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ACS Recruitment Training Customer Care Region. Introduction The “How to Become a Successful Recruiter at ACS” Training goal is to provide new recruiters.

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1 ACS Recruitment Training Customer Care Region

2 Introduction The “How to Become a Successful Recruiter at ACS” Training goal is to provide new recruiters within 3 training sessions the following guide: In Training Session 1 the recruiter will understand: Who is ACS? ACS Mission Statement ACS Organization Chart ACS Main Lines of Business ACS Clients Customer Care Region Pillars of Excellence & Customer Care Top 10 Customer Care Organization Chart General Site Organization Chart Staffing Goals/Organization The ACS New Hire Process ACS Definition of an Applicant ACS New Hire Flowchart Define Requirements Identify and Source Candidates Interview and Select Candidates The Internal Applicant Process The ACS External Application Packet Rehire Policy Reference Checks Extending the Offer Vendor/Candidate Reimbursement ChoicePoint Background Checks Quest Drug Testing

3 Introduction In Training Session 2 the recruiter will understand: ACS Benefits Ordering of New Hire Paperwork New Hire Paperwork Compliance and Process Form I-9 In Training Session 3 the recruiter will understand: Job File Compliance Recruitmax/Vurv (Applicant Tracking Tool) ACS Staffing Compliance (EEO, AA, ADA) etc. Business Groups that Support Recruiting Frequently Used Terminology and Acronyms Recruiter Resources Contacts for Recruiters

4 Who is ACS? ACS Mission Statement ACS Organization Chart ACS Main Lines of Business ACS Clients

5 Who is ACS? ACS is the leading provider of fully diversified, end-to-end business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) solutions to commercial and government clients worldwide. Founded in June 1988 More than $5 Billion in Annual Revenue Fortune 500 Company Over 50,000 employees Worldwide Locations  Supporting client operations in nearly 100 countries  750 global locations

6 ACS Mission Statement We will be the premier provider of business process and information technology outsourcing services. We will design innovative solutions to meet our clients’ business requirements and deliver only the highest quality of service. We will marshal talented, committed people and create an environment in which they can grow professionally through their achievements. We will generate dependable and growing revenues, earnings, and returns to our shareholders.

7 ACS Organization Chart Harvey Braswell Government Sales Brad Martin Department of Education Michael Huerta Transportation Solutions Skip Stitt Government & Community Solutions John Crysler Government Healthcare Solutions Lynden Lyman Finance & Revenue Solutions John Brophy EVP, Business Relations John Rexford EVP, Corporate Development Lynn Blodgett Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mark King President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Ryan SVP, Operations Advisory Services Gladys Mitchell VP, Chief Ethics Officer Warren Edwards EVP, Chief Financial Officer Lora Villarreal SVP, Chief People Officer Lesley Pool SVP, Chief Marketing Officer Bill Deckelman EVP, General Counsel Steve Snyder Vertical Markets Tracy Tolbert Commercial Sales Mike O’Hara ITO Services Ann Vezina BPO Services Tom Blodgett Commercial Shared Services Lynn Blodgett Group President Commercial Solutions Tom Burlin Group President Government Solutions

8 ACS Service Offerings (Lines of Business) Commercial Solutions Group By contracting with ACS, clients can concentrate on their key business strategies, while we manage and operate the back office processes that may not be essential to their offerings. ACS also provides IT services and solutions for small and large systems, networks and enterprises. BPO Solutions Administration Finance and Accounting Human Resource Solutions Operations Payment Services Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Supply Chain Management IT Outsourcing Solutions Applications and Software Solutions Desktop & Seat Management E-business and web services Enterprise Solutions Management Hardware Outsourcing Information Systems Outsourcing Security Services Systems Integration Services Technology Review and Assessment

9 ACS Service Offerings (Lines of Business) For Government services ACS is a leader in delivering creative and practical solutions. Government Services encompasses: Medicaid Services Decision Support System Pharmacy Benefit Management Child Support Enforcement Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Crisis Management E-Government Child Health Services (CHIP) Managed Care Services Eligibility and Enrollment Services Electronic Traffic Enforcement Toll Collections Commercial Transportation and Tracking Workforce Services for Job Training

10 ACS Clients

11 Questions and Answers ACS has approximately _______ employees. The CEO of ACS is___________________. ACS is the leading provider of fully diversified, end-to-end ________( ) and__________( ) solutions to commercial and government clients Worldwide.

12 ACS Customer Care Over $250M in revenues Nearly 7000 employees 14 US Domestic Locations 2 Sites in Juarez, Mexico 1 Site in Makati City, Philippines

13 Pillars of Excellence Client Satisfaction Profitability Revenue Growth Associate Satisfaction

14 Customer Care Top Ten 1.“Can do” attitude 2.Client goals are our goals 3.Strong work ethic 4.Sense of urgency 5.Communicate 6.Focus on results 7.Attention to Detail 8.Team Work 9.Self – Improvement 10.Great People!

15 Customer Care Region Christina Morris Division Vice President Jay Hinckley General Manager Cary, NC Aetna/Humana

16 General Site Org Chart Workplace Partner Program Mgr. Project Support Mgr Program Mgr. Project Support Mgr

17 What are the ACS Staffing Goals? Who are the Leaders & Points of Contact in Staffing?

18 ACS Staffing Goals ACS Staffing Goals are: To select and hire the most appropriately qualified candidates for the ongoing needs of our business; To consistently and uniformly apply a job-related selection process to all candidates; and To be fair, objective and non-discriminatory in all of our selection decisions.

19 Staffing Organization Leadership Team MemberTitle & Responsibilities Clint Jaynes Dallas Corporate Office Vice President, Staffing Develop ACS Staffing Strategy Staffing Team Talent Acquisition & Evaluation Overall Execution of ACS Staffing Strategy Scott Waters Atlanta Regional Office Assistant Vice President, Staffing Government & Healthcare Solutions Lead & Manage G & H Recruiters Ensure all Gov’t & Healthcare projects are properly staffed Michael Wise Dallas Corporate Office Director, Staffing Commercial Solutions Group Lead & Manage CSG Recruiters Ensure all CSG projects are properly staffed Ellen Pickle Dallas Corporate Office Director, Staffing ACS Corporate & Staffing Projects Lead & Manage Corporate Recruiters Staffing Projects (Recruitmax, Exec. Referral) Administration & Compliance

20 Customer Care Recruiting Leadership Team MemberTitle & Responsibilities Cathleen Timmons Dallas Corporate Office Vice President, Customer Care Professional Services Develop Customer Care Staffing Strategy Staffing Team Talent Acquisition & Evaluation Overall Execution of ACS Staffing Strategy Tim Smith Sandy, UT Director, Staffing Customer Care Lead Customer Care Recruiters Establish Customer Care Recruiting Processes and Best Practices Administration & Compliance

21 Customer Care Recruiting Top 11 1.Find the right candidates for the job 2.Complete ALL paperwork 3.Meet class sizes 4.Drug Screen and BI completed on time 5.Actively be part of the Customer Care Team 6.Understand the responsibilities of the position(s) for which you are hiring 7.Be creative in promoting candidate flow 8.Accurate and Timely reporting 9.Understand Future needs and Growth 10.Get New Employees excited about ACS 11.Escalate whenever the possibility exists to miss deliverable

22 ACS New Hire Process ACS Definition of an Applicant ACS New Hire Flowchart Define Requirement Hiring Manager’s Recruitmax Tutorial (InfoBank) Types of Employment Hiring Manager’s List Ultipro Identify and Source Candidates Affirmative Action Plans Job Boards Ultipro Employee Referral Interviewing and Selection of Candidates Interview Evaluation/Offer Letter Request Form Internal Candidate Process Rehire Policy External Application Packet Reference Checks Extend Offer Vendor/Candidate Reimbursement ChoicePoint Background Checks Quest Drug Testing

23 ACS Definition of an Applicant ACS RECRUITMENT AND APPLICATION PROCEDURES I. DEFINITIONS: An applicant is defined as an individual who: 1.Submits an expression of interest in employment through the Internet or related electronic data technologies by completing ACS’s application process or otherwise applies for an open, posted position; 2.Is considered for employment in a particular position; 3.Possesses the basic qualifications for the job in question; and 4.At no point in the selection process prior to receiving an offer of employment removes himself or herself from further consideration or otherwise indicates that he or she is no longer interested in employment in the position. II. OVERALL PROCESS MANAGEMENT 1. ACS practice is to not accept unsolicited resumes or employment applications. 2. ACS practice is to not accept any resumes or employment applications that do not identify a specific position. 3. ACS practice is to not consider as an applicant any candidate whose salary expectations do not match the salary ACS will pay for the position in question. Recruiting personnel will assess a candidate’s salary expectations during an initial phone screen, if necessary. 4. ACS practice is to not evaluate expressions of interest in employment outside of the time a position is posted for submission of applications. 5. ACS practice is to not evaluate expressions of interest that reside outside of the geographic area being considered for the position unless those expressions of interest specifically communicate a desire to relocate to the geographic area where the specific position is based without relocation benefits if no relocation assistance is available. 6. ACS recruiting practice may include a search for applicants via a productive database search. In these circumstances any candidate who satisfies the definition of an applicant referenced above, should be considered an applicant and identified on the applicant flow log. By way of further explanation, if a review of the database produces 15 resumes to be reviewed by Recruiting personnel and they, through an initial phone screen, determines that 10 of the candidates satisfy the definition of an applicant, which includes completing an ACS application for the open, posted position, then those 10 individuals should be accounted for on the applicant flow log. From those 10 applicants, three people are selected for an interview. The applicant pool should not be limited to only those applicants who were interviewed but instead would include all 10 individuals who were considered applicants.

24 Customer Care Recruiting Processes Recruiting in the Customer Care organization is typically separated into two groups: Production Recruiting/Hiring Exempt/Non-Production Recruiting/Hiring We cover the Exempt/Non-Production process first

25 ACS New Hire Process

26 Define Requirement 1. Hiring Manager identifies a job requirement and determines if the need is permanent, project based or temporary. 2. Hiring Manager and/or Recruiter receives proper approvals from upper management to open requisition. Position vacancies must be posted for a minimum of three (3) calendar days. 3. Hiring Manager identifies elements of the job needed and chooses a title and job description in the recruitment tracking system. If the position is not found in the system, or is a newly created position, and the Manager does not know Job Description, Job Title, Project One Code, or Salary Range, the Manager should contact the Compensation Department to get information and create a job description questionnaire. 4. The Hiring Manager and/or the Recruiter open a job requisition in Recruitmax the ACS Staffing online applicant tracking system. Manager/Recruiter will need to know the Hiring Manager’s cost center, GL code and department code to complete the requisition. 5. Recruiter reviews and ensures requisition is completed correctly. Resources Compensation Department -P1 Job Titles Hiring Manager’s List Recruitmax Tutorial- Quick Reference Guide for Hiring Managers (InfoBank)

27 ACS New Hire Process Identify/Source Candidates 1.Recruiter discusses sourcing strategy with Hiring Manager to include approval for charges of advertising, candidate travel, relocation, or other costs associated with sourcing of candidates for the position. Recruiter discusses Affirmative Action Plans with Hiring Manager for any underutilized positions. Recruiter will discuss expectation of time to fill with Hiring Manager and obtains his/her commitment to review resumes and candidates quickly and provide adequate feedback on resumes and candidates submitted. 2.Recruiter posts requisition on appropriate internal and external boards as discussed with the Hiring Manager. 3. Recruiter creates job file for collection of documents. 4.Recruiter sources utilizing several different tools (on-line database, job boards, employee referrals, networking, job fairs, internal candidates, etc.) Resources Relocation Policy Affirmative Action Plans ***************************** Job Boards Wrapped from Recruitmax CareerBuilder Dice ****************************** ** Job Boards the recruiter must manually access: Monster Hot Jobs I-Hispano ****************************** Employee Referral

28 ACS New Hire Process Identify/Source Candidates Continued 5. Recruiter establishes candidate pool and conducts initial screens/interviews/testing (if applicable). 6. Recruiter should contact all internal candidates within 5 business days that apply to discuss qualifications and/or fit for position. 7. Should a former ACS employee apply for a position and is considered, the Recruiter must verify candidate’s eligibility for rehire in Ultipro. 8. Recruiter documents sourcing and screening activity in Recruitmax on a continuous basis. 9. Recruiter selects top candidates and creates an applicant pool based on the ACS Definition of an Applicant. Other candidates are disqualified from consideration and the applicant pool candidates are sent forward to the next step in the process. Resources Pre-screen Questionnaires Internal Candidate Process Rehire Policy

29 ACS INTERNAL APPLICANT Internal Candidate Process Internal Candidate Application Offer Letter Transfer/Promotion Pre-employment Drug Testing Form/Process

30 ACS INTERNAL APPLICANT MSS/ESCN Manager Self-Service commonly referred to as (MSS) allows managers to perform HR transactions such as organizational changes, promotions/merit increases, job title or work hour changes, leave of absence, etc easily and quickly through this on-line tool. This is the preferred method of ACS for transfer/changes for internal employees. Infobank provides the link that allows managers to access instructions/tutorial on the features of MSS. For situations that can’t be processed through MSS the manager can complete an Employee Status Change Notice (ESCN). This document is completed by the Hiring Manager for processing applicable changes for the internal employee. Here’s an example of an ESCN: ESCN Employee Status Change Notice

31 ACS New Hire Process Recruiter schedules interview for Candidate(s) with Hiring Manager and Candidate(s) Complete External Application Packet WOTC Staffing Guidelines The Hiring Manager completes the Interview Evaluation/Offer Letter Request Form (for all candidates interviewed on the phone or in person)  Interview Evaluation/Offer Letter Request Form Interview Evaluation/Offer Letter Request Form  Application Application  Affirmative Action Survey Affirmative Action Survey  8850 8850  Notification and Authorization for Background Investigation Notification and Authorization for Background Investigation  Agreement not to Use Former Employers’ Confidential Trade Secret Agreement not to Use Former Employers’ Confidential Trade Secret  DRP Plan DRP Plan  DRP DRP  Drug Testing Policy & Procedure Interview & Selection of Candidates

32 ACS New Hire Process Rehire Policy

33 ACS New Hire Process ACS Reference Check Form Before extending an offer for any Manager position, the recruiter should complete a reference check. The ACS Reference Checking Form is the document that should be used for a minimum of 2 reference checks per candidate.

34 Offer Approval Process All offers for non-production positions must be approved by the Regional Vice President prior to being extended to a candidate. Exempt & Non-production Non-exempt Hiring Process SOPExempt & Non-production Non-exempt Hiring Process SOP

35 ACS New Hire Process Extending The Offer It is very important that the recruiter has pre-closed the candidate (s) to allow for no “last minute surprises”. The Recruiter should discuss with the Hiring Manager the salary expectations of the candidate prior to an offer being extended. The recruiter should have already discussed the benefits package with the candidate so an offer can be established that is agreeable to the Hiring Manager and the candidate. The recruiter should make sure the manager has received the proper approvals from upper-management particularly with regard to relocation. See Corporate Approval Matrix. The Recruiter extends the offer to the candidate verbally and discusses a start date. The Recruiter should also advise the candidate that the offer is contingent upon satisfactory background check results and drug testing results if applicable. Recruiter should notify their workplace partner immediately if they receive an unsatisfactory result. Resources ACS 2006 Benefits Relocation Policy

36 ACS New Hire Process Extending The Offer Continued The Recruiter and/or Recruiting Assistant prepares the offer letter and sends the new hire forms and offer letter to the selected candidate. Only required offer letter templates should be used and only pre-approved offers can be extended following the approval matrix or per discussion with management. Again, the Recruiter must complete a Background Investigation and coordinate a Drug Test for every employee. Recruiter advises candidate of their first paycheck noting payroll cut off dates. They set a realistic expectation of when their first check can be cut. Recruiter updates Recruitmax noting why the offered applicant was selected over the other candidates. We should never use “overqualified” to deselect. Notations as to why some applicants were de-selected should also be made. As appropriate the recruiter should e-mail non-selected candidates who are no longer considered for the position. We should never tell a candidate they were over qualified. Do not discuss other candidates, but state another candidate who more closely matched our requirements was selected.

37 ACS New Hire Process ChoicePoint (Background Checks) ACS Background Check Policy Guide to completing a background check Quest (Drug Testing) Drug Testing Policy & Procedure Chain of Custody Form

38 Non-Exempt Production Hiring Recruiting for Non-exempt Production positions will have a simplified process. Requisitions still need to be approved by the Managing Director and should be submitted as an anticipated number of hires for a month or 2 week period.

39 CIS Candidate Flow Process

40 ACS New Hire Process ChoicePoint (Background Checks) All new employees ACS Background Check Policy Choice Point Web Page Background Ordering Instructions Quest (Drug Testing) If applicable Drug Testing Policy Drug Testing Procedure *Pre-employment Drug Testing Form Drug Test Request Spreadsheet Forensic Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (Chain of Custody)-Quest

41 Questions & Answers True or False Requisitions are opened in Recruitmax by only the Hiring Manager. Recruiters must contact all internal candidates who applied for a specific position within 48hrs to discuss qualifications/fit the position. A background check is completed for new hires if applicable. The Affirmative Action Survey and the 8850 are both time sensitive documents that should be sent to Dallas.

42 ACS New Hire Process ACS 2006 BENEFITS

43 Question & Answers The ACS Affordable Health Plan is for full-time employees who are non-exempt and have _______or less in annual base pay. ACS Employees can enroll in the E______S______P_______P_______at any time. The ACS Employee that is eligible for benefits is a full-time employee scheduled to work at least __ hours per week.

44 ACS NEW HIRE PAPERWORK PROCESS Steps to Ordering New Hire Packet (Documents) ACS New Hire Paperwork Process Flowchart The 5 Critical Documents for New Hire Paperwork New Hire Paperwork 4 th -11 th Day Termination Process

45 Ordering New Hire Packets Steps to Ordering New Hire Packets Step 1Recruiter completes the New Hire Paperwork Order Form and emails to Roxanne Braxton. Step 2Roxanne places order through online process at CMD. Step 3Once order is confirmed, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to Roxanne from CMD. Step 4Order confirmation is printed, attached to original order form and filed in CMD folder. 2006 New Hire Order Kit Form

46 New Hire Paperwork The 5 Critical Documents for New Hire Paperwork New Hire Paperwork Checklist Offer Letter Template Example Interview Evaluation/Offer Letter Request Form (Hiring Manager’s Signature-E-mail Approval) New Employee Data Form Form I-9 Form I-9 (Form I-9 Documentation) Form I-9 Key Fields of Importance Form I-9 Acceptable and Unacceptable W-4

47 New Hire Paperwork New Hire Paperwork Checklist The following are examples of new hire paperwork in addition to the 5 critical documents: Application Agreement not to use Former Employers' Confidential or Trade Secret Information Acceptance of and Agreement to ACS Dispute Resolution Program Notification and Authorization for Background Investigation – includes Credit Check authorization Affirmative Action Survey 8850 Form & MII Survey Form

48 New Hire Paperwork Continuing on the list of examples of new hire paperwork in addition to the 5 critical documents: ACS Code of Conduct Employee Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation & Intellectual Property Agreement Repayment of Debt Form Employee Guidebook Acknowledgement ACS Workplace Practices Pre-Employment Consent to Alcohol/Drug Screening Direct Deposit Form (candidate must attach voided check) Benefit Enrollment Forms Beneficiary Designation Form Background Check Results Other Documents for specific locations: State Withholding Form – If applicable for the state in which the employee works Texas ONLY - OJI Plan Form (Except SLS & GS) California ONLY - Employer's Notice of Medical Provider Network

49 New Hire Process- 4 th -11 th Day Termination Process

50 Questions & Answers True or False (Why) The Form I-9 can be completed up to 10 days after the new hire has started? Either the Hiring Manager or the recruiter can sign the Offer Letter Request Form to show the authorization for the hire? All New Hire Paperwork must be turned in within 10 calendar days of the start date of the new hire?


52 Recruitmax Recruitmax provides the following: Automated applicant tracking for the recruitment process Job requisition templates Candidate information One screen workbench for managing multiple requisitions Provides the online communication between the Hiring Manager and Recruiter ACS HIRING OBJECTIVES The ACS hiring process is designed to meet the following hiring objectives: Select and hire the most appropriately qualified candidates for the ongoing needs of our business Consistently and uniformly apply a job-related selection process to all candidates Make fair, legal, objective, and non-discriminatory selection decisions

53 Recruitmax Training Web Address: / / Access and Login to Recruitmax Creating a Domestic Requisition Creating the Hiring Manager’s Profile Search for Candidates Add Candidates to a Requisition Uploading a Resume and Adding the Candidate to your Requisition Documenting the Process Closing a Requisition

54 Job File Compliance What are Job Files? Job File Checklist Sourcing Plan Log

55 Job File Compliance What are Job Files? Compliance Requirements for documents Job File Top Compliance Issues Job File Checklist Sourcing Plan Log

56 What are Job Files Paperwork that needs to be available and in compliance for a DOL audit when questions arise about hiring practices. Paperwork for selected/internal/non-selected candidates retained in the Staffing Department. Retained on site for 2 years ACS does not scan these documents for the purpose of job file compliance at this time.

57 ACS Staffing Compliance Guide ACS Staffing complies with the following federal regulations: EEO Standards Affirmative Action Goals Americans with Disabilities Act Negligent Hiring and Employment Deception Laws ACS STAFFING COMPLIANCE DETAILS

58 Business Groups that Support Recruiting Compensation Data Operations Employee Relations/Governance Payroll Immigration

59 Compensation How does Compensation support Recruiting? Who do I contact in Compensation?

60 Compensation Compensation develops compensation programs that attract talented professionals. They ensures fair and equitable pay rates based on a pay-for- performance philosophy. Compensation supports Recruiting with the following: Job Descriptions Salary Surveys Internal Employee’s Current Compensation Performance Review Information

61 Data Operations How does Data Operations assist in the New Hire Process? What are the main functions of Data Operations? What processes occur in Tempe and then Jamaica?

62 How does Data Operations assist in the New Hire Process? Paperwork is received and reviewed by ACS Staffing Recruiting Assistants in Tempe, AZ and the Paperwork is then scanned into ODM by Data Ops to allow for the set-up of Jamaica to index and process. If there are missing documents, or incomplete documents, the new hire packet (documents) cannot be entered into Ultipro by Data Operations in Jamaica. New Hire Forms should be filled out properly the first time: The Recruiter or the person working with the new hire to complete their paperwork needs to ensure that all appropriate fields are completed with quality and accuracy.

63 Data Operations Processing Functions (Tempe, AZ, and Jamaica) Tempe, AZ office-scans new hire documents Jamaica inputs the data entry components of new hire paperwork into Ultipro. Data Entry of the following is done by Data Operations in Jamaica: Processing of New Hire Paperwork Transfers Salary Maintenance Terminations Change and Supervisor Change Taxes Employee Information Update Performance Review Cost Center Changes Indexing Leave of Absence Benefits

64 Employee Relations & Governance Develops and maintains clear and consistent company policies, procedures, and business processes that maintain legal compliance and provide proactive counseling, guidance and direction to all employees. *Proactive in the development and compliance of laws and regulations that impact HR management and ACS. Fosters an environment of fair and civil treatment, recognition, open communication and teamwork. * See your ACS Staffing Guide for situations where the WPP can assist the Recruiter.

65 PAYROLL What Recruiters should know about payroll? Pay Periods Bi-Weekly Non-exempt: Hourly employees All non-exempt (hourly) employees are required to complete an individual time record showing the daily hours worked. –If incentive compensation pay, then time is recorded through FEPS. Any type of absenteeism is also reported on the time sheet. Paid-Time Off All employees are required to complete a Request for Time Off Form when requesting paid time off. Direct Deposit Attach a voided check or deposit slip –You can have up to 4 accounts; 2- checking; 2 savings It takes 2 pay periods to set up Notify Payroll Department before making changes to your account

66 Questions & Answers A recruiter can contact _________about salary surveys, job descriptions, performance reviews, and internal employees current compensation from this department. Data Operations in Tempe, AZ ________all of the new hire paperwork.

67 RESOURCES ACS Company Information InfoBank Contact List ACS Acronyms & Terms ACS Staffing & Reference Guide Questions & Answers

68 ACS Company Information ACS at a Glance ACS created the ACS at a Glance to meet the demand for a brief, single- page document that employees can use to quickly understand the business of ACS. ACS at a Glance is published monthly and distributed via email by Corporate Marketing to ACS employees worldwide. The document describes ACS’ business and the services we provide. It also includes a list of selected clients, revenue mix by service offering and market segment, and the industries we serve. ACS at a Glance also features current company news and a series of “Fast Facts,” including company rankings and accolades. ACS Today ACS’ employee newsletter, ACS Today, educates and informs employees about recent ACS news and details new contract wins, presents key messages from our executive leadership team, and announces new service offerings within our operating groups. The quarterly publication also discusses new executive appointments and organizational changes, strategic alliances with partners, and client success stories. We solicit feedback from our employees about new projects or processes and report on internal employee-related news as well. We also spotlight the previous quarter’s Sunshine Award winners and describe the accomplishments that earned them this important company recognition.

69 INFOBANK ACS InfoBank – The ACS InfoBank is a “one-stop shop” employee website for information, tools and resources. ACS Corporate Information Business Operations Finance and Accounting Human Resources (HR Quicklinks) Legal Marketing and Communications Mergers and Acquisitions Business Partners Public Affairs Real Estate and Facilities Sales and Business Development Support and Help All of the above may be accessed by visiting the ACS Employee InfoBank Username: WIN ID# First Time Password: 4digits of SS# and MMDD format of birthday (Instructions on First Screen of Infobank)

70 Contacts Name & TitlePhoneRole & Responsibility Connie Kendall Administrative Supervisor 214-887-7454New Hire Processes General Inquiries Leta Smith Recruiting Associate 214-887-7628Recruitmax (back-up) ChoicePoint (background checks) Employee Referrals Sherry Gonzales Staffing Project Specialist 214-584-5148Internal Application Process Executive referral process Immigration process Internship Program Lucien Miller RecruitMax Sys. Admin. 214-887-7595RecruitMax Denettra Quintanilla Recruiting Assistant 214-887-7719New Hire Paperwork General Inquiries (ODM) Candi Widener Recruiting Assistant 214-584-5942New Hire Paperwork General Inquiries (ODM) Brenda Gonzalez Recruiting Assistant 214-877-7092New Hire Paperwork GHRS Roxanne Braxton Recruiting Assistant 214-584-5820Orders for New Hire Paperwork Packets Vendor/Candidate Reimbursement Expenses

71 Contacts Name & TitlePhoneRole & Responsibility Denise Dolby Executive Administrative Assistant 214-584-5845Support to VP, Staffing Ultipro Access Corene Samerson Recruiter Training & Compliance Specialist 214-841-6165Recruiter Training Job File Compliance David Woulfe Employee Relations Specialist 214-887-7347I-9 Process Rehire Policy Ben Weldy Employee Relations Specialist 214-584-5264I-9 Process Miguel Garcia Sr. HR Generalist 214-841-8027Immigration Victor Arias HR Generalist 214-887-7404Immigration Jeanna Hall Senior Paralegal 214-584-5835Reviews non-compete documents

72 Contacts Compensation Contacts PhoneRole & Responsibility Shelli Kavanaugh Dir, Compensation 214-841-6972Compensation Chris Lynch202-378-2872GSG Comp Education Solutions Comp Kirk Ulrich214-841-6398Authoria ITO Comp International Comp Donna McGary214-584-5656MSS Corporate Support Comp BPS Comp Sales Comp Ian Grazulis214-818-3013CSG/Professional Solutions Comp HR Integration Jacob Sneed214-887-7507Authoria Reporting RecruitMax UltiPro

73 Contacts ContactPhoneRole & Responsibility ACS HR Call Center877-276-2860 Benefits & Payroll ACS Global Assignment Center 512-996-6266 Karen Beveridge A. Kimberly Henderson GAC Relocation Consultant 512-402-1986 512-292-0100 Relocation Policy and Process DRP Helpline at866-667-9733Dispute Resolution Plan Dispute Resolution Plan (DRP) Administrator 214-584-5286 ERS help line214-584-5846Expense Reporting System MSS Hotline877- 332-7781 Questions or Requests for Manager Self Service (MSS) ACS Customer Care Center888-401-INFO (4636) 401 K Registration and Information

74 HR and DRP Contacts Regional Human Resources ContactRegionTerritoriesPhone Number Russell GoinTexas/Region 1TX, OK, LA, MS214-841-8131 Gil GuzmanWestern/Region 2CA310-513-2703 Linda CrawfordCentral/Region 3MN, IS, KS, MO, AR, IL, WI, MI, IN, OH 847-761-2591 Greg DodgeNortheast/Region 4ME, VT, NH, MA, NY, RI, CT, NJ, DE, DC, PA, MD, WV, VA 315-738-2302 Mary MunozSoutheast/Region 5NV, UT, CO, AZ, NV602-412-2101 Gil GuzmanNorthwest/Region 6AK, WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, NE, SD, ND 310-513-2703 Linda CrawfordSoutheast/Region 7KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, Al, FL847-761-2591 Kevin Buford – BPS859-389-4460 Milou Carolan – Government Solutions (State Healthcare/State & Local Solutions)202-378-2860 Larry Fazzini – IT Solutions214-887-7393 Carol Leach - CSG601-427-0356 Gladys Mitchell – Ethics866-667-9733 (toll free) Dispute Resolution Plan (DRP) Line866-667-9733 (toll free)

75 Conclusion Questions & Answers

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