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What are the Ways to Connect an HP Printer to a Laptop?

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2 What are the Ways to Connect an HP Printer to a Laptop?

3 Known worldwide for its best product delivery and service Hewlett Packard (HP) is a globally renowned company involved in manufacturing hardware as well as software components for their users. Aside from the laptops, the other major product under its name is its wide variety of printers. Their quality product and HP support are widely appreciated by their users worldwide.

4 Once you buy an HP printer, to make it work you need to download its necessary drivers and install them properly on your device for its accurate functioning. You can take help from HP printer support though doing so is quite easy. If you want to do it on your own just follow steps mentioned below:

5 Directions to use:  Start with unpacking your printer, look for a driver CD and turning on your laptop. Usually, this driver CD comes with the product itself to make a process of configuration easy for its users.  Install printer drivers on your computer by first Ejecting CD-ROM tray. Put driver disc in the tray and close it back. When the disc begins to read by your computer, an on-screen prompt button will pop-up and will ask for the permission to install the driver. Simply allow it and follow installation process.

6  Review the input port on the back side of your print machine to determine which cable you need to use. Most of the new computers use a USB cable if yours is equipped with a USB port then use the cable to connect it to your laptop. Otherwise, use a parallel port plug on one end of the USB adapter cable to connect it to the back of your printer.

7  And that's it and you can use your print machine with your laptop.

8 If your printer is still not connected with your laptop there must be some issue with your machine’s software or hardware of your machine. Call HP support phone number Ireland +353- 768887727 to receive their expert assistance to solve your issue. They will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.HP support phone number Ireland

9 Also, Read this Blog: What are the Steps to add an HP Printer to a Mac Device? If you have any kind of technical issue regarding your new or old printer contact HP printer support by dialing our support number +353-768887727 and get fixed your printer HP printer support

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