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How to allow USB Flash Drive Scan in Avast Antivirus.

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1 How to allow USB Flash Drive Scan in Avast Antivirus

2 If you are very particular about the safety of your device and have installed internet security software on your computer and update it regularly, then we assure to provide the best security services and you will never face cyber threats such as a virus, malware, spam, hacking, phishing etc. Your software will prevent the entry of viruses and if still, there are chances that you receive viruses as attachments or get it while using an affected USB device, you should connect to the Avast Customer Support and ask for suggestions. We have come up with new ideas to supply an advanced level of security. Have a look at this process to scan the USB drive as the other person may not have the antivirus installed on his/her system.

3 Scan USB Flash Drive with these steps:

4 Open the Avast Interface after inserting the USB stick

5 Do not copy any file before scanning.

6 Go to “All programs ”

7 Click on “Avast” icon to open the page.

8 After opening the page move to the “Protection”

9 Choose the option of “Antivirus” from that list

10 Click Other Scans from the Anti Virus Screen

11 From the other Scans page select “USB / DVD Scan”

12 You will need to wait until the scan is finished

13 Permit the software to remove malware

14 If you see a green message that reads, “Great! No issues found”, it suggests that the device was not corrupted. But in case, you found malicious files, then you would need to permit the software to remove it from the library. This is one of the best solutions to protect your device from the malicious files on USB. This is a straightforward method suitable for all versions of windows but if you face any problem scanning the USB device on your operating system, then you should connect with Avast Support Number Canada +1-855-687-3777 to learn more solutions to troubleshoot all your issues. Avast Support Number Canada Original Source

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