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Communication skills.

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1 Communication skills

2 Overview What is communication skills? Elements of communication.
Communication process Types of communication. Ways to communicati. Forms of communication. Communication networks Importance of communication. ABC of communication. 7 C’s of communication. 4 S’s of communication.

3 What is communication skills?
Communication is the art of transmitting information ,ideas ,thoughts from one individual or group to another. Communication constitutes Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening Skills.

4 Communication skills comprises
Writing skills-9% Listening skills-45% Speaking skills-30% Reading skills-16%

5 Elements of communication
Sender Encoding Message Channel / medium Receiver Decoding Noise Feedback

6 The Communication Process Model

7 Communication channels
Channel choices In person Telephone Written Third party

8 Types of communication
1. Verbal communication Oral Written 2. Non-verbal communication

9 Common ways to communicate
Visual Images Spoken Word Written Word Body Language

10 Forms of communication
General & technical Formal & Informal External & Internal Interpersonal & intrapersonal

11 Communication networks
Vertical network Upward Downward Horizontal network Diagonal network

12 Hierarchy levels Downward Comm. Upward Comm. Horizontal Comm.

13 Importance of effective communication
Saves time Coordinating Collating Issuing instruction Improves listening, speaking and writing skills Convincing Persuading

14 Barriers to communication
Noise Inappropriate medium Assumptions/Misconceptions Emotions Language differences Poor listening skills Distractions Cultural differences

15 ABC of communication Accuracy Brevity Clarity

16 7 C’s of communication C’s Relevance Credibility Courtesy Clarity
Correctness Consistency Concreteness Conciseness Builds trusts Improves relationships Makes easy Builds confidence Introduces stability Reinforces confidence Saves time

17 4 S’s of communication S’s Relevance Shortness Simplicity Sincerity
Strength Economizes Impresses Convinces appeals

18 Success for YOU… …in the new global and diverse workplace requires excellent communication skills!

19 Questions

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