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W INDOWS 10- I SSUES RELATED TO A UDIO. issues-in-windows-10.

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1 W INDOWS 10- I SSUES RELATED TO A UDIO. issues-in-windows-10

2 A UDIO I SSUE I N W INDOWS 10 The Users using Windows 10 operating system sometimes encounters problem. Among these problems some related to audio also. To fix this problem Microsoft has mentioned few steps to solve the issue.

3 A UDIO I SSUES R ESOLVED BY M ICROSOFT ’ S N EW B UILD 10041 It is seen that after the release of Microsoft’s new build 10041 for Windows 10 Technical Preview, most of the audio issues for Windows 10 has been taken care off, including many audio issue related to USB such as “ Rode Podcaster” microphone and Realtek static noise issue. In order to know how to fix and make an update that are included in the new build in Windows 10.

4 I SSUES T HAT I S F IXED BY T HE N EW B UILD Audio issues related to HDMI on Surface Pro3 is fixed now. Creative X-Fi issue has been fixed, to update the driver, it needs to be updated from the Device Manager.

5 O THER I SSUES THAT ARE F IXED Issue of USB audio like Rode Podcaster microphone has been fixed. The Spotify application and the Deezer application are fixed, so one can enjoy the features of playback music normally. The problem related to Realtek Static noise has been fixed.

6 ISSUES THAT ARE NOT FIXED BY THE NEW BUILD On installing the driver from Realtek, it shows an error message ie, “error 0x800705b4”.

7 A NOTHER I SSUE THAT IS NOT F IXED Playing audio through HD audio, it plays only the system sounds and some apps sound works. It cannot play all the sounds.

8 H OW TO INSTALL THE LATEST BUILD W INDOWS 10 T ECHNICAL P REVIEW In Windows 10 left click on the start screen Or select the Setting feature. Then select Update & Recovery feature option. Left click it Or select Windows Update Feature. Search for Check for Updates option and left click it. To complete the updates of Windows 10, the instruction on the screen needs to be followed. After the installation of the new build is successful, the system will reboot. The audio issues are resolved.

9 R ESOLVING A UDIO I SSUE BY T HIRD P ARTY S OFTWARE Here one needs to follow 3 simple steps. Download and Install PC Repair Tools. Select Scan to Diagnose the PC. Select Fix Errors to fix the errors.

10 F OR M ORE I NFORMATION : Kindly Log on to:.

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