaha: AD8HR, PM1D, PM5D, DM2000, DM1000, DME64N… Camco: Vortex family Fostex: MS8in, MS8mic, ES1 et ES2 Digigram: ES8in, ES8mic, ES8out, ES220 Monitoring & Control Page to any parameters Vu-meter, Faders, buttons, Serial interfaces parameters, In/Out gain,…

51 ESMonitor: Patch Page Allows routing of all EtherSound equipment
Configuration: Mono-directionnel (Down) Bi-directionnel (Down et Up) EtherSound channel routed to each IN/OUt

52 ESMonitor: MIDI Tunneling Yamaha Equipment remote control via EtherSound
Allows the control of the console via the Ethersound network, with the native control software (studio manager) Ethernet DM2000 Réseau EtherSound Midi sur slot miniYGDAI AVY16-ES Contrôle

53 ESMonitor: Tunneling RS232 Remote control RS232/422/485 over EtherSound
Creates a virtual COM port on the PC linked to the RS232/422/485 interface of the EtherSound device. Example: controlling an Yamaha AD8HR A/D Ethernet EtherSound Network EtherSound Equipment Control RS232

54 NX242 Property Page All NX242 parameters controlled through an user friendly window

55 Virtual NX242 Direct Access
Allows intuitive control & Monitoring

56 2 analogue + 2 Digital Inputs
Input Box 2 analogue + 2 Digital Inputs 4 Digitals Inputs

57 Info Box Name Setup & change Setup Firmware information

58 Output Box Channel Gain Channel Delay Patch Protection monitoring
Amplifier Information

59 Master Box Global Gain Global Delay Global Mute Global Parameters

60 Security Freeze Local control Freeze All

61 NX242 Remote Control Advanced patch operation.
Mixing 2 analogue Inputs (A & B) & 2 digital Inputs (ES channel number from 1 to 64) Or 4 Digital ES Inputs

62 NX242 Remote Control Groupe Mode : Up to 15 groups may be created, each NX242 may be part of several groups

63 NX Remote Control Software
Real time Protection Monitoring


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