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(code name: Data Dude) Josh Robinson Aculix.

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1 (code name: Data Dude) Josh Robinson Aculix

2  Need was identified to find missing member of Visual Studio family  Eric Rudder decided missing persona should be called “Data Dude”  Project focus: Replace“PROD” database with system to hold “one version of the truth”  Development began Sept 1, 2005  4 Developers at start

3  Manage DB change through schema management  “One version of the truth”  Offline sandbox for multiple developers  Source control for DBs  Ability to store different versions as changesets  Schema and data compare  Generate scripts/apply updates  Data generation  Generate meaningful test data automatically  DB Unit tests  Same test infrastructure as rest of Team System (uses SQL)

4 Visual Studio Team Suite MSF Process and Guidance Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Visual Studio Industry Partners Software Architects Software Developers Software Testers Database Professionals Visual Studio Team Explorer Application Modeling Infrastructure and Deployment Modeling Code Analysis Performance Tuning Security Analysis Database Build & Deployment Database Change Management Database Testing Performance Testing Manual Testing Test Case Management Visual Studio Professional Edition Change Management Work Item Tracking Reporting Project Site Integration Services Project Management Load Test Agent Visio and UML Modeling Class Modeling Unit Testing Code Coverage New!

5 Test Database Production Database Create table AUCTION ( id int not null, title varchar(25) not null, startDate DateTime not null, length in not null)  Import database schema to populate project from existing database  Changes to schema traditionally have immediate affect  With off-line project nothing changes until you deploy the change

6 Writes Tests Writes DB Code Refactors Runs Tests Checks In Reviews Changes Compares Updates to Production Builds Deploy Package Deploys to Production Creates New DB Project Reverse Engineers DB to Project Creates Data Generation Plan DBADB DEVELOPERDBA Manage Develop Deploy

7 Core concept: off-line database development “Schema” projects Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Simply a series of files collected together into a single logical collection Objects are stored as.SQL files at the most atomic level Schema view versus file view

8  Included  All SQL Server objects within a user database  Must be user-created objects  Schema folders reflect the SQL version  i.e. “Service Broker” objects only appear in SQL 2005 projects  Not Included  System objects like logins, custom error messages  Team DB “knows” about them, included in scripts


10 Standard MSBuild task Configurations New versus existing builds Project properties for build Schema compare used for build Pre/Post Deployment scripts Build results in SQL script file Deploy SQL query tool; Deploy via MSBuild task SQLCMD command support


12 Data generation is used to create a solid foundation for testing Deterministic – always generate the same layout Matched to your schema and very customizable Extensible mechanism, build your own data generators Will support histograms and distributions in final release


14  Stored Procedures  Functions  Triggers  Arbitrary SQL  Support at RTM to automatically deploy changes to test system and generate data  Deterministic data generation ensures stable test state  Can test with your application tier because of common framework


16  Bring power of refactoring to SQL  Cascading Change  Update all dependent objects in database project  Schema objects, Data generation, Unit Tests, SQL Scripts  Make an atomic change, see preview  Rename  Meet corporate standards  Better express semantic intent – clarity  Supports global undo to back out any change


18  Allows comparisons of:  Project -> database; database -> database  Full SQL Server 2000 and 2005 support  Object level script difference between DBs  Notifies when data loss may occur  Generate script or apply changes directly  It’s smart!  understands constraints, creates temp tables to hold data, more  Compare security settings  Users, roles and permissions


20  Included in Team Suite at No Extra Cost  Purchase as an individual Edition  Same pricing as other Team System Editions  Retail Price - $5469  Many Discounts available   Availability  CTP 5 Available Today (CTP 6 out soon)  pro/ pro/ pro/  RTM By the end of 2006


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