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Our Services Outbound Call Center Services

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2 Our Services

3 Outbound Call Center Services

4 Exclusive Calls can provide all day customer technical support for your company needs. We have trained IT representatives that can take care of your clients from installation to troubleshooting no matter what time zone your customer base might be in. Your representative(s) will be educated engineers, analysts, and support staff ready to take on any question. Many of our candidates are trained in special areas of technical support with certifications to ensure that your clients will work with an informed and capable team member. The options for technical support are endless and based completely on what would most benefit you. For example, our Help Desk Support specialists would work with you and your clientele to provide quick, consistent, and efficient answers to your IT challenges. We also offer network monitoring, operations, and engineering support within our Technical Support candidate options.

5 Inbound Call Center Services

6 Exclusive Calls knows that satisfied customers are the key to the long term success for any business in every single industry out there. Our employees work in a positive and motivational environment. They have first hand experience with a company that knows how to retain valuable employees and as such can support your campaign to do the same. We encourage training in multiple aspects of customer service which allows our employees to be prepared for a plethora of situations that may occur during your campaign with us. Our training staff ensures that your employee has exceptional writing and communication skills so you can be confident that any email, voicemail, conversation, or chat with your clientele will be handled eloquently and professionally. Here are some additional customer service position options:

7 Account Management Your Account Manager through Exclusive Calls will be the point of contact for all your clients needs. You can train your AM to answer basic questions to complicated requests. They can handle every aspect of your client’s account and since all calls are recorded, everything is on file for your convenience.

8 Quality Assurance Our team’s first priority is performance. With your personal quality assurance representative, an additional layer of confidence is added to your customer experience. Our representatives are committed to your deliverables. They are available at your convenience depending on the requirements for your account.

9 Customer Surveys Our skilled representatives can assist you in surveying your customer base in order to better focus your product or service. We believe that customer feedback is one of the most valuable factors in knowing how to grow your business; surveys can become a pivotal part of this process.

10 Administrative Services

11 Exclusive Calls can cater our program to an administrative need your company would have in order to allow you more time to expanding and developing your business. Our talented and accountable representatives can assist you not only with basic office work, but also task based support completely depending on your campaign and your program goals. The most crucial aspect of an administrative support member’s position is paying attention to detail. Our representatives recognize that their work is significant to your success and are here to help streamline your administrative process. Some of our additional options are:

12 Virtual Receptionist/Assistant: Any missed call is an opportunity lost. Our virtual support professionals can effectively guide phone calls, emails, and chats through to appropriate departments in your company.

13 Messaging Center: Your new skilled representative can be the answer for your customers at any hour of the day or night. Use our messaging center to make sure you are connected to your customers no matter what day or time of the year. The representative will work with you directly to email, call, or chat you with your messages so you can continue working on the aspects of your business that need your expertise the most.

14 Contact Us Corporate Headquarters 9550 South Eastern Ave. Suite 253-68 Las Vegas, NV 89123 Phone: 1-888-484-3515, Email: 1-888-484-35151-800-170-163


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