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Doors Open Innisfil 2014 October 10, 2013 1. 2 What is Doors Open?

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1 Doors Open Innisfil 2014 October 10, 2013 1

2 2 What is Doors Open?

3 Doors Open Is... A free province-wide initiative that provides communities with the opportunity to showcase their unique and charming assets, ranging from heritage sites to factory floors. Doors Open events take place annually between April to October and invites residents and visitors to discover or re-discover first-hand Ontarios hidden treasures, some which are not traditionally open to the public. Since 2002, over 4.25 million visits have taken place at participating Doors Open locations. In 2012, approximately 498,593 visitors participated in 57 events involving 281 communities and 119 municipalities. 3

4 Doors Open Happening in Ontario... 4

5 Economic Benefits of DOOs In 2010, Doors Open Ontario conducted a study of the economic benefits of the initiative. The following information was obtained: –On average 26.08% of participants are out- of-towners –67.09% of participants dine out –On average an out-of-town visitor spends $102.35 in a participating area –On average a resident visiting sites spends $26.10 5

6 6 Date: May 3, 2014 Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Date and Time 2014

7 7 Important Deadlines December 1, 2013 Submit Participation Form/payment to DOO February 14, 2014 All site information and write-ups must be submitted to DOO website March 28, 2014 DOI promotional material goes to print Additional volunteer needed?

8 Who Participated in 2013? 1.Dickey Bee Honey Inc. 2.Stroud Presbyterian Church 3.Stroud Fire Station 4.Friday Harbour 5.Grange Hall 6.Innisfil Water Pollution Control Plant 7.Downtown Cookstown 8.South Simcoe Theatre 9.Lakeview Gardens 10.Innisfil Recreational Complex/YMCA 8

9 How Did We Promote in 2013? ANYTHING THAT WAS FREE 9

10 10

11 Doors Open Ontario 11

12 How Will 2014 Sites Be Selected? Organizing Committee Will Select Sites Sites interested in participating will complete a Request to Participate Form to be considered by the Committee Form Outline: –Economic, Cultural, Arts or Heritage importance to the community –Will provide information about the proposed activities for the specific site 12

13 Joining Organizing Committee Are you interested in Arts, Culture, Economic, Heritage and the Local Community? Would you like to share or learn skills in volunteer recruitment, event planning, fundraising and more? Do you want to help your community? 13

14 What Type of Sites Are We Looking For Sites Should Showcase Innisfils: –Culture –Arts –Economic –Heritage –Agriculture –Architecture 14

15 Site Write-Ups For DOO Website 15

16 Organizing Committee Dates and Times Organizing Committee will meet once a month starting in November In April, it is anticipated the Committee will need to meet more frequently (e.g. bi-weekly) Committee will work together to determine meeting dates and times to accommodate members 16

17 Busy…Want to Volunteer Day of Doors Open Innisfil Please fill out a volunteer form We will call you in March about coming in for a Doors Open Innisfil training session 17

18 18

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