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Returning to Study An insight into higher education Pippa Waller 01752 587963.

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1 Returning to Study An insight into higher education Pippa Waller 01752 587963

2 An Insight in to Higher Education Returning to study – is it just me? What can I study? How do I choose? What do I need? What will it be like? How will I fund it? Will I….? What sort of support is there?

3 Is it just me or...? Fresh start Change of priorities since schooldays Higher Education never an option Doing something you have always wanted to do Career enhancement Change of domestic responsibilities Been inspired by a subject Life-changing events

4 What can I study? Higher Education Qualifications ‘Bachelors’ Degrees –Sandwich degrees –‘Honours’ (Hons) Certificate/Diploma of Higher Education Foundation Degrees Higher National Diplomas

5 What can I study? ‘Academic’ History, English, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics…. Vocational/professional Teaching, Social Work, Healthcare professions, Medicine, Law, Architecture… ‘Work-related’ Psychology, Business Studies, Management, Computing…

6 How do I choose? Career considerations Profession-specific qualifications –Ensure job profile is right for you –Get work experience, speak to people in the field –Websites: Careers and professional bodies –What happens if you change your mind? Is there a job at the other end? –Research: Labour market; graduate destinations –Be proactive about improving employability –Consider ‘sandwich’ courses

7 How do I choose? Personal fulfillment/enjoyment –What subjects have interested you in the past? In need of ideas? –Try UK Course Finder or other guidance packages Ensure the course goals match yours –look beyond the title and general perception –look at subject combinations

8 What do I need to get in? Academic requirements Admissions policy ‘Ability to study at a higher level’– advanced level academic study ‘Recent’ academic study Specific subjects in some cases

9 What do I need to get in? Possible qualification routes Access to Higher Education ‘Year zero’ courses A and AS level BTEC/Edexcel qualifications Open University credits Foundation degree pathways Other qualifications/experience

10 What do I need to get in? What Admissions Tutors look for Focus, enthusiasm and commitment to choice of course Genuine interest and understanding Experience for professional qualifications Someone who will to benefit from the course and from higher education generally Relevant skills and qualities to succeed

11 How do I apply? UCAS – Universities and Colleges Admissions Service 15 OctoberMedicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine, Oxbridge 15 JanuaryAll other applications Application distributed to Universities

12 What will it be like? Common learning and teaching styles Face-to-face’ learning Lectures & tutorials Group work Presentations Lab work Contact hours Operational hours Private study Research Directed Discussion Placements Responsible for own learning

13 What will it be Like? Assessment methods Examination Coursework, reports & essays Practical assessment Problem-based learning Seminar presentations Group projects

14 How will I be funded? Student Loans Company Tuition fee loan Maintenance loan (upper age limit) Maintenance or Special Support Grant Adult Dependant’s Grant Parents’ Learning Allowance Childcare grant Disabled Students’ Allowances Subject to meeting eligibility criteria and means-testing University Bursaries under the ‘OFFA’ agreement University Access to Learning Fund Other Social Work Bursary

15 How are health professions courses funded? Dip HE Non means tested bursaries BSc (Hons) Means tested bursaries Reduced rate student loan Subject to meeting eligibility criteria University Access to Learning Fund Fees paid by DoH

16 Ah yes, loans…. Not credit scored Low interest Charged from point of borrowing Repayments start April after graduation if earnings > £15,000 pa Government writes off outstanding balance 25 years after this date

17 Loan Repayment 9%

18 Will I….. fit in? manage financially? be good enough? fit it all in? be able to study with dyslexia? ever find my way around!?

19 What we can do Academic support –Tutor –Learning Skills –Disability ASSIST –Careers –Library –Media workshops –Computing Practical/personal –Accommodation –Freshlings Nursery –Chaplaincy –Health & Welfare –Students Union –Funding Transitions

20 What university is all about Studying something you love Personal accomplishment Meeting new people Improving your prospects Improving self-confidence Indulging and enjoying yourself!

21 Good luck

22 Returning to Study An insight into higher education Pippa Waller 01752 587963

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