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Telephone Conversation

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1 Telephone Conversation
Hello. Hi. Telephone Conversation by Paul Chen

2 Outline Starting Questions Sample Conversations Vocabulary
(1) (2) Vocabulary Useful Expressions (1) Starting a telephone conversation (2) Making others on hold (3) The one you’d like to talk to is busy or not there (4) Wrong Numbers Discussion Questions Reference

3 Starting Questions How do you often start a phone conversation? Do you know some other ways to start a phone conversation? Is there any essential personal info. you should provide while you’re calling someone? What would you say if you had the wrong number? What would you probably respond if the one you’d like to talk to is busy or not there? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to answer the questions above, coz we’re gonna learn them all throughout this session! 

4 Sample Conversation (1)
A: Hello, this is Paul Chen calling. May I speak to Lynn Pan? B: Please hold a moment. I’ll see if she is in. (A moment later, ) B: Hello. I’m sorry. I’m afraid Lynn can’t take the call at this time. She’s taking a bath now. May I take a message, or would you like to have her return your call? A: Could you please tell her that I will drop by and discuss with her the oral report for our English class this afternoon around 2 o’clock after I come back from Taipei City? B: Sure. I’ll give her the message. A: Thanks very much. B: You’re welcome. A: Good-bye. B: Good-bye.

5 Sample Conversation (2)
A: Hello. Is Eric Chang there? B: May I ask who is calling? A: Oh, this is Alex Chen, Eric’s classmate. Can I speak with him? B: I’m sorry. Eric just went out a few minutes ago. Would you like to leave a message, or call back later? A: Well, that’s okay. I am just wondering if Eric is still going with us to the movies later. He should have come here 5 minutes ago. B: Oh, I guess you will see him soon, because he told me he’s running for an appointment. A: Oh, thanks for telling me that. B: You’re welcome. A: Bye. B: Bye-bye. What differences can you tell from this sample conversation and the previous one?

6 Vocabulary take a bath 洗澡 oral report 口頭報告 drop by 順道拜訪
return one’s call 回電 leave a message 留言 call back later 稍後再撥 appointment 約會

7 Useful Expressions (1): Starting a telephone conversation
Formal: May 1. Could I speak to B, please? This is A calling. Can 2. I’d like to speak to B, please. This is A. 3. This is A. Is B in, please? Informal: 1. Is B there? 2. B, please. From Say it Naturally

8 Useful Expressions (2): Making others on hold
Formal: 1. Would you mind holding a minute while I try to find B? 2. Could you hold, please? 3. Please hold a moment. One 4. Just a moment, please. I’ll see if B is in. Wait a Informal: 1. Hang on. I’ll get B. 2. Just a sec. From Say it Naturally

9 Useful Expressions (3): the one you’d like to talk to is busy or not there
I’m sorry, but B is not here right now. May I take a message, or would you like to call back later? busy have B return your call? B is occupied now. Would you like to leave a message ? tied up call back later? come to the phone I’m afraid B can’t speak to you at this time. take the call in a few minutes? Could you call back in a little while? later? From Say it Naturally

10 Useful Expressions (4): Wrong Numbers
If you’re the person who makes the phone call: have 1. Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I have the wrong number. must have 2. Oh, I was trying to reach (give phone number). 3. Is this (give phone number). 4. Oh, I’m sorry to disturb you. I dialed the wrong number. If you’re the person who answers the phone: 1. I’m sorry. You have the wrong number. 2. I’m sorry. There’s no one here by that name. I think you dialed the wrong number. From Say it Naturally

11 Discussion Questions What would you respond if the caller doesn’t sound polite at all? What would you do if you’re answered by an answering machine (電話答錄機) or a voice mail (語音信箱)? Have you ever received phone calls from a scam clan (詐騙集團)? How did you respond?

12 Reference Wall, Allie Patricia. Say it Naturally: Verbal Strategies for Authentic Communication. 2nd ed.

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