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2 What is MSVCR100.DLL error ?  Sometimes, for smooth running of programs and applications presence of DLL files are necessary.  Applications built up with visual C++ require a Microsoft visual C++ file namely MSVCR100.DLL  In the absence of MSVCR100.DLL file you may get an error message as shown below.

3 Types of MSVCR100.DLL error messages “MSVCR100.DLL could not be found.” “Can not find path to Msvcr100.dll” “The application failed as msvcr100.dll was not found. Re installation of application may fix the issue.” “Could not start [application]. Missing msvcr100.dll. Please re install [application].” “The file MSVCR100.DLL is missing.” missing-error

4 Cause of MSVCR100.DLL errors  In general, MSVCR100.DLL errors occur as a result of circumstances that results in removal or corruption of MSVCR100.DLL file. Mostly, MSVCR100.DLL errors specifies  Registry problem  Malware or virus issue  Hardware failure issue

5 Steps for fixing MSVCR100.DLL errors Firstly, you need to check if you are using a 32 bit or 64 bit copy of windows. In windows XP, go to start menu and click Run, type winver and then press enter. For windows 7 and vista, go to start menu and type Computer and press enter. Now, right click on it and open properties. You will get the required information under this. For windows 8, instructions are same as that of windows 7, only difference is that you will be in the start screen and not in the smaller menu. missing-error

6 Directly download the correct version of Microsoft visual C++ 2010 redistributable package from Microsoft.  Go to the site of Microsoft and search for “Microsoft visual C++ 2010 redistributable package ” and you will receive a list of downloadable versions.  You may sort by release date for getting the latest version or can look for Service pack (SP1).  Select x64 for 64 bit copy of windows and x86 for 32 bit copy of windows.

7  The visual C ++ download page should appear as following. missing-error

8  Now, download and install the software and follow the commands in order to add this toolbox to your computer.  Now Restart your PC, if you have not done it so far, and try with your application again. Your error message probably has disappeared.

9 Conclusion  You can fix this error easily with the above listed procedure.  The listed steps are quite easy to perform and will solve your issue.  If you still have problem fixing this issue then you can use PC repair tool.  It is an effective and useful software able to fix any sort of errors of your PC like windows error, blue screen error of death, DLL errors etc.  you don’t need to be technically proficient to use this software as it is very easy to use. missing-error

10 For more information about this topic please log on to Thank you fix-msvcr100-dll-is-missing-error

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