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Basic Level 1 Spanish Concepts Remember…this is a NEW YEAR!!

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1 Basic Level 1 Spanish Concepts Remember…this is a NEW YEAR!!
Objectives Segment 1: 1.) Practice proper pronunciation of vowel sounds 2.) Spell words in Spanish using the Spanish alphabet 3.) Sing the Spanish Vowel Sounds Segment 2: 1.) Practice telling the gender of a Spanish Noun 2.) Review Definite and Indefinte Articles Segment 3: 1.) Review and Practice Subject Pronouns in Spanish and English 2.) Practice giving the pronoun based on the subject (Spanish)

2 The five most important sounds in the Spanish Language…
A= Open wide and say “Ah!” E= like ay* sound in pay I= has the English sound ee as in “My country ‘tis of thee” 0= Oh! Should sound like the O in snow U= Think Halloween- Say “boo!” Y = is often used like a vowel and sounds just like the spanish letter i (ee)

3 The Alphabet

4 Sometimes e also sounds like e in “met”
* Sometimes e also sounds like e in “met”. For example, the Spanish word el rhymes with the English word bell, and es rhymes with Bess. A E I O U Activity #1 Now, draw a personalized picture or symbol next to each letter. Make it something you’ll look at and remember. (5 minutes)

5 Activity #2 Now, repeat the Spanish vowels as you look at your pictures.
AAA, AAA, AEIOU AAA, AAA, AEIOU! Sing this to the tune of “jingle bells” Let’s now practice together…

6 Activity #3 Now, add a consonant (any other letter besides a vowel) before each vowel.
Na-na-na na-na-na na,ne,ni,no,nu Ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma ma,me,mi,mo,mu Sa-sa-sa sa-sa-sa sa,se,si,so,su Fa-fa-fa fa-fa-fa fa,fe,fi,fo,fu

7 Gender of Nouns

8 All nouns have gender. (i.e. masculine & feminine)
MURPHY Nouns name people, animals, places or things. You need to remember the following things about nouns in Spanish: All nouns have gender. (i.e. masculine & feminine) el chico (masculine) la chica (feminine) la falda (feminine) el pelo (masculine) index

9 la estudiante (feminine)
Usually a noun is masculine if it ends in an “o” and feminine if it ends in an “a”. However, when a word ends in a consonant you need to memorize the definite article with the noun. Here are some examples of nouns that end in consonants: el suéter (masculine) la mujer (feminine) la estudiante (feminine) el hombre (masculine) index

10 Making Nouns Plural To make nouns plural you usually add -s to words ending in a vowel and -es to words ending in a consonant. silla sillas teclado teclados cartel carteles

11 Articles…Definite v. Indefinite

12 Definite Articles El , La , Los and Las are called definite articles.
In English they mean “the”

13 Definite Articles We use El and Los with masculine nouns and La and Las with feminine nouns.

14 Indefinite Articles Un, Una, Unos, and Unas are indefinite articles.

15 Indefinite Articles Un and Una mean “a or an” in English.

16 Indefinite Articles Un and Unos are masculine and Una and Unas are feminine.

17 It’s a good idea to learn a noun with its definite article, el or la, because that will usually tell you the gender.

18 Subject Pronouns

19 Subject Pronouns in ENGLISH
(1st person) We You (2nd person) Ya’ll (SPAIN) (2nd person) He/ She/ It (3rd person) They

20 Subject Pronouns in Spanish Singlar Plural
Yo (1st person) Nosotros(as) Tu (2nd person) Vosotros (as) (2nd person) El/ Ella/ Usted (3rd person) Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes

21 Adjectives

22 Placement of Adjectives
In Spanish, adjectives usually come after the noun they describe. Margarita es una chica artistica. noun adjective

23 Placement of Adjectives
In English sentences the adjective comes before the noun, but in Spanish adjectives mostly come after the noun. Memorize this pattern

24 Placement of Adjectives
Subject + Verb + Noun + Adjective Margarita es una chica muy artistica. Pablo es un estudiante inteligente. La Sra. Ortiz es una profesora muy buena.

25 Think..Pair..Share Activity
Alphabet Gender of Nouns Definite v. Indefinite Articles Subject Pronouns Adjectives Questions

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