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How to stop Port Handler service of Epson Printer.

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2 How to stop Port Handler service of Epson Printer

3 For running advanced printing properties while taking out a print after installing Epson printer software on your system to work well with an inkjet printer, automatically the program adds a service known as Port Handler.

4 It is actually used for advanced printer configuration and other times you will find it running as a background task. But these unwanted utility can slow down the system's performance. You can stop the Port Handler by using the built-in Windows sc command from the command line.

5 How to remove the port handler service? By performing the steps explained below, you can easily remove the service for boosting the system’s performance.

6 From context menu select 'Start Task manager' after right clicking on the taskbar. Choose the 'Processes' option. Search for the name of the service file of Epson Port handler. It might be given as 'Epsonph.exe' or 'EpsonPOSPort.exe', as per your printer model as well as software configuration. Just make a note of the service name.

7 Now tap on Windows 'Start' button. Select 'Accessories' after clicking on 'All Programs'. From the context menu select Run as Administrator after right clicking n Command Prompt. Enter the following command at the prompt- sc delete (i.e. Epson Service Name) other name of the Epson Port Handler that you have found previously on your system. Now press 'Enter'. After following the above steps, restart your system. In this way, you can stop the printer’s port handler service.

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