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Making a Phone Call. Vocabulary pay phone public phone cell phone mobile phone.

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1 Making a Phone Call

2 Vocabulary pay phone public phone cell phone mobile phone

3 Vocabulary cordless handset web phone

4 Vocabulary Power dock Power adaptor

5 Vocabulary text message/text messaging/TM messenger/instant messaging Internet telephone/Internet telephoning

6 Vocabulary country code 886 area code 03 telephone number 451 5811 +886 3 4515811

7 Vocabulary phone booth telephone card, calling card telephone bill

8 Vocabulary to be busy busy signal ring tone on the phone du…du….du….du… ling…ling…ling…

9 Vocabulary to make a phone call to answer a phone call to call back to contact to dial to push / to press Phone Dial Pad

10 Expressions May I speak to …? Just a moment, please. Hold on, please. Who is speaking? Who am I talking to? Whos this? Yes, speaking.

11 Expressions May I leave a message? Can I take a message? Would you like to leave a message? Leave your message after the beep. Let me put you through. Please tell her to call back. Youve got the wrong number.

12 Skit 1 Jack and Jill (college students) talk about their day and then Jack tries to ask Jill out for coffee.

13 Skit 1 Jack: Hello, is this Jill? Jill: Hi, this is her. Who is speaking? Jack: Hi Jill, this is Jack from your Chemistry class. How are you doing? Jill: Oh, Hi Jack, I am doing well. What's going on?

14 Skit 1 Jack: The usual. I was just calling to see how your day went. Jill: It was a very busy day for me. I had to take two quizzes and then participate in volleyball practice after classes for two hours.

15 Skit 1 Jack: Wow, it sounds like you are very active. How do you find time to do homework? Jill: I often have to stay up very late to get my studying done. This semester has been very stressful, I can't wait until winter break.

16 Skit 1 Jack: Winter break is a long wait. Why don't we have a coffee break right now? Jill: Hmmm, sounds tempting, but I have a lot to do. Jack: Oh really… taking a break and caffeine will help you to concentrate better. We won't spend more than 15 minutes chatting ok? Jill: You are right, I could use a break and a warm latte. Maybe you can help me with my chemistry homework afterwards.

17 Skit 1 Jack: Of course I can, I finished it yesterday. Great, I'll see you soon then. Don't be late! Jill: Ok, call me when you get there. Bye-bye.

18 Skit 2 Bob calls Jane's house, but she is not there. Instead, he speaks to John.

19 Skit 2 Bob: Hello, is Jane there? John: Hi, no she's not. May I ask who is speaking? Bob: My name is Bob, and I met Jane last night at the art gallery. She told me to give her a call. John: Well, my name is John, and I am her boyfriend. Do you want to leave her a message?

20 Skit 2 Bob: Oh, I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Just tell her that Bob from the art gallery called. John: Sure, no problem. I'll let her know you called (rolls eyes). Take care. Bob: Thank you, goodbye. (hangs up) John: Hmmm, I am going to have to talk to Jane about Bob.

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