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2 Digital Marketing Strategy


4 SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

5  It makes sure that the business can be seen and heard, even in a highly competitive market where search results are crammed with potential distractions.  It makes sure that the audience that sees the business is highly relevant and likely to buy the product or service – to convert.


7 Are You Looking For Best SEO Company

8 There are hundreds of firms to choose from if you’re looking for best SEO company. If you want to narrow it down then you need to know the best ones to look SEO company You want a firm that will take a creative and lateral approach to your business. The best SEO agencies will use a range of techniques to improve your online visibility and search engine relevance.

9 CHOOSE BEST FOR YOU Get help in promoting your small and startup business online and in making sure that your website will rank higher in search engine result from a credible company like Codastar SEO strategies.Codastar SEO strategies

10 A combination of optimizing your company website, promotion on social media and carefully researched PPC (pay per click) advertising is essential for the best results. And the three areas must work together. A good SEO agency will make sure that for every highly tailored advert they create for your products there will also be an equally appropriate ‘landing page’ on your website, so that people will see the goods/offer they want when they click on the link. PPC (pay per click) advertising


12 The copy on your website, the metadata in the page construction and all copy for your social media posts and advertising will be improved by extensive keyword research. SEO agencies know exactly what your clients are searching for – and how they word their searches. These key terms need to be deployed in the right places on your website to make sure that you achieve maximum visibility. SEO agencies


14 An SEO company London will help you get to know your audience, too. An ongoing process of testing adverts and landing pages (targeting them at different genders, ages and interests) builds up a detailed picture of your core audience – and what they respond to.SEO company London Net result? You’ll see a much greater ROI and far much more efficient advertising costs.

15  Codastar -Web Design London  SEO and Web Marketing London  Address- Unit 118, 28 Lawrence Road, London N15 4ER  Call at- (00 44) (0) 208 830 0980  Website-  See our Portfolio at- portfolio portfolio

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