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Develop your database with Visual Studio

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1 Develop your database with Visual Studio
Sofia Event Center 14-15 May 2014 Develop your database with Visual Studio Ivan Donev Solution Designer | HP

2 Ivan Donev Twitter: ikdonev Linkedin: ivan.donev

3 The world before Talk about tooling

4 SSMS BIDS The world before SQLCMD Powershell Notepad  Excel
SQL Express Talk about tooling

5 Business Intelligence
SQL Server tooling today Manageability SSMS SAMP Development VS SSDT Business Intelligence SSDT-BI PowerBI Talk about tooling

6 SQL Server Data Tools Visual Studio based development
Single tool to support developer’s needs No need for SSMS (almost ) Free availability via Web Platform Installer SQL Server Object Explorer Build and debug with LocalDB No more server-based installations of SQL Server Support for SQL Server 2014 added

7 Development framework
Visual Studio + DACFx Connected Development Project Based Development Schema Deployment SQL Server Object Explorer Source Code Control Schema Comparison T-SQL Editing and Debugging F5 with LocalDB Project Publish Table Designer Multi-Targeting Script Generation CONNECTED PROJECT BASED + DACFx View/Edit Data Go To Definition/Find All References Packaging and Deployment Errors and Validation Refactoring and Intellisense SqlPackage.exe Data Comparison MSBuild Extensibility

8 Multi-mode table editor
GUI window T-SQL window Property window

9 Platform Targeting Target multiple platforms Project build provides
SQL Server versions SQL Azure Project build provides errors/warnings Specific to target No need to create and execute scripts to find issues

10 SQL Server LocalDB Created specifically for developers
Uses the same sqlservr.exe process Lighter SQL Express Richer functionality than Compact No installation and management overhead

11 Schema and data comparison
Key Scenarios Selective comparison and update of reference/seed data Preparation of development or testing environments Support for all data types SQL Server 2005, 2008/R2, 2012, 2014, Azure DB Data generation not planned

12 CLICK TIME Object and Server explorer LocalDB
Schema and Data comparison

13 What about Business Intelligence
SSDT – Business Intelligence Still out-of-the-box Be careful with SSIS

14 Integration with Windows Azure Tools SDK
New Windows Azure Node in Server Explorer Link Server Explorer node to Windows Azure subscriptions Browse/navigate Windows Azure assets Launch points for key development/management tasks

15 SSDT/Visual Studio SKU support
Future Visual Studio FREE Standalone, Add-In MSDN Download SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2010 SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2012 Standalone Visual Studio Express SKUs Visual Studio Express for Windows Visual Studio Express for Web Windows Azure SDK for VS 2013 Windows Azure SDK for VS PAY  None Visual Studio Pro+ Updates Integrated In-shell notification & delivery

16 Summary In-the-box Database Development Improved Cloud integration
SSDT-BI is still an additional product SQL Server 2014 support (soon ) Hekaton and PolyBase support All your development in a single tool

17 Questions???
Share your feedback for this particular session and for the overall conference experience at for a chance to win our prizes!

18 Resources SQL Server 2014 Developer training kit
Microsoft SQL Server Data tools VS and SSDT versions SQL Server Express vs. Compact vs. LocalDB

19 Slide Title Bullet Point 1 Bullet Point 2 Bullet Point 3

20 Integration with Windows Azure Tools SDK
Visual Studio 2013 Support In-Box In-box support for Web Sites, Databases, Mobile Services Support for more services via full Windows Azure SDK SQL DB support and SQL Tools integration Enumerate databases in all servers across subscriptions Launch point for Windows Azure Management Portal Launch direct connection to database in SQL Server Object Explorer

21 Development framework
Developer oriented toolset SQL Server Windows Azure SQL Databases DACFx Package and deployment Rich runtime and managed API

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