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Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle

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1 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle
Prius PHV Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Toyota Motor Europe

2 Line-off Line-off: December 2009
In December: Only 32 vehicles for Europe All other PHV's will be built in January - April. Line-off: December 2009

3 PHV Countries 600 PHV's Japan: 230 Europe: 200 USA: 150 Canada: ?
Australia: ? New-Zealand: 5 I think there are 10 vehicles for Canada and 5 for Australia, but not sure anymore. 120 PHV's/month will be assembled from end of November up to April.

4 ZVW35 1 L 2 B 3 H 4 X 5 E 6 B 7 A 8 - Model code 1 Basic Model Code
ZVW35: With 2ZR-FXE Engine 6 Grade E: - 2 Steering Wheel Position L: Left-hand Drive R: Right-hand Drive 7 Engine Specification B: Atkinson 8 Destination A: U.S.A. K: Canada W: Europe 3 Model Name B: PRIUS Plug-in Normal Prius3: ZVW30L 4 Body Type H: 5-door Hatchback 5 Gear Shift Type X: Electrically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT), Floor

5 Exercises PHV Touch & Feel

6 Prius PHV vs Prius3 Auxiliary Battery (Sealed Type) Battery Charger
2ZR-FXE Engine HV Battery Unit Lithium-ion Battery (DC V) - 3 Batteries (Main / Sub 1 / Sub 2) Base = ZVW30 (Prius3) - NiMH battery + 3 LiIon batteries + Charger (The charger is only used during charging and can make some noise because of the cooling fan.) + different A/C system + different Inverter/converter Engine and Hybrid transaxle are identical (same part number; can be interchanged) Battery Charger Inlet Inverter with Converter Assembly P410 Hybrid Transaxle (AC 650 V)

7 PHV performance PRIUS Plug-in PRIUS (ZVW30) Hybrid System
Series / Parallel-type Engine Type 2ZR-FXE No. of Cyls & Arrangement 4-cylinder, In-line Displacement [cm3 (cu. in.)] 1798 (109.7) Max. Output 73 kW (98 HP) @ 5200 rpm Max. Torque 142 Nm (105 ftlbf) @ 4000 rpm MG1 Max. System Voltage AC 650 V MG2 60 kW (80 HP) 207 Nm (153 ftlbf) * 546 Nm (403 ftlbf) HV Battery Nominal Voltage DC V DC V Cell Quantity 288 cells (32 cells x 3 stacks x 3 packs) 168 cells (6 cells x 28 modules) Maximum System Output 100 kW (134 HP) MG (Motor Generator)

8 Driving with a Prius PHV
EV mode HV mode Motor Engine Motor Engine Drive range: ~20 km Drive range: ~800 km Engine running: Temp set to "HIGH" High 12V load Hybrid temp < 0°C Hybrid temp too high ... Engine not running: SOC main battery high Low load Starting to drive ... EV - HV For short distances (e.g. City or home-office): EV-mode (23 km) ==> Purpose is to use it mainly as Electric Vehicle. (Electricity is cheaper then Petrol or Diesel for the same distance.) If you need to drive for longer distances: HV-mode. (Same as ZVW30) (Maybe a little bit higher fuel consumption because of heavier weight. [140 kg heavier]) Automatic change between EV and HV mode. (No EV switch) Heavy acceleration: Low vehicle speed: APP>80% High vehicle speed: APP>40% >100 km/hr Heavy acceleration SOC too low

9 Driving with a Prius PHV
Battery Charging with external source HV Driving (Same as the PRIUS) EV Driving 80 (%) Expanded SOC usable range SOC (%) ??? (%) Time HV Battery M: Main S1: Sub 1 S2: Sub 2 M S1 S2 M S1 S2 M S1 S2 M S1 S2

10 Charging a Prius PHV Battery Charger Inlet Battery Charger Connector
CCID (Charging Circuit Interrupter Device) Electricity Outlets Battery Charger Cable Before charging: Shift to P Apply parking brake Switch Power OFF In case of connection to household socket: Use cable with CCID. (Still need to be checked if it is OK to use the CCID) First connect to household socket and then to vehicle. If you use a CCID: connect to household socket, then press test button to check if CCID operates correctly and reset the CCID. Then you can connect it to the vehicle. Input Related Input Voltage AC 100 V to AC 240V Input Current Up to 12 A Output Rated Power 2.0 kW (AC 200 V) / 1.0 kW (AC 100 V) Charging time 1~1.5 hr (AC 200V) / 3~4 hr (AC 100 V)

11 Energy Monitor (Power Switch ON [IG])
Charging a Prius PHV Charger Indicator Illuminate: Recharging OFF: Charge completion Blink: Problem Energy Monitor (Power Switch ON [IG]) Plug-in connection status Remaining charging time If the charging indicator is blinking a malfunction is detected in the HV system. While the charging indicator is blinking the battery is not charged. While charging, you can not "READY ON" to prevent driving away with the cable connected.

12 Wheels and tires Puncture Repair Kit Tire Size 195/65R15 Disc
Wheel Size 15 x 6J Wheel Material Aluminum Pressure 260 kPa Wheel Design Puncture Repair Kit The puncture repair kit is located on the right side inside the engine compartment. Tire pressure Prius3: 17" F: 230 kPa R: 220 kPa 15" F: 220 kPa R: 220 kPa

13 EV Mode Indicator Light Hybrid System Indicator (for EV / HV Mode)
PHV Combination meter EV Mode Indicator Light READY Indicator Multi-information Display Guide Display (For Steering Pad Switch) An EV mode indicator light that displays the vehicle control mode (EV mode / HV mode) is added. ON: Vehicle is in the EV mode (= mainly uses electrical energy gained from charging the plug-in function) OFF: Vehicle is in the HV mode (= equivalent to the Hybrid driving of the PRIUS) The EV-driving indicator only lights up when you are driving electrically in EV mode. (When the engine is not running.) Hybrid System Indicator (for EV / HV Mode)

14 PHV Multi Information Display
DISP Switch : Press Energy Monitor Settings Display Hybrid System Indicator (for EV / HV Mode) Rear Seat Belt Warning (-W) 5 min. / 1 min. Consumption Record Past Trip Fuel Consumption Record EV Driving Ratio EV driving ratio can be reset by press and hold the DISP switch on the steering pad switch. Warning Message Display

15 PHV Multi Information Display
DISP Switch : Press and Hold Settings Display Item Contents Setting Value ECO / EV Selects the Eco / EV driving Indicator mode ON / OFF STEERING SWITCH Selects the guide display mode CLOCK Selects the time display mode 12h / 24h LANGUAGE Selects the display language Differs depending on the countries SCREEN OFF Turns on/off the multi-information display ON /OFF

16 PHV Multi Information Display
Plug-in connection status Remaining charging time While recharging (Power switch is turned on (IG)) EV driving range (6 segments) HV driving range (2 segments) The remaining battery power is color-coded for easy visual recognition of the remaining possible EV driving range. At the time of both EV mode and HV mode, the remaining battery power indicates the SOC of 3 batteries. Possible EV driving range While EV mode

17 PHV Multi Information Display
EV Driving Indicator Possible EV driving range for EV mode ( ) Hybrid System Indicator Function is the same as PRIUS for HV mode ( )

18 PHV Multi Information Display
Charge EV Driving Power Area Vehicle Condition Hybrid System Indicator and EV Driving Indicator Charge Energy regeneration is occurring EV Driving The vehicle is driven only by the motor Power The vehicle is driven by the motor and the engine Accelerator Pedal Opening Angle Small Large

19 PHV Navigation with AV system
Feature Display 7.0-inch Wide LCD Pressure sensitive touch panel Navigation System 08CY (Mid Type) HDD Navigation System Manufactured by AISIN AW Displays gas stations with plug-in battery charger units on the map Bluetooth Hands-free Equipped Bluetooth Audio Sound Library PLUG-IN-EFFECT Display Charge advise [New features only for -W] (In other countries it is not available.) - An exclusive welcome screen that uses the Hybrid model theme color of “Synergy Blue” has been adopted. - A function to display gas stations with plug-in battery charger units on the map has been adopted for. - PLUG-IN-EFFECT Display is added.

20 PHV Navigation with AV system
A PLUG-IN-EFFECT display that displays the contribution to CO2 emission reduction has been adopted. A visual computer graphic image of a single tree is displayed and gradually transforms into a forest, with the growth of the tree determined by the accumulated amount of reduced CO2 emission from charging the battery through the plug-in function. [Tree Icon] A tree icon divided into ten frames appears on the left side of the screen. This icon will gradually form a complete tree by adding a frame each time the Hybrid battery is fully charged. Once the tree icon on the left has formed into a complete 10 frame tree, a tree will appear in the right side landscape display. [Flower and Animal Icon] Each time the tree icon on the left side of the display gains two more frames, a flower is added. A maximum of 5 flower icons will be displayed. Each time ten trees are added to the landscape display, an animal icon will appear. A maximum of 6 animal icons will be displayed. Flower and animal icon will be continually displayed until the PLUG-IN-EFFECT display has been reset. NOTE: When the navigation receiver assembly is replaced, accumulation information of the plug-in effect cannot be moved to a new navigation receiver assembly. Approx. 3 years later

21 PHV Air Conditioning Cooler Cycle Heat Pump Cycle
Warmed air is used for cabin heating Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Dissipation Heat Dissipation Compressor Compressor Heat-absorbing Heat-absorbing Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Cooled air is used for cabin cooling Heat Heat Heat pump system eliminates the need to start the engine for cabin heating, and enables the vehicle to continue EV driving by utilizing externally charged electricity. Cooling Cycle: Discharges heat outside the cabin Heat Pump Cycle: Takes in heat in the atmosphere into the cabin When you choose "HI" position, the heat pump might not deliver enough heat. Therefore the engine will always run in that case. Cooler Cycle Heat Pump Cycle

22 Remote Air Conditioning Switch
PHV Air Conditioning Cooler Cycle Press and Hold Externally Charging Cooling Operation Heat Pump Cycle Remote Air Conditioning Switch Conditions for activating remote A/C: (first 5 are the same as for Prius3) 1) Shift Position "P" 2) Power switch is "OFF" 3) All doors closed 4) Hood closed (Important when you want to check the remote A/C as a technician) 5) Brake pedal not depressed 6) Recharge cable is connected ! During operation, the set temperature before the power mode off is used for the A/C operation. - 30 minutes long. Heating Operation

23 PHV Auxiliary Battery Auxiliary Battery: S34B20R
Location of Auxiliary Battery Auxiliary Battery (Sealed-type) Charge at 5.0 A or less for max. 12 hrs. Charging aux. battery: Prius 2: 3.5 A or less Prius 3: 4.2 A or less Luggage Room

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