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The Fundamentals of Insurance Ch.32 – South Western 1997.

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1 The Fundamentals of Insurance Ch.32 – South Western 1997

2 Risk – can be thought of as the possibility of incurring a loss Economic Risk – can be related to property liability and ones own personal well-being Personal Risk – are risks associated with illness, disability, loss of income, unemployment, old age, and premature death RISK

3 Property Risk- the risk of damage to or loss of property due to theft, wind, fire, flood or some other hazard Liability Risk- are potential losses to others that occur as a result of injury or damage that you many have caused RISK

4 Large economic losses can be avoided by sharing the loss with other people Example: sick bank, insurance associations Sharing Economic RISK

5 Insurance – is the planned protection by sharing economic losses Insurance Companies – are businesses that provide planned protection against economic loss Insured (policyholder) – the person whom the risk is assumed Insurance Agent - who you will buy insurance directly from INSURANCE

6 Policy – a contract issued by the insurance company for coverage for the policyholder Premium – the amount the policyholder must pay for insurance coverage Claim – is a policyholders request for payment for a loss that is covered by the insurance policy Deductible – is an amount you must pay before the insurance company pays a claim INSURANCE

7 Self-Insurance – means that the individual, family, or business assumes the total risk of economic loss. Coinsurance – is the sharing of expenses by the policyholder and the insurance company Other Types of INSURANCE

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