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Chap. 2 Delivering Your Message March 15 th, 2010 Yi-chen Chen.

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1 Chap. 2 Delivering Your Message March 15 th, 2010 Yi-chen Chen

2 Delivering Your Message Most people are frequently more influenced by what they see than what they hear. Speakers credibility (UCLA study): 7% actual words 93% vocal qualities & visual characteristics Example: Presidential debates btw J. F. Kennedy & R. Nixon (1960)

3 Nonverbal characteristics include… Posture Eye contact Facial expressions Gestures Appearance Intonation Manner Visual aids

4 Posture Talks! 5 ways for speaker: Keep your spine straight and rotate your shoulders back. Keep your head erect. Keep your hands at your sides with your fingers open or slightly curled. Keep both feet flat on the floor and slightly apart. If you are using a lectern, be careful not to bend over it or lean on it. Stand naturally erect and gently rest your hands on the sides of the lectern.

5 3 ways for listeners: Sit straight while leaning forward slightly to show interest in the speaker. Rest your hands lightly in your lap or on the arms of your chair, Keep your legs together with your feet flat on the floor or crossed at the ankles.

6 Look Them in the Eye Good eye contact can: Show you are open and honest. Encourage listeners to pay attention, to respond, and to respect you. Indicate that you have confidence in yourself and what you are saying. Allow you to read your listeners faces, or to see their body languages to get feedback on how they like your speech. Dont stare!! Shift your focus to and from a persons eyes. Practice

7 Nonverbal Cues Facial expressions Gestures Body Movement Appearance

8 Facial Expressions Smile: to establish rapport with your audience and to help put both you and your audience at ease. Politician-type smile Small, natural smile

9 Movement Hair: tie it back during your presentation so you wont tempted to play with it or to fling it away from your face. Hands: dont hide your hands in your pockets and jingle your keys. Keep them at your sides. Stance: dont stand frozen. Take a few steps to your right or left while speaking.

10 Gestures Hand and arm movements. Examples: – Size: show the width or height of an object by using hands. – Strength: punch the air with your fist to show your enthusiasm. – Meaning: wave hand in greeting (symbolic action). – Location: point your finger to show a specific location.

11 Appearance Neat!! Do not distract the audience in any way. Fit the occasion: suit or dress, never jeans and a T- shirt. Avoid wearing jewelry that you can play with unconsciously Avoid wearing caps or other accessories that might draw attention from the speech. Practice (p.30, 31)

12 Are You Asking Me or Telling Me? Declarative sentence / Interrogated sentence Upward (rising) intonation: a question (doubtful) Downward (falling) intonation: a statement (certain) – Wh-word questions: – Yes/No questions: – Statements: – Tag question: 'chat' - ; 'check' - – Lists: falling rising rising, rising, rising, …, falling fallingrising Practice (p.40)

13 Discard Disclaimers & Apologies Disclaimers Apology I am sorry I dont have more time to prepare. I am not an expert on this topic.

14 Silence is Golden you know? you know what I mean? Um! Er! Hum… vocal fillers. The speaker is uneasy and nervous. The audience may distract from the talk. Use deliberate silence well!! The speaker can think about what to say next and recollect ideas if he temporarily forget. The audience have time to consider what youve just said.

15 Prepare & Get Ready!

16 Practice makes perfect! Tape record yourself and listen to your speaking. Audio record yourself and observe your nonverbal ques. Standing in front of the mirror and talk to yourself.

17 Exercise Year 2008, American Vice Presidential debates btw Palin & Biden. Try to analyze their ways of talking. What nonverbal characteristics do they perform?

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