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Spanish Español.

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1 Spanish Español

2 a, e, i, o, u The Spanish vowels each have only one sound, regardless of what letters they precede or follow, or accent marks on the vowel.

3 The a is always pronounced as in the English word car.

4 The e has the sound of the e in bed.

5 The Spanish i is the same as the English long e or ee as in see.

6 The o is always pronounced as the o in the word old.

7 u The Spanish u has the sound of the English oo as in too or the English ue as in blue.

8 h The Spanish h is always silent. Thus, hola is pronounced ola (as in cola without the c).

9 ñ The ñ is the same sound as the ny pair in the word canyon. Thus, señor is pronounced like sen-yor.

10 ll The ll in Spanish is always pronounced like the English y in yes. Thus, the Spanish word ella (she, her) is pronounced like eh-ya.

11 masuculine ends in o

12 Feminine ends in a

13 Hello Hola

14 Goodbye Adiós

15 Thank you! Gracias!

16 You're welcome De nada

17 Please? Por favor?

18 Good Morning! Buenos Días!

19 Good afternoon! Buenas tardes!

20 Good night! Buenas noches!

21 Excuse me Perdone

22 I'm sorry Lo siento

23 How are you? Como estas?

24 I am fine Estoy bien

25 Not very well No muy bien

26 Very well Muy bien

27 My name is Me llamo

28 How's it going? Cómo le va?

29 What's happening? Qué pasa?

30 see you later Hasta luego

31 See you soon Hasta pronto

32 nice to meet you Mucho gusto

33 yes Si

34 no no

35 friend amigo/amiga

36 Miss O'Hare Señorita O'Hare

37 What is your name? Como te llamas?

38 Where are you from? De donde eres?

39 I am from… Yo soy de…

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