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Temporary Order Pennsylvanias Protection From Abuse Database.

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1 Temporary Order Pennsylvanias Protection From Abuse Database

2 Temporary Order 2 Click on the Temporary Order link.

3 Temporary Order 3 Write down the PFAD number before you begin. This number is used to track the case before it is given a docket number. You do not need to fill in the caption information. PFAD will do this for you later. Enter the docket number if it is available.

4 Temporary Order 4 Enter the name of the defendant, date of birth and social security number, if available. Enter the name of the plaintiff and check the box if the plaintiff is also a protected person.

5 Temporary Order 5 Enter the names of all protected persons. Click on the More Protected People button to add more names.

6 Temporary Order 6 You can enter the date by clicking on the Today button.

7 Temporary Order 7 Check the boxes next to the requested relief. Unchecked boxes will not appear on the final version of the order.

8 Temporary Order 8 You can add specific locations in the box provided.

9 Temporary Order 9 Enter the names of all minor children included in the custody provisions. Click on the More Children Awarded Custody button to add more names.

10 Temporary Order 10 Be as specific as possible when entering custody and visitation information.

11 Temporary Order 11 Be sure to create a Petitioners Attachment A if you are listed specific weapons, ammunition or licenses to be relinquished.

12 Temporary Order 12 Additional relief can include specific instructions to the Defendant or include information about returning property, attending batterers intervention sessions, etc.

13 Temporary Order 13 You can choose to enter an expiration date or select the second option to leave the order active until modified or terminated by the court.

14 Temporary Order 14 Always use the navigation buttons provided in the database rather than on your browser tool bar. The Case History button is your save button. View Completed Temporary Order button opens a new window with a printable view of your order.

15 Temporary Order 15 Only the relief you selected on the worksheet will print on this order. Use the File, Print options to print from this window.

16 Temporary Order 16 The order will remain proposed until it is filed by the county filer. You can make changes to it until it is filed.

17 Temporary Order 17 If you experience any problems while accessing or using the database, please call PFAD Technical Support at 1-888-235-3425. Click here to close the show and return to the Using PFAD page.

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