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Design of Crane Components

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1 Design of Crane Components

2 Types of Cranes Capacity of Cranes
EOT / Gantry Cranes: Double & Single Girder Crane Wall Traveling Jib Crane Application: Steel Plant, Nuclear Plant etc Capacity of Cranes EOT / Gantry Cranes: 2Tons to 500Tons Wall Traveling Jib Crane: 0.5Tons to 20Tons


4 EOT Crane Parts Bridge– 2 No’s End carriage– 2 No’s
Wheel of the bridge– At least 4 No’s Crab (without auxiliary hoist)– 1 No’s Hoisting machinery set– 1 No’s Wheels of crab– At least 4 No’s Bottom Block (without auxiliary hoist)– 1 No’s Lifting hook– 1 No’s Rail on the gantry girder for crane movement– 2 No’s Rail on the bridge for crab movement– 2 No’s Operators cabin– 1 No’s

5 EOT Crane Parts Cranes are designed as per IS 3177 (workshop duty) & IS 4137 (steel Plant), it consists of following part: Bridge (Girder): Box Type made up of MS plates, it can also be manufactured by beam for small capacity cranes. End Carriage: Box Type made up of MS plates, it can also be manufactured by C-Channel for small capacity cranes. Wheels: Forged items, made up of C55Mn75 material

6 Figure: EOT Crane Parts

7 EOT Crane Parts Crab: Structural Member used for mounting hoist drum, & it is travelling along bridge length Hoisting Machinery: It consist of Hoist Drum, Gear Box, Brakes, Motors, Couplings, Wire rope etc. Bottom Block: It is having hook, pulleys & bearings. It is used for lifting the SWL(load). Rail: Steel Profile or bar, on which entire crane or crab will run with wheel.

8 Major Bough Out Items for manufacturing
AC Motors Electro hydraulic Brake/ DCEM Brake Flexible Coupling Gear Box Forging/casting items – wheels, pulleys Structural Steel – MS plates, Beam, Channels, Angles etc. Electrical Panels

9 Application of Cranes/ Clients using Cranes
Automobile Industries Manufacturing Industries Power Plants, Nuclear Plants Steel Plants Storage Yards Cement Plants Small Scale Industries

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