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Weather Test Version M.

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1 Weather Test Version M

2 1. ____ is the transfer of energy in the form of rays or waves. a
1. ____ is the transfer of energy in the form of rays or waves. a. Conduction b. Radiation c. Condensation

3 ___2. Not all areas on Earth's surface receive the same amount of radiation because Earth's surface ____. a. is flat b. has continents on it c. is curved

4 ____ 3. Air above the equator is heated more than any other place on Earth because solar rays strike the equator ____. a. at a 180° angle b. more directly c. at a 45° angle

5 Radiation Convection Conduction ____ 4
Radiation Convection Conduction ____ 4. Which of these can be associated with the group above? a. OZONE b. HEAT TRANSFER c. THERMOSHERE

6 ____ 5. Which of the following is LEAST likely formed when water vapor condenses in air that is below 0°C? a. Hail b. Snow c. Rain

7  ____ 6. In storms over water, hot air can be forced quickly upward, creating a center of low pressure. Which of these may be formed by this action? a. Hurricane b. Lightning Bolt c. Tornado

8 What the Instrument Measures
Name of Instrument Wind Vane Anemometer Psychometer Barometer Thermometer What the Instrument Measures Measures Air Pressure Measures Winds Speed Measures Air Temperature Measures Wind Direction Measures Relative Humidity

9 What the Instrument Measures
Picture of Instrument Name of Instrument What the Instrument Measures 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

10 ____ 17. What is the main cause of Earth’s winds?
a. Movements of Earth’s tectonic plates b. Evaporation and condensation c. Uneven heating of Earth’s surface (solar energy)

11 ____ 18. What storm usually causes the most destruction. a
____ 18. What storm usually causes the most destruction? a. Thunderstorm b. Hurricane c. Blizzard

12 ____ 19. Which of the following is happening at the place labeled B in the water cycle above?
 a. The sun is evaporating the surface water SURFACE = GROUND LEVEL b. Cooling and condensing into a cloud c. Water is moving over Earth’s surface

13 ____ 20. What type of energy transfer occurs when the heat from the sand transfers to the person's feet? a. Conduction b. Radiation c. Potential

14 ____ While walking on the beach, what kind of energy transfer allows you to feel the sun's warmth on your body? a. Condensation b. Conduction c. Solar radiation

15 ____ Earth's weather can be considered a huge energy transport system. What is the ultimate source of energy that drives this system? a. The sun b. The Earth's spin c. Volcanoes

16 ____ Seasons are caused by the differences in daylight, temperature, and weather patterns due to a. El Niño b. Global warming c. The tilt of the Earth as is revolves around the Sun

17 24. According to the chart above, which month has the LEAST precipitation?
a. March b. May c. August

18 Monthly Average Temperatures (°C) for the Gulf of Mexico January 19° February 19° March 21° April 25° May 28° June 30° July 31° August 31° September 30° October 27° November 23° December 20°

19 ____ Hurricanes are huge circular storms which form over large bodies of water. The energy for these storms comes from heated water temperatures. According to the table above, during which month is a hurricane most likely to occur? a. September b. November c. January

20 ____ 26. When air pressure is low you can expect .
a. Sunny, clear days b. Clouds and rain c. To have dry skin

21 Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean ____ The picture above shows a national weather map. What kind of weather does Santa Barbra, California most likely have? a. Clear skies b. Snow c. Heavy rains

22 ____ 28. In the map above, what kind of front is traveling through Dallas, Texas? a. Cold front b. Warm front c. Stationary front

23 ____ 29. Based on the map above, the factor that strongly influences the climate of San Francisco, California is . a. The ocean to the left of the city b. Fog c. The mountains to the right of the city

24 ____ 30. Which weather map above indicates bad weather in California?
a. Map 1 b. Map 3 c. Map 4

25 ____ Which of the lines on the graph above correctly represents the relationship of temperature to the atmospheric pressure? Make sure to look at the graph and then mark letter "B" for the answer. Please do not draw any attention to your neighbors on this question. Fill in "B" and move on or choose the wrong one. a. Wrong answer 2 c. Don’t even think about it

26 ___ 32. How many elements are in the formula above?
3 Li2O a 6 b 9 C 2

27 3 Li2O ___ 33. How many atoms are in the formula above? a. 9 b. 3 c. 2

28 34. _____ is the type of heat transfer being used when cooking brownies in an oven?
a. Convection b. Solar Energy C. Halitosis

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