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Estar “to be”.

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1 Estar “to be”

2 Repaso: ¿Qué es un verbo irregular?
El verbo estar “to be” es un verbo irregular. So this means when conjugated, it doesn’t follow the normal conjugation pattern of an –ar verb.

3 How do we use “estar” We use estar to tell how someone feels or where someone is. From what you already know, what do these two questions mean? ¿Cómo estás? ¿Dónde estás?

4 estar Yo – estoy Tú – estás Él/ella/ud – está Nosotros – estamos
Vosotros – estáis Ellos/ellas/uds. – están (In writing, be sure to use the accent mark on all forms except estoy and estamos.) I am You are He/she is you are We are You all are They are you all are

5 Turn in your notes, and take out six flash cards.
You have one minute to get this done.

6 Flashcards Yo estoy

7 estás

8 Él ella usted está

9 Nosotros estamos

10 Vosotros estáis

11 Ellos Ellas ustdes están

12 Class practice

13 2 minute individual practice
You will have 2 minutes to go through your flashcards for estar and learn them the best you can on your own.

14 Times up!

15 Draw! I will number you off into four groups.
Team 1 will be competing against team 2. Team 3 will be competing against team 4.

16 Draw! The first two people will stand back to back and will be given a card with one of the pronouns on it (yo, nosotros, ellos, etc.) Hold it so the other person can see what is written on it. Each person will take three steps away from each other and then turn around, showing the card to the other person. The first person to say the correct conjugation for estar for the pronoun on the card wins.

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