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The Power to Make a Difference PPL Electric Utilities Energy Efficiency & Conservation September 2010.

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1 The Power to Make a Difference PPL Electric Utilities Energy Efficiency & Conservation September 2010

2 2 Electric choice is good for customers. Efficiency matters. Information is key. Customers have the power to manage electricity use. What we believe

3 3 Residential Programs Appliance Recycling Energy Assessment & Weatherization ENERGY STAR ® New Homes Energy Efficiency Education & Behavior Direct Load Control Compact Fluorescent Lighting Campaign Renewable Energy Program Energy Efficiency equipment incentive program

4 4 Low Income Programs E Power Wise Low-Income WRAP Compact Fluorescent Lighting Campaign Direct Load Control Time of Use Rate

5 5 Large Commercial & Industrial Programs Load Curtailment C & I Custom Incentive Efficient Equipment Incentive

6 6 Small Commercial & Industrial Programs Efficient Equipment Incentive C & I Custom Incentive HVAC Tune-up Direct Load Control Compact Fluorescent Lighting Campaign

7 7 Governmental/Non-Profit Programs C & I Custom Incentive Direct Load Control Efficient Equipment Incentive HVAC Tune-up Renewable Energy Load Curtailment

8 8 Appliance Recycling Launched November 2009. Recycling facility opened in Hatfield, PA, March 2010. Targets approximately 70,000 appliances recycled by 2013. Free pick up, disposal, and recycling of old, inefficient refrigerators & freezers. $35 incentive to customer. $25 incentive for room air conditioners when picked up along with a refrigerator or freezer.

9 9 Cut the cord

10 10 Residential Energy Assessment & Weatherization Launched May 2010. Targets 6,000 survey/audits by 2013. Comprehensive audit track: Full, diagnostic audit by BPI-trained, free market auditors Customer rebate: $250 all electric; $150 w/ AC and non-electric heat Walk through energy survey: Basic energy survey by auditor $50 cost to customer Both offer Free direct installation measures Weatherization and duct sealing rebates Bonus rebates for installing more than 1 measure

11 11 ENERGY STAR® New Homes Expected launch – First Quarter 2011. Targets 2,000 participants by 2013. Single family, new home construction projects. Final incentives and structure TBD based on possible statewide standard program.

12 12 Renewable Energy Launched March 2010. Prescriptive rebate for customer-sited renewable generation. Focused on PV and ground-source heat pump $2 per installed watt (maximum rebate of $5,000 for residential) PV component program fully subscribed and now closed. $217 per installed ton GSHP (maximum of $1,085) Targets approximately 1,000 projects.

13 13 Energy Efficiency Behavior & Education Program Launched April 2010. Targets approximately 100,000 participants. Educate customers about free or low-cost measures and behaviors that can reduce energy consumption or peak load. Utilizes educational material, in-home displays, watt meters, peer group comparisons, and other methods. Include printed or other media, seminars, community events, promotions with community based organizations and schools.

14 14 CFL program Launched on January 3, 2010. Targets 7,000,000 CFLs by 2013. Upstream buy-down/retail discount component Customers save ~50% at the register. CFL give-away events and activities run through community based organizations.

15 15 Light smarter, pay less

16 16 Low Income WRAP Launched November 2009. Targets 16,000 customers by 2013. All PPL Electric customers at or below 150% of federal poverty level (single and multifamily). Expands PPL Electrics existing LIURP program by approximately 60% Free audits, direct installation (CFLs, hot water measures), larger measures (building shell, HVAC, refrigerator, water heat), energy education Target more customers, installation of more measures, and gaps in existing program (ex: will waive the 1 year residency requirement) Existing WRAP CBOs continue to administer and deliver program.

17 17 E-Power Wise Launched in February 2010. Targets 7,000 customers by 2013. All PPL Electric customers at or below 150% of federal poverty level. Energy efficiency workshops-- Train the trainer model Energy efficiency take home kits. CSP provides kits and training. Delivered through community based organizations.

18 18 Energy Efficiency Incentive Program Prescriptive rebates for: –High Efficiency Heat Pumps –Energy Star Appliances Launched in December 2009 with retroactive rebates. Targets approximately 4,000,000 installed measures by 2013.

19 19 HVAC Tune-Up program Launched April 2010. 13 HVAC companies in Program. trained contractors with advanced diagnostic tools perform complex tests and repairs. Financial incentives are given to the contractor to diagnose and correct performance problems. Customer realizes long-term energy savings benefits of a properly maintained system.

20 20 Load Curtailment Targeting large industrial and commercial customers. Will begin contract negotiations with successful CSP in October. Load curtailment for 300MW over 50 of the top 100 hours during the summer of 2012.

21 21 Direct Load Control Targeting residential and small commercial customers. Currently in contract negotiations with CSP. Load reductions for 33MW over the top 100 hours of peak demand during the summer of 2012.

22 22 E-power on the Web

23 23 E-power programs

24 24 C&I Custom Incentive Program Provides incentives for efficient measures not covered by any other E- power program. Commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Includes two separate financial opportunities: Technical study reimbursement $100,000 cap Custom incentive for implemented measures $0.10/kWh reduced $500,000 per customer site per year or $2 million per parent company per year

25 25 Program restrictions Some rebates retroactive to July 1, 2009. Rebate levels are subject to change and availability of funding. Documentation for some measures still being developed. Installation of some measures may be audited.

26 26 Energy Analyzer

27 27 Small efforts can make big difference. We can help. For more ideas, visit us on the Web at: Follow us on Twitter @pplepower Something for everyone.

28 28 Resources E- Power Website - List of rebates and rebate forms. Energy Analyzer. Daily energy usage, hourly energy usage, bill to date amount. E- Power rebate and program information: 1.866.660.4551 Lighting Hotline: 1.866.316.9471

29 29 PPL Electric Utilities Questions Thank you Contact Information: Mary Thompson Grassi 610.774.4755

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