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Should I Be Thinking About Going To University? Kelly Parkins

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1 Should I Be Thinking About Going To University? Kelly Parkins

2 Study A Specific Subject That You Are Interested In The Job You Really Want May Require You To Have A Degree Gain Knowledge and Practical Experience Earn a Great Income The Potential To Make A Difference Enjoy The University Experience Opportunity To Work Abroad Develop Confidence & Independence Why Is University Important?

3 How Does University Differ From School? SchoolUniversity English Film Studies, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Business Science Forensic Science, Biomedical Science, Sport Rehabilitation History Criminal Justice, Psychology, Archaeology, History & Politics Maths Economics, Accountancy, Computer Science

4 Questionnaire 1.If You Have A Specific Career In Mind, Do You Know Whether You Will Need Formal Qualifications? 2.Have You Thought About What Subject Area / Course You Would Like To Study At University? 3.Do You Know What Grades / UCAS Points You Will Need To Apply For Your Course/s? 4.Have You Researched Which Universities Teach The Course/s You Are Interested In? 5.Have You Considered Attending An Open Day Or Applicant Visit Day At Your Chosen Universities? 6.What Makes You Most Nervous About Studying At University? 7.What Aspect Of University Are You Most Excited About?

5 How Different Is University From School? Rather Than Lots Of Subjects, You Will Study Just One Or Two You Will Be Treated As An Adult & No One Will Prompt You You Will Need To Be Pro-active & Self-motivated To Succeed First Year Modules Often Have Large Class Sizes Time In Lectures Is Often Much Less Hours Than School Or College May Be The First Time Youll Learn To Budget Your Finances

6 Lecture Sizes

7 Your Memories Of University Will NOT Be All About The Studying! University Will Be One Of The Best Times Of Your Life Load Of Activities & Societies You Can Get Involved In Lots Of Opportunities To Volunteer & Travel Abroad Great Student Social Life – Freshers Week & FND

8 £84 Million Investment In Our Facilities

9 Accommodation The Green Student Village Opened In 2011 Over 1,000 Rooms Town Houses & Apartments Situated On Campus

10 Student Central

11 How Can You Prepare Yourself Now? Think About The Subjects That You Really Enjoy Studying Look At The UCAS Website For Course Choices Work Hard To Achieve The Grades You Need Consider Volunteering To Gain Some Experience Ask Questions If You Are Not Sure What Direction To Take Remember That University Is Not For Everyone

12 Your Questions…..

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