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State Historic Preservation Plan Island of Hawaii May 15, 2012 May 17, 2012 1.

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1 State Historic Preservation Plan Island of Hawaii May 15, 2012 May 17, 2012 1

2 Why are we all here? Background Historic preservation on Hawai'i Island Discussion on priorities & approaches for the future Smaller discussion groups 2 Agenda

3 We want to gather community input on how the State Historic Preservation Division can more effectively meet community needs. This input will be integrated into the State Historic Preservation Plan What about you? 3 Why are we here?

4 National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 Focus local, state & national efforts on a goal to preserve the historic fabric of the nation Created the role of a State Historic Preservation Officer in every state. The Act covers physical resources such as: districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects Created The National Register of Historic Places 4 History

5 To guide efforts to preserve & protect the valuable historic & cultural resources of the state. Establishes historic preservation priority goals & objectives based on community input. Influence the direction of change toward being more sensitive to historic preservation & cultural resources Serve as a road map for future activities Requirement of the NPS Last approved plan in 2001 Draft plan developed in 2009 5 Why do a Historic Preservation Plan?

6 March - April 2012 Set up Project Advisory Committee for the Plan Website Meeting arrangements Survey May 2012 Community Input E-surveys Community Meetings Executive Interviews June – August 2012 First & Second Draft Develop first draft of the plan Community review in August Submit second draft to NPS & SHPD September – October 2012 Submit final report Receive feedback and update draft Format, add pictures & design Submit final report 6 The Planning Process

7 State Historic Preservation Division oversight To be successful must have the cooperation & support of Other State Departments County Government Community groups Non-profits Native Hawaiian Organizations Private landowners 7 Whose plan?

8 What is currently being done in your community to support historic preservation? Discussion 8

9 9 Hawai'i Island has about 141 sites on the State and 73 sites on the National Registry

10 Approximately 160 total sites 75 Buildings – Schools, Churches, Residences 57 Archaeological Sites – Complexes, Districts, Burial Sites, Caves 7 Heiau 6 Roads Other sites such as bridges, Kilauea Volcano-related sites 10 The type of Hawai'i sites currently on the Registers

11 What other historic sites or resources do you feel are being threatened or should be protected? Discussion 11

12 1.Identify more sites 2.Add more sites to the registries 3.Protection of existing sites - enforcement 4.Encourage private owners to preserve historic sites/buildings 5.Other 12 What needs to be done to preserve & protect historic sites & resources? 01:00

13 Should these be the top priorities for the plan? Why? Discussion 13

14 1.Educate community about history of the island 2.Build capacity & knowledge of grassroots preservation organizations 3.Educate community about benefits of HP 4.Easier access to HP rules & regulations 5.Other 14 What should be done to increase support of historic preservation in your community? 01:00

15 What can the residents of Hawai'i Island do? What can Hawai'i County do? Discussion 15

16 What is the role of the State Historic Preservation Division? Discussion 16

17 Why do historic preservation planning? What are your preservation priorities? What would you save? How to promote historic preservation? Historic Preservation Goals for the State Should these be the goals for our preservation plan? What goals would you add or delete? 17 Before you leave – share your thoughts:

18 Mahalo! 18

19 How can we build more support & resources for historic preservation on Hawai'i Island? Discussion 19

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