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Change Canon settings for getting satisfactory prints.

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2 Change Canon settings for getting satisfactory prints

3 The printer is amongst the essential devices and its functioning is considered crucial for bringing out the exceptional efficiency in performing printing operations, be it professional or personal. Large number of people around the globe has chosen Canon printer for their day to day printing jobs. Its comfortable handling process, sleek design and cost effectiveness make it first choice among the printers.

4 Without any doubt Canon printer has the best printing service, but sometimes, the user might have to face some technical errors and issues. To overcome those issues and troubles, you can contact Canon Support Canada. With skilled and technically sound staff, we guarantee you to have wonderful working experience with the printer.

5 The most common problem is ‘printing does not start’. There could be possibly so many reasons for this. Let's have a look on them. Ensure that the power plug is plugged in, and then press the ON button to turn the machine on. When the ON light is flashing, the machine is set to start. Wait till the ON light stops flashing and remains lit. Ensure that the machine is properly connected to computer. If the printer is connected to the system with a USB cable, then make sure that the USB cable is plugged in securely in to the machine and the computer, then check the following- I.If you are using relay device like USB hub, disconnect it and then connect the machine directly to the system and try with the printing again. II.Replace the USB cable and try with the printing again.

6 Make sure that front tray is open. Delete unnecessary print jobs. Just make sure that your machine's name is selected in the Print dialog box as the printer will not print properly if you are using a print driver for a different printer. Properly configure the printer port-

7 First, log on to user account from administrator page. I.In Windows 8, go to Control Panel from the Settings, move to Desktop > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. II.In Windows 7, select Devices and Printers from the Start menu. III.In Windows Vista, select the Start menu > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers. IV.In Windows XP, select the Start menu > Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware > Printers and Faxes.

8 Open the properties of the printer driver for the machine. I.In Windows 8 or Windows 7, right-click the "Canon XXX Printer" icon and select Printer properties. II.In Windows Vista or Windows XP, right-click the "Canon XXX Printer" icon and select Properties.

9 To confirm the port settings click the Ports tab. Make sure that a port named "USBnnn" with "Canon XXX Printer" appearing in the Printer column is selected for Print to the following port(s). The size of the print data is extremely high- Go to Print Options on the Page Setup sheet on the printer driver. And set Prevention of Print Data Loss in the appeared dialog to On. Restart the computer system if you are taking out prints from the computer.

10 Unable to understand the steps mentioned above. Contact Canon Support Canada for assistance Canon Support CanadaCanon Support Canada provides many services to the users while operating printer. The skilled and dedicated technician team is always there to help the users in every possible way at very low charges. Our toll free number 1-844-888-3870 is available 24/7.

11 Toll-free Number: 1-844-888-3870 Address: Woodstream Blvd, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4L8C3 Contact Us Original Source Contact Details


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