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TX40 and CX40 feature presentation. Multi-functional solution Unique product features - enhanced applicability.

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1 TX40 and CX40 feature presentation

2 Multi-functional solution Unique product features - enhanced applicability

3 Operational advantage

4 Certified for operation under Zone 0, 1, and 2 conditions, removing any boundary limitations for utilization within a gas hazardous environment. Unique patented induction technology allows recharging under Zone 1 conditions, improving torch accessibility and increasing work efficiency. Complex battery routines are performed regularly to ensure optimal capacity and long term durability. Low battery indication ensures efficient utilization. 3rd generation high efficiency Light Emitting Diode optimize performance with minimal battery consumption. Embedded 4º lens produces a bright and uniform beam of light on any targeted surface area. 3mm hardened scratch resistant glass protects optical components, maintaining light intensity and beam conformity. Main body shaft is covered with textured rubber, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip under moist conditions such as rain, oil, mud etc. Improved belt clip functionality allows torch to be independently placed upright at various angles, leaving operator free to perform tasks with both hands.

5 Maintenance advantage

6 Shock absorbing material encapsulates strategic points on the chassis, improving overall resilience and reducing potential impact damage. A low voltage shutdown procedure is automatically performed in the event of deep discharge, preventing permanent damage to internal batteries. Intelligent routines regularly perform specific tests on both torch and charger to monitor the systems condition and report any irregularities. With the sealed and self-maintained rechargeable battery feature, general maintenance cost is reduced while eliminating the need for other spare parts. Galvanic power transfer allows charging without any metallic connection, eliminating corrosion and other conductivity issues due to water, oil, mud etc. Maintenance advantage

7 Safety advantage

8 Embedded safety routine automatically activates torch in the event of a power outage to illuminate its location. Optional safety feature allows torch and charger to be sealed together with a securing wire, focusing application towards emergency lighting equipment. Firm attach point for safety wire, giving the option of securing the torch against accidental free fall. Safety advantage

9 Hand torch designed for hazardous areas


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