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Promotion of In-country Access Reforms Kiril Ristovski, Center for Environmental Democracy - Florozon.

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1 Promotion of In-country Access Reforms Kiril Ristovski, Center for Environmental Democracy - Florozon

2 Introduction In-house definition before in-country promotion Reforms as a continuous process-when, and does it end? Tools and mechanisms for in-country promotion Examples Recommendations

3 Introduction Mission and objectives Mission: To promote and support the development of environmental democracy and to advocate environmental policy reform Objectives : - To protect citizens interests related to environmental rights (access to information, participation and access to justice); - To promote environmental democracy as one of the pillars of a functional democracy; - To strengthen the rule of law in environmental matters; - To promote the protection of the environment and to advocate sustainable development TAI Membership – Macedonian leader organization since 08

4 In-house Definition Before In-country Promotion Define access reforms (and/or the need thereof) before you promote them - Situational analysis (all-encompassing overview of policy and legislation, budgetary allocations, political will, level of public awareness, major contraventions of environmental rights, etc. ) - Recommendations and action plans (including a position on promotion) - Civil society organizations should promote the rights, obligations and the need for reforms (where Aarhus is in force the governments should also take part in promotion)

5 Reforms as a continuous process? When and does it end? Reforms are not just promulgated laws, reforms are a multidimensional process - reforms should (must) start with consultation with stakeholders - reforms should (must) continue with policies and legislation that correspond to obligations and circumstances (one size does not fit all) - reforms must be distilled into actions by appropriate institutions and authorities (civil society needs to push and promote the must) - reforms mean nothing without awareness among the general public (the role and will of governments to create awareness are limited) Promotion is not printing fliers - promotion is advocating for the process described above to be fully implemented and to be continuous

6 Tools and mechanisms for in-country promotion Policy analysis function – a must in order to initiate and carry process (know what you are talking about!) Lobbying and advocacy [a strong PR function, co- operation with politicians that are true believers in democracy (to get your issues on the agenda and in the media) and constant communication with authorities] Public campaigns for raising awareness about all 3 pillars Capacity building/strengthening

7 Examples for (successful) promotion in Macedonia Formation of inter-ministerial body for Aarhus Convention (a result of a 150 page assessment based on the TAI 2.0 toolkit) Public campaigns for access rights Continuous lobbying and advocacy Green legal office ( its work gave a clear indication for the need of reforms) Capacity building of representatives of the judiciary branch Capacity building of NGOs

8 Recommendations QUANGOs and GONGOs are NO-GOs (independence must be assured) Adequate financing Healthy rapport with government Strong policy functions within organizations are key Continuous presence and visibility Cooperation with other stakeholders, politicians (both active and retired) and the media Regional and international cooperation


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